EXCLUSIVE Interview with Dr. Ludwig’s Marcia DeRousse!

August 4, 2014

Marcia DeRousse Pops Into TrueBloodNet to Answer Some Questions:

Dr Ludwig (Marcia DeRousse) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) star in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 (entitled 'May Be the Last Time')For fans of HBO’s True Blood, Season 7 has been the season for cameo appearances. It seems the HBO writers are eager to bring back as many fan favorites as is feasibly possible. In just the last episode alone we welcomed back Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack) and the pocket rocket that is Dr. Ludwig!

And for fans of Dr. L, the actress who plays the miracle worker to the supernatural, Marcia DeRousse, her latest guest appearance was just as unexpected as it was to the fans:

I was shocked, more than anything else. I thought Dr. Ludwig had been put away for good. So, after the shock, I was also excited. I was just happy every time Dr. L was brought in. This time was the most fun, but I loved all three stories she was in.

she said when she stopped in for a quick chat with TrueBloodNet.

In Episode 7 (entitled May Be the Last Time) we find Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) desperate to find a cure for Bill Compton’s (Stephen Moyer) accelerated dose of Hep-V. Considering Sookie suspects her fae blood may be the reason Bill’s strain is so virulent, she calls in resident doctor to the supernatural, Dr. Ludwig, to try and sort it all out. While Dr. L leaves in a hurry once she realizes Sookie is related to dwarf killer, Niall Brigant (Rutger Hauer), is it possible Dr. Ludwig could have helped cure Bill, if she were given enough time? According to Marcia:

I think she THINKS she could cure Hep-V, but as to whether she actually could – well, who knows? She is a pretty kick-ass character, but maybe not the actual best doctor! (Please don’t tell her I said that! HA!)

Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us Marcia 😉

While she may be the best doctor out there (after all, even Sookie thinks her bedside manner sucks), for many Truebies, there was absolute excitement over her return to Season 7. And, after reading all the recaps and reviews on Episode 7, there was barely a bad word to be said about the return of Dr. Ludwig – other than her lack of airtime.  What does Marcia think is the widespread appeal of Dr. Ludwig?

You know I don’t now, except she is so crotchety and blunt perhaps people wish they could be more like her – and get away with it! LOL Whatever the reason is, I am so grateful and love everyone back one hundred fold.

I think Marcia may be onto something there. Personally, I always loved her honesty and genuine comic relief in situations (this season especially) that would normally be quite dire. Speaking of drastic situations, Dr. Ludwig has had to deal with a maenad, Pam’s (Kristin Bauer van Straten) rotting face and, now, Bill’s grotesque Hep-V veins over her time on True Blood. While many supernatural creatures have also appeared over the seven seasons, which creature would Marcia have liked to see explored in True Blood, if we were given another season?

Hmmmm… might have been fun for a poltergeist to show up – a true trouble maker – that would need to have Dr. Ludwig intervene to calm those pesky tendencies down! And since my dear friend, Zelda Rubinstein starred in the Poltergeist movies, I feel it might have been fitting.

That sure would have been awesome. I could just imagine a poltergeist showing up and disturbing all the patrons at Merlotte’s, for example. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) could have even helped Dr. Ludwig with that dilemma!

Now that True Blood is meeting it’s true death, what does Marcia have in store for her fans down the track?

Several things in the works – all of them cool – and need lots of energy and good thoughts and prayers from all of you so they come to be! Of course, I always stay busy with Spiritual work.

So we need to keep our fingers crossed and let the energies flow so we can see Marcia DeRousse back on our screens as soon as possible.

Finally, I had one last question to ask Marcia. One that has been asked of every cast member recently: Did she take (or receive) any True Blood memento’s? Also, if she could have taken anything from the set, what would it have been?

LOL! I did not take anything from the set- except the hair bands and pins left in my hair. What I got from True Blood was a group of the most wonderful people in the world – on the set, and as fans and friends. Thank you so much. I love all of you!

And we love you too Marcia DeRousse! Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and chat with us here at TrueBloodNet. Also, thanks for bringing such a wonderful and much loved character to life on True Blood.

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)




True Blood: Australia Will get a Final Club Fangtasia Event!

June 26, 2014

True Blood Premiere Australian Event is Confirmed:

Seamus O'Toole's Club Fangtasia 2013 promo pictureAussie fans were told that last year’s Club Fangtasia event would be the last – and boy, oh boy, wasn’t there plenty of bloody tears shed over that announcement!

Well it seems management has been glamoured into opening its doors one final time in order to see out HBO’s True Blood Season 7. While there is no news yet if any True Blood cast will be attending this event, we at least have confirmation that the event will go ahead with the following details being published recently to Club Fangtasia’s Facebook page:

Club Fangtasia 2014 image 1

If previous years are anything to go by, this event will be held as a Halloween event and will probably occur in Melbourne over the Melbourne Cup long weekend.

So who’s excited? Got your costume ready yet or are you hoping to snag a new outfit idea from HBO’s True Blood Season 7 upcoming episodes?

Let us know who you would like to see attend from the True Blood cast by commenting below!

Source: Club Fangtasia – Facebook page

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc./Club Fangtasia)


True Blood Season 7: It’s Competition Time!

June 22, 2014

True Blood Season 7 Merchandise Giveaway:

True to the End HBO True Blood Season 7 promo poster

Want to get your hands on the awesome new True Blood Season 7 poster from HBO? You know the one with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) with a bloody tear? Yeah, me too! TrueBloodNet has 15 of these posters to giveaway, so welcome to the world’s easiest True Blood contest!

All you have to do to win a poster off our website is comment below. Please include your email address so we can contact the 10 lucky winners (drawn at random).

For Twitter fans, just head on over and follow @TrueBloodNet and keep an eye on their tweets during the week. As soon as we announce the weekly True Blood phrase, get ready to retweet! (Hint: You might want to check out this tweet to get you started 😉 ) Once again, there will be a weekly winner drawn at random and notified via direct message on Twitter.

How simple is that?!

So, all that is left for you to do now is pick your platform (website or Twitter) and you are ready to roll.

*PLEASE NOTE: This competition is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY*



TrueBloodNet’s Exclusive Club Fangtasia Interview With Jessica Clark

November 5, 2013

True Blood’s Jessica Clark Talks About Being Lilith:

Jessica Clark stars as Lilith in HBO's True BloodSo the epic Aussie True Blood event, Club Fangtasia, has come and gone. There were plenty of fantastic costumes on the night, great merchandise to purchase, a rocking band to dance to and some amazing cocktails designed by world champion barman Jamie Chesher.

And, of course, there were the True Blood stars!

Thanks to TrueBloodNet and the owners of Seamus O’Toole’s (the establishment that hosts Club Fangtasia), Garth O’Hehir and Jason Rigopoulos, I got the chance to not only rub shoulders with Tara Buck (who plays Ginger the screamer in HBO’s True Blood) and Jessica Clark, but interview them as well!

My first interview this week is with the lovely Jessica Clark, who plays Lilith in True Blood. Jessica is a relative newbie to both True Blood and the acting scene, having been a model previously. She was such a fantastic person, who was easy going and great fun during the night.

TBN: Firstly, I want to ask you about that make up.

JC: Oh my goodness, wasn’t it amazing? They took four hours and two special effects make-up artists working on me. So, at the beginning they spray painted me. They did my whole body, top to toe. Inside my ears, inside my nose – everything, using air compressors. Then they painted me with what’s called Reel Blood. There are all different kinds: aged blood, fresh blood. They painted it on with brushes and sponges because they wanted me to appear like I had risen up out of the blood.

It was amazing, but also, for me as a character, it was so fun. Sometimes I would walk past a mirror on the way to set and see myself and get freaked out because you forget it’s you and that you’re wearing all that stuff.

TBN: Is it sticky?

JC: Yes. It gets stickier and stickier as like the hours go by. Basically, after a couple of hours you’re so sticky you stick to anything that you touch. So I would have to stand there with my arms out and rest my fingertips on poles they provided for me.

TBN: So, by the end of the day, you would be exhausted!

JC: I would literally be standing like this [puts arms out like on a cross], because if I put my arms down, they would stick to my sides and if someone called me over I would rip myself. They would have to spray me with water to separate my skin. But it looked amazing, so it was worth it.

TBN: It was an amazing costume – I guess you’d call it a costume.

JC: It was definitely a costume, but that was also the funny thing because in Season 6 Lilith wasn’t so bloody. It was my minions that were. So in Season 6 I had to go to wardrobe and I didn’t know where to go. I was like ‘Excuse me, um where’s wardrobe?’ And they’re like ‘Oh, we get to put clothes on you this time!

TBN: Yes, it’s whole different level of nudity. Did you know you were going to be that nude when you auditioned for the show?

JC: I knew. Originally Lilith was only going to be in one episode, so they definitely explained what the situation was. They were very clear and super professional about it. Although I didn’t know I would be naked the whole season. But I was a fan of the show already and I watched it from the very first episode ever, so I was just so excited and happy to be part of it all. Also, Lilith was such a cool, interesting character. She was so dark, so powerful and I got such a kick out of that. She wasn’t weak, she wasn’t a victim.

TBN: Being a fan of the show beforehand, what is the pressure like going in when you watch the show already?

JC: The pressure that I put on myself because I love the show so much was huge! It was such an honour to be cast. I wanted to do the best job possible. You just don’t want to mess it up, you know what I’m saying? I was so excited and scared because these are actors and writers that I admire so much. I love their work and I’m just happy to be amongst them and I wanted to bring it. So I did, I put a lot of pressure on myself. But the thing that is amazing about them is the cast is so welcoming.

Most of my scenes are with Stephen Moyer who’s so talented and such a professional and so welcoming. On my first day when I rose up out of the pool of blood – that was my first scene  ever – it was intense. Afterwards everyone came up to us and they were like ‘Good job and congratulations. We know that would have been rough.

Jessica Clark (Lilith) and Tara Buck (Ginger) attend Australia's Club Fangtasia eventTBN: So do you watch it afterwards now?

JC: Of course I watch it! And it’s funny because I was always such a big fan of the show, I still kind of watch it like a fan, like it isn’t even me. Plus, we only get our scripts for the episodes we’re in. If you’re not in that scene you don’t get the script. So some episodes I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

TBN: How did you react to Terry Bellefleur’s death? And Steve Newlin as well? I think most people were shocked about Terry dying but Steve was there right from the start too.

JC: Oh yeah. It was awful. Although, you know the one that wasn’t a death, but was an exit that really got me was Hoyt Fortenberry. I sobbed.

TBN: It was such a beautiful story line that one.

JC: I did an appearance with Jim Parrack (who played Hoyt) a month or so ago and I told him that scene, that episode, made me cry. The writing was so good, he was so amazing. It was like he went from being a boy to being a man. The whole thing with Jessica Hamby and him choosing to walk away, it was so powerful. I love that the writers didn’t kill him. It was such a gracious, smart, intelligent exit.

TBN: Now I know you were a model beforehand, but which do you prefer: modelling or acting?

JC: Oh, my gosh, there’s no contest: acting! When I was modelling, I was training as an actress, so I was at school nights and weekends. Any time I wasn’t at a job I was learning. But I was a little scared because there’s, um, a little bit of a stigma, you know? And rightfully so because I think, as a model, you do tell a story.

TBN: It’s a different way of storytelling.

JC: [Nods] It’s certainly a different way of storytelling and, I have so much respect for the actors on shows like True Blood. So there was that big question in my mind of ‘Well, do I legitimately have talent. Do I have something to offer, or am I just being one of those people?‘ I struggled with that for a little while. But then I was like ‘Well I love it so much’ and I worked really hard and even if I’m not the best I’m going to work and work and work to be as good as I can be. Also, you grow and you learn. I love it, every day’s a challenge. And sometimes I get an audition or a part and it’s hard being completely different to who you are as a person. I’ll get stressed out but then I’ll say to myself ‘You wanted this.

TBN: Now that True Blood’s finishing…

JC: I know…

TBN: If you could take one thing from the set, what would it be?

JC: If I was going to be really feisty, I would say Eric Northman’s throne. Remember the first time we ever met Eric? And when it pans to that shot on him on the throne – so hot! And he has the hair; you know what I’m talking about? So good, so good!

TBN: That’s certainly a good memento to take away.

JC: One of my other favourite scenes is in Merlotte’s with Lafayette, when the guy comes in and they’re being homophobic and Lafayette licks the burger. So maybe his apron, or something?

TBN: So, who’s your favourite actor to work with on True Blood?

JC: Stephen Moyer. He’s amazing. He taught me a lot, gave me guidance. He directs, produces, does all these things. He’s so multi-talented it’s inspiring. And he has a successful relationship and family. He really does it all and he does it well. My other two favourites were – not that I worked with them – but just in terms of their work, would be Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette and then Kristin Bauer van Straten as Pam.

TBN: Everyone says that about Kristin.

JC: Everyone one loves Pam because she’s so hard, yet she has that vulnerability underneath. Then you see Kristin and she’s such a lady. Nelsan, too, is so, so different as Lafayette. When I grow up, I want to be just like them.

TBN: What do you have lined up for after True Blood?

JC:  HBO have lots of shows coming up. I’m kind of working with them, trying to figure something out. So hopefully something will come together soon. As soon as anything is confirmed, you’ll be the first to know.

TBN: Awesome. Well, Jessica, thank you for taking the time for this interview, and I hope enjoy the rest of Club Fangtasia as well as your time in Australia.

JC: Thank you, no problem. I sure will.

TrueBloodNet writer, Rachel Tsoumbakos, with Jessica Clark (who plays Lilith in HO's True Blood)

Thank you once again to all the staff at Club Fangtasia who made this interview possible. And make sure you hang around for our interview with Tara Buck!

(Photo Credits: Club Fangtasia/Lenore Mills)



EXCLUSIVE: Club Fangtasia Announces it’s True Blood Line Up for 2013!

August 27, 2013

Tara Buck and Jessica Clark Confirmed as Attending Club Fangtasia This Year:

Lilith (Jessica Clark) and Ginger (Tara Buck) will attend Club Fangtasia 2013

With the announcement of another Club Fangtasia event in Australia this year, fans have been anxious to find out prices along with which True Blood stars will be attending the event on November the 4th.

So when the following announcement was made on the Club Fangtasia Facebook page today, fans frantically began hitting refresh in their inbox, in anticipation of news: 

Club Fangtasia FB announcement 270813

Well, that email has FINALLY arrived and TrueBloodNet can confirm that the following True Blood stars will be attending Club Fangtasia at Seamus O’Toole’s this year:

  • Ginger (Tara Buck) – yes, she had so much fun partying down under last year that she is glad to return to Club Fangtasia!
  • Lilith (Jessica Clark) – here’s your chance to mingle with an actual goddess!
  • A little birdy has told me that there just might be another True Blood star or two attending, so make sure you check back here regularly to find out more…

So What are the Ticket Prices?

General Admission

G.A Tickets

This year only 400 General Admission tickets are on sale to the general public.
The price of a G.A ticket this year is

A G.A ticket gives you the following:

#Access into Club Fangtasia.
#Access to Club Fangtasia’s photo booth.
#Access to purchase personalised signed posters from the actors.
#Entry into door prizes competition
#Best dressed competition for $200 cash
#Stage interaction with the actors.

V.I.P Tickets

This year only 60 VIP tickets are on sale to the general public.
The price of a VIP ticket this year is

A VIP ticket gives you the following:

#Priority Access into Club Fangtasia and entry into the VIP room.
#Access to mingle with the True Blood actors throughout the evening.
#A choice of 2 Free cocktails from World Champion Cocktail Barman Jamie Chesher
who will only be serving from the upstairs VIP bar
# A personalised signed photo of each actor present.
# A pesonalised photo taken with the actors available for free download from the Club Fangtasia Facebook Page
# A vast array of home-made canapes available throughout the evening.

Tickets are strictly limited, so make sure you get in early to purchase your one and only chance to meet True Blood cast members in Australia in 2013!

Source: Club Fangtasia – Mailing List

(Photo Credits: HBO Inc./ClubFangtasia.com.au)



Australia’s Premium True Blood Event – Club Fangtasia – Tickets Go on Sale Shortly!

August 27, 2013

This year’s True Blood Halloween Event at Seamus O’Toole’s is Set to Rock!

Seamus O'Toole's Club Fangtasia 2013 promo pictureAustralian True Blood fans will be able to rub shoulders again with True Blood celebrities at this year’s Club Fangtasia Halloween event.

So far two True Blood stars have been confirmed as attending, but if you stick around long enough, you just never know who else may rock up from Bon Temps and Shreveport.

Seamus O’Toole’s is hosting this very special event and it will be your only chance to rub shoulders with your favorite True Blood actors this year since there are no other events or conventions organized for 2013.

Fans who have joined the Club Fangtasia mailing list will be able to order their tickets early, with pre-sale tickets being offered from 9pm AEST on the27th August – yes, that’s today! So you’re not on the mailing list yet? Then head on over to the Club Fangtasia website and join up now! Otherwise you will have to wait until 9am AEST on Thursday 29th August to purchase tickets – and by then they could all be gone!

Tickets are strictly limited this year so you need to get in as early as possible to avoid missing out on this awesome opportunity. You have the choice of VIP or General Admission tickets.

So what does a VIP ticket get you?

  • Priority Access into Club Fangtasia and entry into the VIP room
  • Access to mingle with the True Blood actors throughout the evening
  • A choice of 2 Free cocktails from World Champion Cocktail Barman Jamie Chesher who will only be serving from the upstairs VIP bar
  • A personalised signed photo of each actor present
  • A pesonalised photo taken with the actors available for free download from the Club Fangtasia Facebook Page
  • A vast array of home-made canapes available throughout the evening

But don’t despair if you miss out on this golden opportunity, General Admission will get a chance to see the stars in the flesh also, as they will be making brief appearances on stage downstairs throughout the night.

General Admission Gets you:

  • Access into Club Fangtasia
  • Access to Club Fangtasia’s photo booth
  • Access to purchase personalised signed posters from the actors
  • Entry into door prizes competition
  • Best dressed competition for $200 cash
  • Stage interaction with the actors

Make sure you check back here regularly as we will shortly be announcing which True Blood stars will be attending this year’s Club Fangtasia Halloween event at Seamus O’Toole’s.

In the meantime, why not check out last year’s event by viewing our exclusive TrueBloodNet interview with Marshall Allman (Tommy Mickens) and Tara Buck (Ginger the screamer) by clicking here. Also, you can check out my recap of the 2012 Club Fangtasia event by clicking here.

Source: Club Fangtasia – Facebook page/Press Release

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc./ClubFangtasia.com.au)



Club Fangtasia Halloween Party is Set to Rock Australia!

June 27, 2013

Details of the True Blood-Inspired Party are Arriving Daily:

Club Fangtasia Halloween party at Seamus O'Toole's 2013Recently we announced the news that Seamus O’Toole’s would be hosting yet another of their awesome True Blood-inspired Halloween parties in Melbourne, Australia.

Have you got your costume ready yet? Me neither, although I do have a few ideas. It wil lbe interesting to see if there are any outstanding costume ideas in upcoming HBO True Blood Season 6 episodes.

Besides talk of costumes and True Blood’s Season 6, we now have some more details for you! Yesterday the following was posted to the Club Fangtasia Facebook page:

Club Fantasia is the hottest True Blood party in Australia!


So not only do we get to show off our True Blood Season 6 costumes this November, but we can get a sneak preview of what’s to come at OzComicCon in July!

If you want to attend Seamus O’Toole’s Club Fangtasia party, you need to bookmark their website (please click here), sign up to their newsletter and keep your eye on the site as ticket sales will be available soon.

News has also just broken that the dancers have been booked for this event, so it will be interesting to see if they are the same ones present last year. I guess we’ll have to wait until the 4th of November to find out!

Source: Club Fangtasia – Facebook page

(Photo Credits: Club Fangtasia/HBO Inc.)


True Blood Tunes: Delta Rae

June 12, 2013

Bottom of the River

Delta Rae:Grant Emerson, Elizabeth Hopkins, Ian Holljes, Mike McKee, Brittany Holljes and Eric Holljes.

Group shot of Delta Rae: Grant Emerson, Elizabeth Hopkins, Ian Holljes, Mike McKee, Brittany Holljes and Eric Holljes.

Recently we at TrueBloodNet.com had the great pleasure of chatting up members of the band, Delta Rae. They, like all of us, love True Blood. Imagine their delight at finding out their song, “Bottom of the River” was being used in the season 6 promo reel.

TBN: Thanks for joining us today guys.

Delta Rae: Great to be here.

TBN: So let’s jump right into the big question, how did your song, ‘Bottom of the River’ get selected for the True Blood season 6 promo?

Delta Rae: We honestly don’t know. Our best guess: Magic.

TBN: Fairy or Wiccan? :laughter: Was “Bottom of the River” selected by Gary Calamar? [Editor’s Note: True Blood’s Music Guru] How did you find out about the selection and what was your reaction?

Delta Rae: We found out the day it came out. One of our fans tweeted that they had heard it in the trailer and so then we looked it up on YouTube and totally freaked out. We’ve been big fans since episode 1!

TBN: Wow, that must have been an awesome surprise! Some songs featured on True Blood are tweaked toward its dark theme. Did they use the original recording or did you need to do any changes?

Delta Rae: The song was dark enough to begin with I think, but they did edit it to fit the length of the trailer. They had to squish a lot of the big vocal parts into one short clip!

TBN: Is this the first time your music has been used on True Blood?

Delta Rae:  It is! Hopefully not the last time though…

TBN: We hope not either. In fact, I think “Morning Comes” would be a great human theme song. So, who wrote ‘Bottom of the River’? Was it a collaboration? Can you share your thought processes with us? What were you thinking about, what was the mood you were trying to create?

Eric: It was a collaboration between me and my brother, Ian. I woke up at 3 am with the chorus in my head and I ran to my phone in a haze to record it before falling back to sleep. That has never happened to me before, or since. A few weeks later I remembered that I had recorded it and I brought it to Ian. He got the feeling immediately and we wrote the verses in the same gospel, Old Testament feel. I don’t know where the inspiration for the song came from. We just tried to follow the thread.

TBN: Can you tell us a bit about making your video version of ‘Bottom of the River’? It must be very different from performing live, does that make it more difficult, from an artistic viewpoint, to perform without the audience feedback?

Delta Rae: Making music videos is a very challenging feat because they have so many moving parts, and in our case, we needed to do it in one take so everything had to come together in a single exceptional moment. We made this video about a year before we were signed to Warner Brothers, so we had no money and relied heavily on friends, like director Lawrence Chen, and local talents, like our dancers in DefMo and the Sigma Step team. On a wet and misty night in September, the band, about 20 dancers, and a dozen crew got together at the Duke Homestead (built in the 1800s, and VERY “True Blood”), blasted this creepy song into the darkness and started our stomping march. It was high pressure because we had to beat the sunrise. Overall I’d say performing that song has never felt more natural than it did on that haunted piece of land, freezing and foggy, trying to beat first light just like genuine vampires. When we perform it live, it’s about transporting everyone to that place.

"Bottom of the River" video by Delta Rae

Bottom of the River Video Delta Rae

Delta Rae

TBN: That sounds really spooky. Let’s talk about the group for a minute. Three of the group are siblings, is that correct? Can you tell us how you all ended up as Delta Rae?

Eric: The three siblings have been singing since we were tiny. My brother and I started writing songs when I was about 10 years old and he was 12 and we fell in love with it. When we graduated college we knew we wanted to go into music and we reached out to our sister and a childhood friend from California, Liz Hopkins,  we loved both their voices. We all moved into a house in the woods of North Carolina where we rehearsed non-stop and then started touring on the weekends while all holding down part-time jobs. About a year in, we linked up with our amazing drummer, Mike McKee, and badass bass player, Grant Emerson, and Delta Rae was complete!

TBN: Can you tell the fans a bit about who does what in the band? Do you all contribute to writing some songs or do only a few of you do the writing? What instruments do the band members play?

Ian: Eric and I write all the songs. Everyone participates in writing and arranging harmonies and instrumental parts. Eric plays piano, guitar and sings. I play guitar and sing. Brittany and Liz both sing and play percussion. Grant is on bass, and Mike plays drums and occasionally trashcans. I think this will continue to change as we grow as a band, but that’s what’s happening now.

TBN: That must look interesting on Mike’s resume: Trashcan artist. If you couldn’t be musicians (an ugly thought to be sure), what else would you want to do for a living?

Eric: Yes, this is a terrifying prospect. But here goes. I’d like to be a Filmmaker.

Ian: A writer.

Liz: A teacher.

Brittany: A Farmer.

Grant: A psychologist.

Mike: A music store owner

TBN: What’s the hardest part of the musician’s or singer’s lifestyle? If you could eliminate one aspect, what would it be?

Delta Rae: The travel in a van for hours and hours can be rough. It’s close, uncomfortable quarters and not everyone smells great all the time… but I still wouldn’t eliminate that time. We laugh a lot in the van, and get to think and read and see the country. You can’t eliminate the worst parts of this lifestyle because then the best parts wouldn’t feel as hard won.

TBN: I won’t ask for any smelly names… What is your favorite song that Delta Rae does?

Delta Rae: It changes daily. I’m really excited about some of the new songs we’re performing. They’re not on an album yet, so you have to come see us live!

TBN: I’d love to. I’ll have to check your website for the schedule.  [Editor’s note: www.deltarae.com] What is your favorite song or musician, outside of Delta Rae?

Delta Rae: Impossible question. Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, Jeff Buckley, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Tom Petty, RHCP, James Taylor, Mumford & Sons, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Kings of Leon, James Taylor, Brandi Carlile, Michael Jackson, to name very few…

TBN: There are a lot of great musicians on that list. What’s the most rewarding part of the musician/singer lifestyle?

Delta Rae: The shows. Connecting with people who have been moved by the music is an incredible gift.

TBN: What are your plans for the future? Do you want to expand into writing for other bands or, say, movie or TV scores?

Delta Rae: We’re playing a lot of great festivals this year and then we’re in the studio working on album 2!

TBN: That’s great news for your fans! I can’t wait to hear what’s coming next. So, there will be new music soon.

Delta Rae: YES.

TBN: You said you love that audience feedback at your concerts. Are you appearing anywhere in the next few months?

Delta Rae: We are almost literally appearing everywhere 🙂 Bonnaroo, Firefly, ACL, Voodoo Experience are the big festivals we’re playing and they’ll be extremely fun. True Blood fans would love Voodoo Experience. It is in New Orleans, which is one of my favorite cities we’ve explored, and last year at the festival we lost our minds watching Metallica.

TBN: Voodoo Experience in New Orleans! You can’t get more “True Blood” than that. [Editor’s Note: Fans can check out where Delta Rae will be here: http://www.deltarae.com/tour/upcoming]

TBN: Do you have a website you’d like to share with the fans?

Delta Rae: We would love for people to find us all over the internet! [Editor’s Note: They are EVERYWHERE:  www.deltarae.com ; https://twitter.com/DeltaRae ; https://www.facebook.com/deltarae ; http://instagram.com/deltarae]

Demons in the Bottom of the River video by Delta Rae

Demons in the Bottom of the River video by Delta Rae

True Blood Fans

TBN: What was your first impression of True Blood?

Brittany: I remember having heard about the show for a little while before it came out and I was SO excited to see the first episode. I majored in ancient Mediterranean religion, which is just a fancy way to say Paganism, and I eat fantasy novels for breakfast, so this show felt like it was made for ME! I was hooked from the first moments and once that theme song played, I knew it would be one of my favorite shows of all time.

TBN: Who is your favorite True Blood character?

Brittany: My favorite characters are Lafayette, Alcide, and Jessica. It’s changed from season to season, but that’s where I’m at now.

Ian: Jason is my favorite.

Eric: Eric Northman

TBN: Have to stick with your namesake! If you could be any type of character from the show, which type (vampire, human, werewolf, witch, fairy, shifter, etc.) would you guys want to be.

Brittany: Fairy or shifter. I’ve wanted those powers since I was a wee babe.

Ian: Shifter.

Eric: Shifter.

TBN: Do you visit fan sites to read about yourself or interact with them?

Brittany: Right now most of our fan interaction happens on Twitter and via Facebook, we answer almost every message we get. Liz and Grant run the band Twitter account, and they are REALLY good at reaching out to fans and answering any questions fans have!

Eric: I answer almost all the Facebook messages, which is very rewarding because fans write us beautiful and personal notes. Occasionally, I email them to the whole band, because they remind us all that the music we are making can have a big impact on people’s lives.

TBN: We like to turn the tables a bit when interviewing. Is there anything you’d like to ask your fans?

Brittany: I’d love to know what fans enjoy most about our live show. We always want to give fans what they’re after and enhance the show, so tell us your favorite things and we’ll try to do more of them!

TBN: We know you twitter as a group (@DeltaRae), but do any of you have a personal twitter you’d like to share with the fans?

Delta Rae: Yes please!

Brittany: @BrittanyHellyes

Eric: @EricHolljes

Ian: @IanHolljes

Liz: @BatSparkles

Mike: @MikeMckeeDrums

Grant: @nosremetnarg

TBN: Thanks guys.. almost done. Just one more True Blood question. Will you be watching the True Blood premiere?

Delta Rae: Of course!!! We all will. Probably won’t be able to catch it on TV, unless we get really lucky and our hotel rooms have HBO… but we’ve got HBO-Go and will be watching as soon as it’s available!

TBN: Beware of Twitter if you don’t get to see it live — spoilers will abound! Thank you for your time and the great music!

We’d like to thank Delta Rae for taking the time to answer our silly True Blood questions. Best of luck on their new album! But just for True Blood fans, Delta Rae is giving us a few CDs to hand out. Keep tuned to Twitter where we’ll give the details during the Season 6 premiere!

Photo Credits: Delta Rae

Feel free to leave comments below and we’ll forward them to the band!


TrueBloodNet Exclusive! Club Fangtasia Interview With Tara Buck and Marshall Allman

November 4, 2012

True Blood Stars at Autograph Signing for Aussie Fans:

Marshall Allman (Tommy Mickens) and Tara Buck (Ginger) with TrueBloodNet writer Rachel Tsoumbakos at Club FangtasiaRecently, I was given the opportunity to interview two stars of HBO’s True Blood: Tara Buck (Ginger) and Marshall Allman (Tommy Mickens). It was certainly an amazing experience and so much fun to catch up with the friendly and down to earth stars before they did their signing event at Club Fangtasia. If you didn’t get a chance to meet them at this event and you live in Melbourne, Australia, you also had the opportunity to meet up with them on Sunday 4th November during the First Contact Full Blood convention. Or, alternatively, see them at the Club Fangtasia Halloween party on Sunday night.

Even with their hectic schedule, the stars were happy to sit down and have a chat about True Blood with TrueBloodNet. Tara was straight into talking about her favourite True Blood moment: riding Pam’s coffin in Season 5. A moment that she didn’t know was to occur until she actually jumped on the coffin and it started to move. Which led to the first fan question, sent in by Lenore Mills, who asked if coffin riding was similar to horse riding? Tara was quick to declare that it wasn’t, but it was fairly close to mechanical bull riding!

Marshall then described his craziest True Blood moment, one which involved having to (while naked) jump and transform from a human into a bird. Besides the fact that he was jumping about naked, he kept making ad hoc transforming sound effects. As a result, they had to retake until he could jump without making any noises at all!

This was the opportune time to ask the question sent in by KL Joy: Since there are so much naked moments for shifters in True Blood, were there any awkward moments? Allman pointed out that being naked on set gets very old very quickly and it’s just a matter of getting on with the job.

It was also interesting to discover how the pair of them researched their roles. While Marshall plays a shifter and a character who is not in the Southern Vampire Mystery books by Charlaine Harris, he still found it easy enough to research:

Tommy had been basically raised as a dog fighter, so I watched ‘The Dog Whisperer’ and he did a whole episode on pitt bulls. He talked a lot about the nature of the pitt bull and how the breed has been trained. When pitt bulls experience pain, they don’t have a threshold for it and go crazier. They will attack until they die. So learning that, it was kind of like, wow, Tommy’s a lot like that, you know, he just doesn’t know when to stop.

Tara Buck rides Pam's coffin as Ginger in HBO's True BloodGinger, on the other hand, is a character in the books, so it is possible for her to draw on that. Although, Buck prefers to go with her own special version of her character. But, because Ginger dies in the books, there was a concern that the Ginger in the HBO series would suffer the same fate:

We shot a scene, that never made it to air, the very last scene of the last episode of Season 3, where Ginger runs into Fangtasia and her head is backwards and so you don’t know what has happened but clearly a spell has been cast and so, when I read that, I actually said to Alan Ball; “Oh my gosh, Alan, you killed me!” To which Alan replied; “No, no, no, Tara, don’t worry, your head’s just been turned around, but you’re still alive.”

Which is such a relief to hear, since so many people love Ginger. This bought me to the source of the most popular questions for Ginger: her scream. While it was never a part of the audition process for Tara Buck, when her character witnessed the death of Long Shadow in Season 1, it became an organic, ad lib process in the scene. Once she started wailing, everyone thought it was hilarious so they asked for more of it. Then, of course, she started throwing up, so they asked her to scream and throw up and then scream some more.

Truebie fan Eve Lynch, wanted to know how the the both of them got into acting? Tara announced that she fell in love with Michael J. Fox while watching him in the movie ‘Back To The Future’. Even though she was only 8, she decided that the only way to meet the celebrity, was to take up acting! Marshall, on the other hand, had originally planned to be a professional soccer player, but was, unfortunately, injured before he could live out that dream. On a whim, a friend suggested he try out on a talent search The rest, as they say, is history!

True Blood fan, Kate Rodaughan, wanted to ask Tara Buck if it was fun to play Ginger. To which the actress responded with a definite yes:

I don’t even know where to start. I love the costumes. They’re tiny – it’s like Halloween every day! Her hair is big and crazy and it’s just fun. I love it.

Marshall Allman who stars as Tommy Mickens in HBO's True BloodAnother fan, Cindy Burrows, wanted to ask Marshall Allman about his role in Sons Of Anarchy. In particular, what it was like to play such a gullible character in a scene (where Allman’s character, Devon, is propositioned by a transvestite hooker) that fans have declared as hilarious, in a show that is not often known for its humor:

Oh man, it wasn’t hard at all! I absolutely loved playing the role of Devon. That scene was so much fun to shoot.

And fans of both Sons of Anarchy and Marshall Allman will be pleased to know that the role should be reprised in Season 6.

I can’t wait. You can go in so many different directions because he’s so wide-eyed and he has no idea what the culture is like.

I was also curious to know, besides True Blood, what is the strangest role either of them have ever had to play? Tara Buck is actually known for playing unique characters. So, for her, the weirdest ones, so far, are the roles of crazy Rhea Reynolds in Nip/Tuck and a character in her upcoming film ‘K-11′; who is a transgender inmate. She actually plays the role of a man playing a woman!

Allman has also had his share of interesting roles. Besides his stint as Devon in Sons of Anarchy, he has starred in the movie, ‘The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle’. In this movie he plays a janitor who gives birth to blue fish after becoming addicted to experimental cookies.

Now, if you want to see more of Tara Buck and Marshall Allman, they have plenty of stuff hitting the screens. Tara has a new movie coming out called ‘Tomorrow You’re Gone’ (also known as ‘Boot Tracks’), which stars Willem DaFoe, Stephen Dorff and Michelle Monaghan. It’s directed by David Jacobson and should hit the big screen early in 2013. The film, K-11 (which stars Goran Visnjic) is being released shortly.

Marshall Allman has just completed a movie called ‘Jane Mansfield’s Car’. It stars Billy Bob Thornton and Robert Duvall. You can also see Allman in the upcoming independent film, The Bounceback.

Thank you to Tara Buck, Marshall Allman, HBO, the crew at First Contact Conventions and Garth O’Hehir for making this interview possible.

(Photo Credits: ClubFangtasia.com.au/HBO Inc.)


TrueBloodNet.com Exclusive: Meet True Blood’s Newest Sheriff — Blackburn — Aaron Perilo!

August 14, 2011

True Blood newest vampire Sheriff Blackburn played by Aaron Perilo

True Blood’s Newest Vampire Sheriff:

Recently TrueBloodNet.com had the chance to chat with one of the new True Blood vampire sherrifs, Blackburn, played by Aaron Perilo. Described in his bio as:

The Omaha, NE native honed his acting skills in theater productions on both local and national levels before landing television roles on various series, among them NBC’s “American Dreams,” Disney’s “Suite Life on Deck,” CBS’s “CSI: Miami” and ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” Of late, Aaron is set to portray Caleb on HBO’s highly anticipated series, “Luck,” and is set to portray Jim Bonza opposite Malcom McDowell and Dean Cain in the sci-fi thriller “Mind’s Eye.”

Read on to find out what interesting things happen when you work on True Blood.

Interview with Aaron Perilo

TBN.com: You grew up in Omaha, is that correct?

AARON: Yes, that’s correct.

TBN.com: What was it like growing up in that area?

AARON: It was great. Omaha is a perfect place to be from, as well as a perfect place to leave.

TBN.com: Oh I see.

AARON: It was just like the rest of the world. I would describe Omaha as like any other place. I talk to people from Los Angeles, I say it’s like Pasadena meets Orange County. If you know what those areas are like.

TBN.com: I do know what those areas are like, I’ve been out there many times.

AARON: Yes, it’s just kind of normal. People aren’t worried about being better than you are all the time. LOL

TBN.com: So it was more of an urban area?

AARON: I grew up in the city, but Omaha is a giant suburb really. There are some urban areas but I’m not from that area.

TBN.com: You’ve been accepted to the American Academy of Arts? What was that like?

AARON: Yes, originally I auditioned in New York because my brother was in New York and I had been living there for several years. I always went to visit him since he’s an actor in New York as well. I fell in love with New York and wanted to go to school there. I auditioned there and realized, after I’d gotten accepted, that I should go to the school in LA because I wanted to focus more on television and film. I’d never been to California before and so I made the jump and did it. I’m really glad I did because I feel like New York is going to come later in my life and I will have more money to enjoy it.

TBN.com: Yes, there’s more support for emerging actors in LA.

AARON: Absolutely. Once you’re established it is easier to move to the East Coast.

TBN.com: Did you do plays while you were at school?

AARON: I studied acting, Dialects class, speech and theater history. I actually grew up doing theater. Since I was eight years old, I’ve been an actor.

TBN.com : What was your first performance?

AARON: It was The Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim. It was a national tour and it was pretty amazing. I was in the third grade, getting money every day. It was like getting an allowance every day and traveling, a dream come true.

TBN.com: Oh that’s so great! LOL

AARON: Yes. In sixth grade I was Frances and then again in the eighth grade as Peter. It was the same tour company but in between all that, I also did theatre in Omaha.

TBN.com: Wow, so you knew right from when you were small that you wanted to act?

AARON: That’s interesting because I never saw it as a job. I never thought of it as; “Oh, this is what I want to do.” It was probably my junior year in high school when I realized there wasn’t anything else I had fun doing. It was my goal to have fun and make money doing it. That’s kind of always been my motto. I realized there was nothing else I would be happy doing.

TBN.com: Very good motto by the way. It’s something I found out later in life… LOL

TBN.com: We always hear about part time jobs that actors take on in order to make ends meet. Do you have any part time jobs that were interesting or challenging?

AARON: I waited a lot of tables while I was auditioning, bartending as well. I also did a lot of catering, which was interesting because you got to see things that most people wouldn’t get to see; like high society and their parties. Once I catered for a bar mitzvah and it was a $3 million budget. They flew out Cirque du Soleil performers, rented an entire sound stage and decked it out like it was a jungle. It blew my mind. I think every bottle of wine was $500 and every bottle of champagne was $100. There was, like, 50 to 100 tables, a lot of people.

TBN.com: Wow! That sounds huge. A lot of actors I know are students of all kinds of people, so a job like that would give you an opportunity to watch different people.

AARON: Oh yes, I’ve played rich people a couple of times. That definitely helped me out. The rich are kind of demanding people. It was very interesting to do that. Watching people be vulnerable, that’s what I look for.

TBN.com: You have done film, plays and television. Do you have a particular field that you prefer at this time?

AARON: Currently, I prefer film, but it’s tough. There is such a huge enjoyment in doing plays because, to me, it’s acting in the purest form. Your character starts at one point, and within two hours, you change as a person and go through a huge emotional transformation. You know you can’t stop and say; “Let’s do that again.” Plays are more satisfying, at the end of the day. However, films or a scene in a show might be more satisfying because you always have it forever. It’s just two different things. I do love theater and I plan on doing it again. One of my biggest goals ever since I moved here is that I want to do film and TV in LA and then have a place in New York city and do Broadway and plays. That’s something I really look forward to.

TBN.COM: Seattle is really good for that too. I know a lot of actors go to Seattle for that.

AARON: I say New York because I’ve always had a big passion for that place and I feel the need to live there at some point.

TBN.COM: So, you’ve mentioned already that you have a brother acting and I heard that you have a sister who acts, too. Is that right?

AARON: Yes, I was inspired by my oldest brother and I think my sister was as well. I remember the first play I saw him in was ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ He played a kid in a fantasy land and it struck a chord with me. It was amazing watching him be another person in a fantasy world. I told my parents I wanted to do it too. After moving up to New York, he did some comedy work for a while. He did a lot of shows with the Upright Citizens Brigade and now’s he’s gotten into some screenwriting. He’s also sold a TV show pilot to MTV last year. They haven’t done anything yet, but he sold it. He has several screenplays that he’s shopping around and things are moving forward with him with screenwriting, more so, at the moment. We are also trying to work as a team and I think the more successful we both get, the more realistic that actually can be: us working together again.

TBN.COM: Do you see yourself moving into directing and producing and your brother doing the writing portion?

AARON: I would love to produce and direct, that would be amazing, but I don’t think that would be until much later. What I was really thinking of is packaging me into his movies. The more of a name I make for myself and attach myself to his scripts that would be more incentive for production to make his movies.

TBN.COM: Your career is starting to take off; you’re really busy this year with True Blood, Fear Not, Sassy Pants, Luck, In Time and Minds Eye. Can you tell us a little bit about some of those titles? Not True Blood, though, we’ll get to that… LOL

AARON: ‘Fear Not’ is a horror film I shot early in the year. It’s about a haunted mansion that I convinced my friend to go to and stay the night in. My character intends to pranks them. He’s just an ‘ornery’ guy that tries to get some reactions on camera. But it turns out that the house really is haunted! I haven’t seen the final cut yet, but we’re hoping that it turns out well. ‘Sassy pants’ is a dark comedy in which I got to work with Haley Joel Osment and Ashley Rickards. The cast was great and the script was good, so I think there’s promise there. Haley is a fabulous actor and it’s great to see him acting still, as an adult. ‘Luck’ is a new HBO series that will be coming out later in the year and I have the pleasure of working with Dustin Hoffman and Dennis Farina. It was really amazing working with Dustin. He’s a very giving actor and has a great sense of humor. I kind of felt like I was working with my dad. We were singing Sinatra songs in between takes.

TBN.COM: So, is this going to be a series. Is your character going to be on-going?

AARON: Well, I’ve shot one episode, and they said it was re-occurring so we’ll see.
‘In Time,’ I only have a small role in this movie, but I do have a confrontational scene with Justin Timberlake. We almost get into a fight. Someone becomes a bigger man… I won’t say who.

I just finished filming ‘Mind’s Eye’ a week ago in Boulder. It was really nice there. The movie is great. It’s a Sci-Fi thriller that deals with alternate universes that people can create and train you in. They can make you whatever they want you to be. It was incredibly confusing, but I loved it. The script was amazing. As far as dramas go, it might be my favorite script that I’ve been involved in. It’s one of those movies that you just have to watch again.

TBN.COM: Just like Inception, with Leonardo DeCaprio? I had to watch that three times before I got it.

AARON: Yes, just like that. It’s certainly one of those movies you have to watch several times. There’s a lot of interesting stuff. Malcolm McDowell is in it, who’s one of my favorite actors. Dean Cain is in it too. He’s incredible, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

Aaron Perilo as True Blood vampire Sheriff Blackburn and Sheriff Luis

TBN.COM: Now, on to True Blood… First of all, were you aware of how popular TB was before you tried out?

AARON: Yes, I’m a huge fan myself.

TBN.COM: OK, so who was your favorite character before you tried out?

AARON: It’s a tie. I love a good villain. Russell Edgington and Godric are both great. It’s so hard to say which is my favorite.

TBN.COM: Mine changes scene to scene.

AARON: Exactly, I would say those are my favorites though.

TBN.COM: So you’re already a fan but how did you find out about the audition? Your agent?

AARON: Yes, I actually had five auditions that day and True Blood was the first one. It was insane, I was also doing a final test for a movie that I didn’t end up getting. So I went to the audition and by the end of the day it was the last thing on my mind. The True Blood audition was awesome, Alan Ball was in the room and I wasn’t expecting that. He laughed at what I did. You make Alan Ball laugh and that’s a good thing. He has such a sick sense of humor. So I get a call the next day and they said I’m on hold for True Blood. I was like; “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it.” I’ve never been on a show where I’ve watched every episode and have been obsessed by it. Going to set and doing scenes with Bill Compton, I had to pinch myself a couple of times. Being that engulfed in that fantasy world and then being on the inside – it’s every fan’s dream.

TBN.COM: I know! I got to tour the set.

AARON: Did you go to the lot then? That’s awesome. I haven’t actually seen the whole set. For example, I haven’t seen Sam Merlotte’s bar yet.

TBN.COM: Oh, it’s awesome. You’ll have to go in for a drink. LOL. All of the detail is incredible. So, tell us about your character, who do you play?

AARON: My character is Blackburn, I’m a vampire and very, very old. I’m familiar with Bill and Eric; we go way back. My character is kind of a trouble maker. He likes to get dirty at the drop of a hat, or should I say bloody. I guess that kind of sums him up. I’m brought into the season on a special request.

TBN.COM: All right, well… we don’t want to get too many details. But does he interact with the werewolves or anything?

AARON: I have some interaction with the witches but that’s all I can say.

TBN.COM: How many episodes have you shot so far?

AARON: I have shot five.

TBN.COM: Do you have more?

AARON: I can’t say.

TBN.COM: OK, so you’ve already worked with Stephen and Alexander. Have you met Pam?

AARON: Yes, I’ve met Kristin Bauer also and I have worked with most of the cast.

TBN.COM: Can you talk a little about the actual process of working on True Blood? Is it any different than the other shows you’ve worked on?

AARON: Yes, True Blood is really special. They shoot like it’s a feature film and they take their time. The shots are set up very specifically and extremely stylized. It’s an incredible experience to work with people that are so passionate about the whole process. That’s the big difference, they treat every episode like it’s a film.

TBN.COM: So, even the lighting and everything else is more special?

AARON: Yes, it would take up to an hour to set up each scene. The first day that I shot, it took us twelve hours to shoot one scene.

TBN.COM: WOW! That’s a lot for TV.

AARON: Yes, it’s a lot.

TBN.COM: We know True Blood shoots a lot at night. Did they have you working a lot of night scenes?

AARON: Yes, there were a lot of night shots, as well as day shots.

TBN.COM: Indoor scenes for the day shoots, right? Otherwise, you have a lot of powers that we don’t know about! LOL

AARON: Yes. Indoor shoots in the daytime.

TBN.COM: There’s also a lot of waiting in between takes. What do you find yourself doing in those downtimes?

AARON: Laughing at Stephen Moyer’s jokes. He’s so funny, I would love to see him in a comedy. And, I don’t know… texting. I’m into texting, and just talking and eating M&M’s.

TBN.COM: Do you have any other projects lined up once the season is over?

AARON: I’m always looking for work. Currently, I’m writing a screenplay which is taking up a lot of my time. I also have a couple of other projects that look pretty promising.

TBN.COM: Do you have other hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

AARON: I play guitar and maybe at some point I’ll perform a song but right now it’s just a hobby.

TBN.COM: We think there should be a True Blood band. There’s you, Sam and Todd Lowe, the actor that plays Terry Bellefleur, who all have bands.

AARON: That’s cool, I didn’t know that. I would love to be in a band again. Once I was actually in a band but we never did anything. We wrote songs and then broke up before we even got started. I’ve started to write as well, so that’s been another passion of mine for the past three of four months.

TBN.COM: Do you visit the fan sites ever? Do you read about True Blood online?

AARON: I haven’t done that. Actually, I didn’t know there were so many fan sites with such a huge following.

TBN.COM: HBO did a really nifty thing. They reached out to a few of us to interview. They are very supportive.

AARON: HBO is great. They’ve always been my favorite programming.

TBN.COM: Have you ever Googled yourself?

AARON: Yes, I have, to be honest. I haven’t been embarrassed yet, so that’s good.

TBN.COM: Maybe we’ll start a rumor. LOL! That you’re an M&M addict.

AARON: He’s an M&M freak… great, there will be some comics with M&M’s all over my face.

TBN.COM: If Blackburn died, what would you like to see on his headstone?

AARON: Murdered by a Coward Whose Name is Not Worthy to Appear Here.

Aaron Perilo True Blood vampire Sheriff Blackburn

TBN.COM: Do you twitter and would you like your fans to know what your Twitter name is?

AARON: It’s just AaronPerilo. I guess I don’t know what to tweet. What do people tweet about? LOL

TBN.COM: We also host online Twitter parties. You just missed the premier party. If we’d known ahead of time, we would have invited you. There’s that kind of stuff going on but also people really like to hear from you. You know you can share your life with everyone but you don’t have to tell everything about what’s going on. The fans just love that. If you have any charities, a lot of people tweet about their favorite charity.

Do you have a Facebook or MySpace?

AARON: I haven’t made a fan page for Facebook yet and I don’t check MySpace anymore. I feel like once True Blood comes out, I should get a little more personal with my stuff.

TBN.COM: Are there any questions that you would like to ask the fans?

AARON: I would like to take a poll and find out how many people are fans of vampires versus werewolves.

TBN.COM: Do you have any expectations about where you would like to see yourself in the next ten years?

AARON: Yes, I see myself fulfilling my goals about doing films that I choose to do. Also, I’d like to do some theater work in New York, when we’re on hiatus. I would love to make a great living out of acting, while owning houses in Los Angeles and New York.

TBN.COM: Thank you so much Aaron! We really appreciate the interview.

Aaron was really great to talk to. He’s obviously smart and has a lot going for him. He’s very down to earth and realistic with a great sense of fun. Speaking of which, we think if you ever see Aaron that you should give him M&Ms as it seems a vampire never loses their sweet tooth! (It must sit right behind their fangs).

Photo Credits: Aaron Perilo, HBO, Inc.

Transcription Credit: Tammy Harris


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