Lindsay Pulsipher Talks About Crystal Norris and Jason Stackhouse

July 27, 2010 by  

Lindsay Pulsipher had a big task ahead of her when she stepped into the role of Crystal Norris on HBO‘s True Blood.  As fans of the book know, Crystal becomes an important character but it is unclear how close to the books Alan Ball will stay.  Lindsay was a big fan of the show before taking on the role of Crystal but she did not read the books until after filming started.  Since Alan does not necessarily stick to how the characters are written in Charlaine Harris’ books, she wanted to be sure she had a strong sense within herself of who Crystal was before she read the books.

We have only seen a few small parts with Crystal in it so far but it is clear that she has a difficult life and that she is sheltered and unhappy.  Crystal may be a redneck but Lindsay wanted to make sure that she did not come across as stupid.  She told the New York Post:

“Although she is a redneck from the sticks, she’s a real person. The life that she was raised with is kind of devastating. I think it can only breed life experience. She’s got a lot of knowledge that other people don’t. And I really wanted to make sure I brought a sense of empathy to her so the audience doesn’t just see Crystal as this crazy redneck bitch from the sticks. I hope that fans really like her.”

One of the benefits of portraying Crystal is working with Ryan Kwanten although Lindsay admitted that being Jason Stackhouse‘s current girlfriend made her nervous.  As we have seen, Jason‘s girlfriends do not tend to last very long on True Blood.  We first saw Crystal briefly, crying in the woods during a drug raid on the compound where she lives, however our first real taste of her came during a scene where Ryan chased her in a cop car and attempted to get her name and phone number, all without wearing a shirt.  The scene was a hit with fans and when the NY Post asked Lindsay if she knew it was going to be such a hit she replied:

“I loved that scene. It was such a funny, classic Jason Stackhouse meeting [laughs].  I was happy that the fans really loved it. It’s great, really funny.”

Jason is not used to having to chase a woman so he is even more drawn to Crystal because she is making it difficult for him.  After this week’s episode we now know that Crystal is engaged but we are still left with many questions about who she is.  Lindsay reveals that we have just begun to get to know Crystal saying:

“She has some secrets and brings some surprises for sure. We are just getting to the tip of the iceberg with Crystal in season three. She brings a lot of color.”

From what we have seen so far we are definitely looking forward to seeing what the deal is with Crystal and the Norris family.  Season 3 is shaping up to be the best one yet.  According to Lindsay it’s just going to keep getting better.

“Oh my gosh, as a fan, I totally geek out thinking about how exciting this season is.  It’s so fun and so exciting – I describe it like a Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s so full, it’s so rich, there’s so much going on that I think fans are going to be so pleased with this season.”


Photo Credit: HBO Inc., screencap by James