Independence Day For Vampires?

July 4, 2009 by  

bloodcopysenrptSince the weekend is a celebration of our Independence, Blood Copy printed a relevant article to the still narrow minded individuals who want to enact clearly unconstitutional laws against the life disabled vampire Americans.  That’s right folks AMERICANS you heard me. State Senator Adams’ Prop 188 bill would force vampires to register their blood. Blood Copy’s report states “Prop 188 would require vampires to register their blood with the state and face criminal repercussions if their blood is sold (even if it’s stolen by drainers, for example).”  What kind of narrow-minded, backwoods, ignorant, individuals run this country?  I need to stop editorializing and let you view State Senator Adams rant for yourself. 

The Senator’s video is below along with the link for the Blood Copy report.