True Blood Drawing Auctioned For Charity

December 21, 2010

Signed Panels from True Blood Comic Book Artist!

Are you a True Blood comic book collector or perhaps you are looking for the perfect gift for your comic book fan? Whatever your needs may be, this auction will fill it!David Messina True Blood Comic Drawing up for Auction for Charity 

 Acclaimed comic book creator, David Messina has signed a collection of panels from scenes he drew for the first True Blood comic book.  The ‘panels’ as they are called, are an actual piece Messina created himself and has signed. The auction notes that ‘eraser marks’ can be seen on the drawing! The picture to the right is of the drawing that is being auctioned off. 

True Blood Fans Do Good:

German fan site has put the drawings up for auction on, eBay Germany. This the latest in a series  of auctions has done to benefit the German branch of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Previous auctions have included items signed by Kristin Bauer Van Straten (Pam), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Allan Hyde (Godric), Sam Trammell (Sam), and True Blood composer, Nathan Barr

The auction will run through this Friday, December 24th. 

Place your bid here!

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Win Original True Blood Inspired Art Benefiting Charity

July 11, 2009

dc25_12Paul Karslake an internationally renowned artist was commissioned by FX in the United Kingdom to create an original piece of work inspired by True Blood to help launch the premiere of True Blood Season One in the United Kingdom which will be broadcast on the FX network on Friday, July 17, 2009 and promote a good cause.

Paul Karslake is the brother to Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood (If you do not know who he is or, then you are beyond my help fanpires.) The picture depicts Ron Wood as a vampire biting into the neck of a blond woman, I mean victim sorry.

All proceeds from the profits of this auction will go to benefit the ACLT
Here is a brief description of the charity:

The ACLT aims to raise awareness enabling potential bone marrow & blood donors to come forward at registration drives to be involved in the process of offering hope & a healthy future to someone suffering from leukemia and other blood related cancers, whose disorders may have otherwise proved fatal. Less than 3% of potential donors on the bone marrow registers are made up of ethnic minorities. Raising awareness and funds will allow us to continue our work throughout the UK and Worldwide.

To donate directly to the ACLT:

Another little brief note on this artist’s work was a painting he did of Keith Richards as a pirate. Story has it Johnny Depp saw the painting at Keith Richard’s house and it inspired him for the character of Jack Sparrow [well you most likely know “Pirates Of The Caribbean” yes that Jack Sparrow]. By the way that is not up for sale, it is hanging on Keith Richard’s wall of course.

To see the unique art of Paul Karslake you can visit his website at:

(photo credit: Ebay U.K Painting By Paul Karslake)


Are You Ready For Sunday’s True Blood Yet!

July 10, 2009

More and more True Blood hype is popping up on the web. I think this was well planned strategy by Alan Ball and HBO to drive us all completely insane [actually I didn’t have to be driven, I just paused there for a bit on my own, KIDDING!!]

Found this new Eric pic  from the kind ladies at, Alexander Skarsgard Fans they master the art of everything and anything Alex. So get a good look at what is coming up for us this Sunday.

Also had some fun of my own graphic [not the graphic you’re thinking of, get your mind out of the gutter.] with another spoiler photo.  Really folks, why should I suffer alone when I can share my suffering and insane anticipation with all of you!

(photo credit: Alexander Skarsgard Fans)



Could not help thinking of the line in “Oliver Twist”, me asking it of course!

(photo credit:HBO/Graphic by Andrea)


True Blood Graphics: Season 2 Creative Posters

May 29, 2009

A very creative True Blood fan by the name of FlowerBite allowed us here at the pleasure of posting her creative take on the new HBO True Blood Season 2 Posters using Pam, Queen Sophie-Anne, Jessica Hamby, Charlaine Harris and Alan BallPlease remember these are not from HBO but FlowerBite’s rendition of  Season 2 Posters.





(Photo credit:  HBO Inc., creation:  FlowerBite)


True Blood Fan Graphics: Season 2 Poster Wallpaper

May 26, 2009

We here at always enjoy receiving e-mails, comments, photos and works of art from our readers and this time we would like to present Jessica’s contribution the website.  Jessica put all the new HBO True Blood Season 2 posters together to create a wallpaper for other True Blood fans to enjoy!  Thank you Jessica we know many people will put your wallpaper to good use. Click to enlarge image.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc., creation: Jessica)


True Blood Vampire Fan Art: Season 2 First Taste

May 23, 2009

Andrea has taken the one of the  HBO True Blood posters that have come out to promote Season two and created a wonderful overlay featuring Bill crouching over Sookie and blood on Bill’s lips and Sookie’s neck. We know you are going to enjoy this one!  Click on the image to enlarge, then click the square at the bottom right-hand corner to enlarge further.


Photo credit: HBO Inc., creation: Andrea)


True Blood Vampire Fan Art: New Posters Overlay

May 20, 2009

Andrea has taken the new HBO True Blood posters that have come out to promote Season two and combined them together to create a wonderful overlay featuring  Bill, Sookie, Eric, Jason, Sam, Tara and Maryann set against a red background to represent the blood in True Blood and the vampire theme.  We know you are going to enjoy this one!  Click on the image to enlarge, then click the square at the bottom right-hand corner to enlarge further.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc., creation: Andrea)


True Blood Fan Art: Bill and Sookie True Love

May 16, 2009

Here is a new True Blood graphic piece from Andrea entitled “True Blood, True Love.”  When you look at the image you will see multi-layered images of Bill and Sookie in loving moments and allows the viewer to experience the encompassing love that these two have for each other.  Enjoy!  Click to enlarge image.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc., creation:  Andrea)


True Blood: True Blood Cast Banners

May 8, 2009

Tina has added a few more of her creations of Fan Art. In these Design Graphics, Tina has included some of our favorite characters from Season 1 with a few of their memorable quotes including Lafayette Reynold, Tara Thornton, and a new design with Bill and Sookie for Living Dead in Dallas for season 2.  Also included in these fun banners for Vampire Lovers who just no to the Fellowship of the Sun.

Lafayette Reynold

Lafayette Reynold

Tara Thornton

Tara Thornton

Living Dead in Dallas

Living Dead in Dallas

Say no to the Fellowship of the Sun

Say no to the Fellowship of the Sun


True Blood Graphics: Vampire Banners

May 5, 2009

As we all know,  ever since Sookie has started dating Vampire Bill, she has made some new friends in the Vampire community.  All the characters have very interesting aspects on life since most of their time doesn’t start until after dark.  So here a  few new banners created by Tina that includes our favorite vampire, Bill Compton with Sookie Stackhouse,  the  witty Vamp Pam, and her maker Eric Northman.

Are you a Bill lover?

Are you a Bill lover?



It Hurts So Good

It Hurts So Good


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