Carrie Preston Talks About Arlene’s Pain in True Blood Season 6

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Could Arlene Fowler Go Bad?

Carrie Preston stars as Arlene Fowler in HBO's True Blood Season 6Recently Carrie Preston (who plays recently widowed Arlene Fowler in HBO’s True Blood Season 6), sat down with to discuss just how Terry Bellefleur’s (Todd Lowe) death has affected the Merlotte’s waitress.

One of the first things to crop up, was how long did Carrie know about Terry’s demise:

We knew really early on. They told Todd Lowe, and then Todd sent me a text message, “Adios Terry in episode six.” I was like, “What? What?!” I was freaking out… It’s such a sad, sad thing, and the writers took great pains to really show his PTSD.

In this week’s episode, we saw Arlene stand up to the Bellefleurs and all they stand for, when they requested a military gun salute at Terry’s funeral. Preston was relieved to see this happen. With all Arlene had endured, she is still that tough little battler we all know and love.

Even though fans love her, Arlene is considered one of True Blood’s bigoted characters, when it comes to supernatural beings, there has certainly been a transformation over the years which sees her now biting her tongue or apologising when she does slip up and reveal her prejudices, as was seen recently in relation to her apologising to Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis):

She felt terrible about [snapping at Lafayette] the next day. She’s clearly going through many extremes and is completely unhinged, and I think everybody understands where that’s coming from. But when you’re fundamentally  a bit narrow-minded, it’s hard in moments of emotional extremity to not let those things come out. She’s slowly starting to open her mind up to the possibilities of things she doesn’t understand.

Could all this death around her, possibly bring out Arlene’s darker side? According to Preston, she wished Arlene had dabbled in witchcraft!

Arlene’s a very controlling person, and she could have put spells on people to control them.

Now wouldn’t that be a sight to see?

You can view the entire interview with Carrie Preston by clicking here.

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