Kristin Bauer on the Great Parts of Playing Pam

June 13, 2010 by  

One of the best developments in Season 3 of True Blood is the increased role for Fangtasia fashionista, Pam. With Kristin Bauer van Straten promoted to series regular, this means more fabulous pumps and snarky one-liners, but more importantly, a fuller storyline for one of the most entertaining characters on the show!

Kristin was interviewed recently on the Show Patrol blog of ChicagoNow, in which she discusses Pam’s relationship with Eric, why it’s so fun to play mean, and more.

From doing commentary as Pam on the Blu-Ray edition of the Season 2 DVD, Kristin began learning about her character’s history because before that,

Pam just came in and was sarcastic and would leave. And so I had no idea who she was, and this told me she’s 100 years old and it just informed me so much about who Pam is. And in there we started to see the clues of how some evil people have one person and Pam has Eric. That’s her one person. And she would die for this person. So it was great. And we see that in this season.”

As we have seen from Bill and Jessica, and glimpses of Godric and Eric, the relationship between vampire and Maker is like one between a parent and a child. Kristin explains that with Pam and Eric, it’s also like an unconventional marriage. They love and need each other even though they bicker a lot.

On the set, she and Alexander Skarsgard, with whom she shares most of her scenes, tease each other all the time. They usually have ridiculous things to say and do as Pam and Eric, so they often crack up while working together. She says that everyone in the cast is so much fun to work with and they spend much of their days laughing.

One of the things Kristin enjoys about her job is that she has great freedom to be bitchy:

“Maybe it’s because of my good Midwestern upbringing, there are so many things I’d like to say so many times to so many people. And I don’t. Ninety-nine percent of the time I’m very good. And all of a sudden, they’re just paying you to be awful. It’s just such a great relief.”

So while she not allow herself to say mean things that come into her mind, she still relates to Pam and her sarcastic attitude. As an actor, she says, you have to find that level on understanding to get in character:

“You draw on whatever you have. When you’re playing someone who’s immortal and who feeds off of other humans–these things that are hard to find within your own life–you try to take some kernel from somewhere. So, your own life is really all you have when they say, ‘action.’ “

Another thing that really helps her feel transformed into Pam are the clothes:

“That’s why I love working for HBO and for Alan Ball, because you just have an astounding team. The wardrobe is an enormous part of Pam and the costumer works very closely with Alan and the directors and the writers. Then it goes to hair and makeup. I go from being in my sweats to becoming Pam. And then I get handed this dialogue. It’s just incredible. It’s hard to explain how little, in a way, I feel the actors contribute, because the actor comes in last on that chain. It all just makes my job so easy.”

Kristin also talks about animal welfare, a cause that is very close to her heart, having grown up on a farm with animals all around. She has joined with IFAW to raise awareness about what is happening to whales. She has spoken out against the proposal to end the ban on commercial whaling, encouraging people to call the White House and stop whales from being killed.

It’s great to know that we are going to be seeing a lot more of Kristin on True Blood this season–it’ll be exciting to find out where Pam is headed now that she’s a more significant part of the show!


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