True Blood Season Two DVD Blu-ray Details

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Who could forget the events of “True Blood’s” season two? Sookie and Bill travel to Dallas on a quest to find Eric‘s beloved Godric, only to have Sookie locked in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church and Bill held captive by his maker, Lorena. Jason attempts to find answers and redemption at the Fellowship of the Sun‘s Light of Day Institute. Maryann arrives in Bon Temps, rescues Tara, but manages to manipulate all the townsfolk, commit two murders and attempt a third of Sam! Sam thinks he has found a shape-shifting companion that understands him but who is really part of Maryann‘s master plan. Let’s not forget about the new-found love between Hoyt and Jessica, Tara and Eggs, and Terry and Arlene. Lafayette escapes Fangtasia with the help from Sookie but his mental health may never be the same. Bill enlists assistance from the Queen of Louisiana to destroy Maryann. Will Bon Temps ever be the same? Only June (and the premiere of season tell) will tell. In the meantime, you can re-live season two in all its vampy, passionate and, sometimes, preachy glory when HBO releases the season 2 DVD and Blu-ray set on May 25, 2010.
Both the standard and Blu-Ray DVD editions are currently available for pre-order in HBO‘s online shop. The standard version will cost $59.99 and the Blu-Ray, $79.99.
The standard DVD will include:

  • Steve and Sarah Newlin‘s Fellowship of the Sun: Reflections of Light “rules to live by”
  • The Vampire Report: Special Edition including the year’s biggest vampire news, politics and pop culture stories
  • Audio commentary from Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Michelle Forbes, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, plus more

The Blu-Ray version will also include:

  • Enhanced viewing with picture-in-picture interactive content for all 12 episodes
  • Character perspectives from Hoyt, Pam, Karl and Steve Newlin
  • Flashback/Flash-forward capabilities to allow the viewer to relive climactic moments and underscore the importance of specific scenes
  • Pro/Anti-Vampire Feeds including news and information from both the Light of Day Institute and the American Vampire League
  • Trivia, hints and clues

While you are waiting for your new DVD to be shipped, you can watch the HBO encore of season two beginning March 21, 2010.

True Blood: The Complete Second Season (HBO Series) [Blu-ray]


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