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Jason Stackhouse may have a way with the ladies, but he doesn’t have much luck with love. Though things may change for Jason with the introduction of Crystal Norris to True Blood. interviewed Lindsay Pulsipher, the newest face on the third season of True Blood, on her character Crystal Norris, her love for horror movies, and being part of an HBO hit.

Lindsay‘s character comes from a religious compound in the backwoods of Louisiana. While she’s had a sheltered life, she still had to grow up rather quickly. While the character is being introduced in the third season, Crystal Norris actually shows up in the fourth installment of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Though a fan of the show, when Lindsay accepted the part of Crystal she decided not to read the novels right away . She wanted to experience the character through Alan Ball‘s eyes, and then create her own perception of Crystal. Recently though, she has started reading the books; she hasn’t gotten to book four yet but is enjoying the world Charlaine has created.

Not only does she enjoy the world of True Blood, as a fan of the show Lindsay found Lafayette to be her favorite character. Being of fan of True Blood isn’t a stretch for Lindsay. She notes,

“I’m a huge B-horror fan. I love all the horror films from the 70’s, so that definitely got me into something I’ve always loved. The whole world of vampires is kind of new to me. I didn’t think it was ever particularly important or interesting, but I can see why people love it and it’s definitely an interesting subject matter, for sure.”

Speaking of horror films, Lindsay notes that her favorite horror flick is hands down the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” For her, it wasn’t about the fear factor of the movie, but the beauty of the grainy film.

While there might not be any scream out loud moments in True Blood, there is an undeniable beauty in the show, starting with the development of each character. As for Lindsay’s character Crystal, her development is as intense and complicated as the rest of the characters in Bon Temps. Crystal comes from a compound that doubles as a meth lab, and longs to see what else is out there. Meeting Jason becomes a physical manifestation of her desires to leave the compound. The season focuses on Crystal and Jason developing a romantic relationship and whether or not they can/want to make their relationship work.

When asked what makes Crystal so complimentary to Jason, Lindsay offers,

“I feel like for the first time [Jason‘s] kind of maybe swept off his feet; and he just kind of is looking at Crystal as this new way of life. It’s new for him. He’s not really sure how to handle true love, I don’t think, and I think that, for him, Crystal is maybe the real deal. She could be the one.”

As for her thoughts on Ryan Kwanten, the actor who plays Jason, Lindsay admires how spontaneous he can be when he is acting. He knows his character so well that he is able to improv and live through Jason. Jason‘s character is a beautiful balance of incredible writing and incredible acting on Ryan‘s part. Lindsay finds herself laughing out loud because he can be very funny on set.

What’s not so funny is Lindsay’s fear of blood through a needle, which will make her hyperventilate. Good things vampires only use fangs! It seems though Lindsay has nothing to fear when it comes to her career.

Before shooting True Blood, Lindsay did a couple of feature films. Lindsay notes one in particular:

“Do Not Disturb. It’s a Mali Elfman film. It’s sort of a vignette of short films that they edited into a feature, and that should also be doing the festival circuit later this year. I didn’t have a lot of character development in the story, but it’s kind of a sci-fi theme, and it’s really funny. The whole idea is really great, and my segment is definitely the weirdest of the five. [Laughs.] It’s kind of a sci-fi throwback to ‘60s sci-fi stuff… So I’ve got a couple things in the works and a couple things about to do the festivals.”

It seems like Lindsay is off and running with her career and fans of True Blood have been given a rare opportunity to see an actress grow into her spotlight.


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