Lindsay Pulsipher in “The Story Of Bonnie and Clyde”

September 30, 2011 by  

True Blood Werepanther to Play Bonnie:

Lindsay Pulsipher as Crystal Norris in HBO's True BloodIt has been announced by Cypress Moon Studios that True Blood actress, Lindsay Pulsipher (werepanther Crystal Norris in the HBO series), will replace Hillary Duff as Bonnie in their upcoming movie, The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.

The studio cites that it was schedule differences and not Hillary’s pregnancy as the reason behind replacing her. The actor signed to play Clyde (Kevin Zegers) has also stepped down from his role. While the studio will begin production later this year, Duff stated that she would not be available until June next year and Zegers was not available until January.

This opened the door for our favorite crazy werepanther to step into the role of one of the most famous fugitives in history. The movie will be shot on location in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and possibly Missouri.

Anyone who lives in these areas will need to keep an eye out for Lindsay. Let us know if you spot her!

Source: Hollywood Reporter – ‘True Blood’ Star to Replace Hillary Duff in ‘Bonnie and Clyde’

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)