Kristin Bauer Interview with PopWrap

August 30, 2009 by  

true-blood-spoilers-eric2While Eric was away in Dallas, Pam has been taking care of the business at Fangtasia. This week on True Blood, she’s back and looking like she stepped out of a 1980’s party.

Kristin Bauer spoke with PopWrap of the New York Post about what she thinks about Pam, Eric, and Sookie.

Like the Lafayette videos on the Season one Blu-Ray DVD, Pam shares her cynical thoughts with us on the Season two Blu-Ray set. This has given Kristin some interesting insights into her character’s history:

“She was turned by Eric 100 years ago but released, so she’s no longer bound to him but she’s so in love and couldn’t be more loyal. Whatever he says, she will do.”

Kristin also had some of her questions answered about who Pam was as a human:

“Before being turned she was living with her wealthy and very provincial parents. She says, ‘Small men were lining up for me to be auctioned off to, and then this big Viking showed up and split my world apart…and Eric likes to joke that my legs did, too.’ “

Kristin has only read the first book in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series because she loves the surprises in the show. She is hoping that Pam will have a lot of fun stuff to do in Season three, based on what she has heard about Eric’s storyline and how Sookie and Pam handle that situation.

Kristin also discussed how concerned her character is about Sookie becoming so important in Eric’s life. Recording Pam’s commentary, she made fun of Bill for being a sentimental fool about Sookie, but now she’s worried:

Eric’s got a bit of a Sookie thing, too. She said, ‘If he makes her, I’ll have to deal with it.’ “

As for Pam’s cryptic instructions from Eric for Lafayette to start selling V again, Kristin says the reason will be revealed eventually. Like every True Blood actor in an interview, she was hesitant to give anything away:

“We’re a little unsure what Alan [Ball, creator] would do if we spilled a big secret! It actually makes me sweat a little during interviews [laughs].”

The conversation turned to her recent marriage and how Pam’s confidence helped her get there:

“I was tired of being the only single adult at Christmas. So I thought, I’m going to do something! … So I was at my nutritionist and there was this CD on the only open seat. The woman next to me was playing it on her computer and went on and on about how amazing Abri [van Straten, lead singer of the Lemmings] was. So I went online and bought the record … I listened to it for three weeks and tracked him down. So I sent an e-mail and didn’t hear back so I sent another, and another and [his people] finally gave me his number. We went for coffee on Jan. 14. Then we went out again on Jan. 18 and we haven’t been apart since.”

What a sweet story from Kristin! As for Pam, it’s a good thing she’s reappearing for the end of Season two–we need a little comedy to go with our Maryann insanity.


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