Charlaine Harris Delights Fans in London

March 16, 2010 by  

Charlaine Harris continued her European book tour last week, stopping in London at the Prince Charles Cinema. Fans were excited not only to meet Charlaine and have their books signed, but also to see a promo clip for True Blood as Season 2 gets underway on the FX channel in the UK.

After the Q&A session, the audience was completely charmed by how funny and down to earth Charlaine is. She made all the Eric-loving girls’ hearts flutter when she teased that she had actually touched Alexander Skarsgard.

One woman named Caroline recounted the experience from that night on her blog:

Charlaine explained that it hasn’t been easy being a woman writer for all these years, and that getting published was a hard task especially a few decades ago when fantasy and horror weren’t popular nor mainstream genres at all. She had to fight her way to the top and stay there through hard work.”

Charlaine also shared a few things that will be featured in upcoming Sookie Stackhouse books, including fairies, a half-elf, and the return of Quinn.


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