Mariana Klaveno Called a ‘Scene Stealer’

July 11, 2010 by  

Kate Hahn of TV Guide Magazine recently interviewed Mariana Klaveno about her role as Lorena on True Blood. The lovely actress, who plays the vampire who “made” Bill Compton had a lot to say about her character.

“At her core she’s lonely and heartbroken because she so strongly loved Bill.”

While this may be true, that heartbreak has led Lorena to do some pretty horrible things, including forcing Bill to stay with her in a vampire hotel while Bill‘s girlfriend Sookie was in danger. More recently, though, we saw Lorena and Bill having very violent, twisted sex in King Russell Edgington‘s home in Mississippi.

Mariana said that her watercooler scene with Stephen Moyer was very uncomfortable for her, but that Stephen is very funny and helped to keep everything cool on the set by making jokes.

Of course, the trouble that Lorena is creating has only just begun! Mariana admitted that soon Sookie and Lorena will have a few words to say to each other. She also said that we’re going to see sides of Lorena that may surprise everyone.

I guess it’s a good thing that True Blood airs an all new episode tonight!

SOURCE: TV Guide Magazine

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