Carrie Preston Talks About Season 6 of True Blood

February 16, 2013 by  

Season 6 Has More Characters in Store:

Carrie Preston stars as Arlene Fowler in HBO's True BloodCarrie Preston has been very busy of late. While Arlene is returning to HBO’s True Blood for Season 6, Preston also has a recurring role on The Good Wife this year. While there was very little Carrie Preston was allowed to say during her phone interview to The Huffington Post about the story lines in Season 6 of  True Blood, there were still a few tasty snippets:

It still has the flavor of “True Blood,” as it always will, but it does have something — a little spring in its step in an interesting way, I think. Everybody is finding the new chemistry between all of that and all those players. And of course, with “True Blood,” there’s always still a million new characters that are being introduced. I don’t know how they keep that many balls in the air and continue to juggle, but they do.

Besides True Blood and The Good Wife, Preston will be appearing along side her real life husband, Michael Emerson, in Person of Interest. In this role, she will be playing Emerson’s love interest.

Source: The Huffington Post – Carrie Preston Talks ‘The Good Wife’ Return, ‘True Blood’ Changes And More

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