Joe Manganiello Says Dating a Werewolf is Tough

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Originally, Joe Manganiello auditioned for the role of Coot, one of True Blood‘s new werewolves in Season 3 of HBO‘s mega hit series. The show being Joe‘s favorite, he wanted to be part of it and really wanted to play a werewolf.

The role of Alcide was not yet available, but that’s the role Joe wanted. After a friend sent him a link to a Charlaine Harris fan website and he discovered he was suggested to play the leading werewolf, Joe started reading Charlaine‘s books, on which the TV series is based, and found that the description of Alcide Herveaux fit him perfectly.

Joe said in an interview with Movieline, that when the audition for Coot came down to 5 guys, he noticed his appearance was very different from the others. At 6’5″, Joe tends to tower over many actors. Wondering what was up, he became excited when he was informed he didn’t get the part but they wanted him to read with Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) for the role of Alcide.

“I was excited for it. Alcide was the part that I wanted. I would have been completely happy to play Coot, but the character of Alcide in the books is described as being physically like me. It’s almost like a perfect match, so I was really hoping that Alcide would come up. It was my favorite show before I auditioned for it, though, so anything on the show would have made me happy.”

While shooting each episode takes a long time, the actors don’t get to see much of each other. Joe explained that all 30 cast members come together at the read table, but then “go off in separate groups to shoot the scenes.” “Seeing the episodes when they air is really neat because you have no idea what everybody’s been doing for the last seven months.”

Joe admitted to having some anxiety over watching himself in his first episode. He explained that the show is a lot more complicated than some people may think. It’s not just about vampires and werewolves.

Alan [Ball] and the other writers are so good at writing these nuanced characters, and that alone is enough to play. Then aside from that, you get a dialect, and aside from that, you’re a werewolf! You get in there the first day of shooting, and you think, “I’ll either look really cool or I’ll look like the biggest idiot on the planet.”

He did go online after his first episode and was comforted that the fans seemed happy with his character.

On playing Alcide, two areas that Joe had to prepare for were the nude scenes and the southern accent. One of his nude scenes was in a field during broad daylight. According to Joe, the crew was more uncomfortable than he was.

In discussing his character, Joe said that Alcide has had a difficult time being a werewolf. As a result, he’s been kind of a recluse.

“It’s almost like he has a secret identity, in the way that Superman has a secret identity. He’s born with this power that he has to hide from the rest of the world, and he looks at human beings to find out what “normal” is and then he pretends to be that. You know, dating as a werewolf is kind of tough. [Laughs] There are a lot of talks that you need to have.”

Now that shooting for Season 3 is over, how is Joe enjoying himself? Eating junk food again! His protein diet regime kept him buffed for the screen.

Asked about his height and if it ever is a liability for him, Joe said it has been a little bit of a challenge. A lot of leading men are shorter, so unless the part is right, he’s been mostly a character actor. He’s really glad that True Blood “wanted someone who could match up physically with Alex Skarsgaard [Eric Northman]”.

How can Sookie not feel safe with this towering wolf who is hot in more ways than one?


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