Mariana Klaveno Does True Blood Q&A

June 18, 2011

True Blood Star Mariana Klaveno Talks About Lorena:

Mariana Klaveno as True Blood's LorenaTo celebrate the release of Season 3 of True Blood on DVD, Tube Talk (Digital Spy) did a Q&A with Mariana Klaveno (Bill’s maker, Lorena).  She revealed why she thinks True Blood is so popular, her joy in playing Lorena, the head turning scene, and what she’s up to now.

Some of the reasons Mariana thinks True Blood is so successful is because people get so involved in the multiple levels the show offers.  From romance, suspense and horror.  She says:

“There’s all kinds of genres and concepts that the writers weave into each episode and I think that’s what gets people so addicted.”

When asked what she liked about playing Lorena, Mariana stated that she loved her costumes, and working with such “top notch” people.  She describes the cast and crew as being one big lovely family, saying it was a blast to go to work everyday.

“I love playing people that are broken, that are beautifully flawed, as I like to call them. She was such a tragic character in many ways and I love playing that. I love people who are inches away from completely falling apart. I think that’s a fun, electric character to take on.”

Have you ever wondered what it was like to film the “head turning” scene?  Apparently, it took an entire day — at least ten hours.  Although she started out feeling very nervous and uncomfortable, by that point, delirium had set in.  Everyone was in hysterics.  She explains:

“I mean, you laugh. I think that’s what saves you. You have to keep your sense of humor about you when you’re doing these crazy, dark, twisted – forgive the pun – scenes. You really have to just laugh between takes because that will lighten the mood and you can’t take it so seriously. Luckily, Stephen is a hilarious person so he was able to keep me laughing.”

She adds that after first reading the script for that scene, her first thought was, “’Oh my God, my poor parents!”.  Her poor parents, indeed.

So, what is the lovely lady up to now?  She has worked on a few things, but is being selective about what she chooses.  Saying True Blood spoiled her, it’s difficult to pick what to work on next.  However, she did work on an independent film titled No God No Master which should be released soon.

What did you think of Lorena?  Would you like to see her back on the show, perhaps in a flashback?  Sound off in the comments, Truebies!

Source: DigitalSpy – ‘True Blood’: Q&A with Mariana Klaveno

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True Blood’s Lorena Still Exhibiting Suspect Behavior

November 23, 2010

Mariana Klaveno to Guest Star on Criminal Minds Spinoff

Mariana Klaveno, True Blood's Lorena, will take on a new crazy role.She was bad. She was angry. She was jealous. Oh, let’s face it, she was totally crazy. Lorena Krasiki, vampire Bill‘s maker on True Blood, was the definition of a woman scorned. Up until her true death, she exhibited behavior that was disgraceful and full of venom, mostly driven by her undying love for Bill Compton. The woman behind Lorena, Mariana Klaveno, has taken on a new machiavellian role with a guest stint on on CBS’ forthcoming spinoff Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. Klaveno will play Veronica, a spotlight-hungry hellraiser who excels at manipulating the opposite sex. Hmmm, sound familiar?

Klaveno can obviously do crazy very well, so we have no doubts she’ll put on a great performance as Veronica. Will you tune in to witness Lorena 2.0?

Source: – TV Scoop by Michael Ausiello: Exclusive: True Blood Vamp Plays Minds Games

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Mariana Klaveno from Farm Girl to Vampy Vampire

October 12, 2010

Mariana Wanted to Act from an Early Age

Mariana Klaveno True Blood Lorena

Mariana Klaveno, who plays deliciously psycho vampire Lorena on HBO’s True Blood, recently sat down with Aced Magazine to talk about how she went from an actress wannabe raised on a farm to what will certainly go down in history as one of the most psychotic female vampires ever.

“For as long as I can remember, acting is something I always wanted to do. I don’t really know where that impulse came from. I was kind of secretive about it until my junior year in high school. I thought it was such a wild, outlandish goal to have. My high school was too small to have a drama class, so I had to wait until college.”

Underdressing for the Audition of Lorena

Mariana wasn’t at all sure she had landed the role because of how she dressed for the audition:

“When I read the scene, which was a great one where we first meet Lorena. She struck me as a sad, lonely character. And I thought it would be so much more effective if you saw that side or her. So when she reveals herself as this powerful, scary vampire, it’s that much more jolting. And so I dressed as innocently as possible—with sweet little curls, almost no makeup, and light pink and beige outfits. Some of the other girls showed up in dyed black hair, heavy makeup and sexy outfits. Fortunately, my gamble worked.”

Defining a Character with no Definition

If you are a reader of the Charlaine Harris novels that True Blood is made from, you will know that Lorena was not really a big character. Mariana feels that partly worked to her advantage in developing her:

“I got the call that I would be a series regular after doing one episode in season one, which was exciting and unexpected. I thought they would sit down with me and talk about where they wanted Lorena to go, her character arc, but they didn’t, which was terrifying and wonderful at the same time. Because I think that’s the way Alan and the writers work on the show. They really value the actors and they trust them. They want to see what you bring to the table. Once I got over the initial shock of them not telling what to do, I said, “Okay, I guess I get to do what I want to do with this character.” It was really fun to find out where Lorena lived, about her body and voice. The flashback scenes helped me define the character.”

She was a bit worried about the head turning sex scene with Stephen Moyer:

“I thought about my parents and said, oh, God, I hope they survive this one, which they did.”

Mariana is very philosophical about the torture scene with Stephen:

“Did everyone forget the things Bill did to me at the beginning of the season? He lit me on fire, he broke my neck, he punched me in the face. I thought it fitting that she sliced him up a little bit.”

Will Lorena Return?

Fans of the show know that just because someone is given the “final death” it does not necessarily mean we will never see them on the show again. Does Mariana think she will return?

“You never know. They have ways of bringing people back. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if she shows up in a flashback. But so far, I don’t think she’s coming back soon. The next season is all about the witches.”

In the meantime, Mariana is looking for the right work that will not cast her as a villian and will be happy with either film or tv.

Click here to read the entire interview.

SOURCE: – Interview with TRUE BLOOD’s Mariana Klaveno

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Lorena and Godric of True Blood Guests at UK Convention

October 1, 2010

Mariana Klevena (Lorena) & Godric (Allan Hyde) of HBO True Blood will be Guest Stars at UK Convention!Lorena

True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno and Allan Hyde will be guest stars at the STARFURY Conventions The Vampire Ball three day event.

The event is a convention celebrating Vampires in the media, and shows such as True Blood. This event will take place between November 26th and 28th, 2010 at the Thistle Hotel in Heathrow, London.

Attendee’s will be able to hear special panels of guest stars, including Mariana and Allan as well as other special guests, have photo & autograph sessions, competitions, make up displays, parties and much more.

Each night of the Convention will feature a different theme.  Friday night’s theme is Sunnydale High, Saturday’s is a Vampire Ball, and Sunday honors The Rocky Horror Show. Tickets can be purchased online via check or debit card.


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Mariana Klaveno at Eyegore Awards 2010

September 29, 2010

With True Blood’s 3rd Season, fans had to say goodbye to the lovely Lorena. However Mariana Klaveno, the actress who portrayed Bill Compton’s psychotic maker, is only beginning her time in the spotlight. The beautiful Mariana was recently at the 2010 Eyegore Awards.

Here are some pictures of the True Blood star posing and presenting an award.  Fans may have loved to hate Lorena, but there’s no way they can hate such a wonderfully talented and elegant actress like Mariana. Thanks so much to Shannon for sharing her True Blood news with us!

Submission thanks to: Shannon

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True Blood Nominated for 8 SFX Sci-Fi Awards

September 25, 2010

True Blood Earns 8 Nominations in 6 Categories at SFX Awards

SFX Awards LogoTrue Blood has been nominated for 8 awards in 6 categories for the SFX Sci-Fi Awards to be held in the United Kingdom in February 2011.  Voting is open from September 22, 2010 to December 14, 2010 and by voting you could win tickets to see the awards live, along with other prizes.  Only 10 of the awards will be announced at the live show, with the others appearing in issue 206 of the SFX Sci-Fi Magazine in February 2011.

True Blood has been nominated for the following awards:

Best TV Show
Best TV Episode – “Everything Is Broken”
Sexiest Male – Alexander Skarsgard 
Sexiest Male – Nelsan Ellis 
Sexiest Female – Deborah Ann Woll 
Sexiest Female – Michelle Forbes 
Best Villain – Marianne
Best Line of Dialogue – Lorena threatening to “wear your ribcage as a hat”

Click here to vote now!

Source: – Win Tickets to the SFX Weekender

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True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno at Eyegore Awards

September 24, 2010

Mariana Presents Horror Award

Mariana Klaveno, True Blood, LorenaFriday, September 24, 2010, marks the opening of Hollywoood Horror Nights at Universal Studios. This special ticketed event will take place for 17 nights in September and October. Kicking off this year’s opening are the presentations for the Eyegore Awards. Hosted by Corey Feldman, Mariana Klaveno, who plays our favorite psychotic female vampire Lorena Krasiki on HBO’s True Blood, will be joined by fellow presenters Sherrie Moon Zombie, Rob Zombie, Costas Mandylor and Tobe Hooper.

The award honorees  for the night are set to include Christopher Lloyd, Betsy Russell, Sid Haig, Gina Holden and Eli RothElizabeth Schieffer, winner of the Rob Zombie scary movie competition will have her video, Jasper,  screened as part of the festivites.

For more information on the event and tickets you can go to the official website

SOURCE: The Eyegore Awards Get ‘Blood’-ier

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True Blood Fans Can Get a Transfusion

September 20, 2010

Opera Can Satisfy the Lust for Blood

Bill Compton holding Lorena Krasiki right before Sookie Stackhouse ends her existence on True Blood.It is going to be a long wait for fans of HBO’s True BloodSeason 4 will not start until next summer and while we do have dvds we can watch, there might be a need for something else.

Bluebeard’s Castle may not be about vampires, but Duke Bluebeard certainly has a way with the ladies and his newest wife is not an exception. Do you want to find out how Judith reacted when he showed her his torture chamber?  Eric Northman might get a few suggestions from this one for his dungeon under Fangtasia.

Lucrezia Borgia:  She is an  Italian noblewoman who has already killed before the opera starts, and she just might be as insane as Lorena Krasiki. During the opera Lucrezia kills an entire ballroom full of guests with her poison, and one of the targets was her own son.

Dialogues of the Carmelites: Set during the French Revolution at a nunnery, this two-act opera is based on historical events that took place at a monestary of Carmelite.  The sounds of guillotines can be heard over singing nuns.

Lulu: Where else could you find suicide, lesbians, murder, blackmail and Jack the Ripper?  I think it is safe to say that while Lulu might resemble the confused Sookie Stackhouse, the comparison stops there.

Tosca: Torture, murder and suicde are the words of the day in the opera set in 1800 Rome. Though we would never want this to happen to Andy Bellefluer, the murder of the police chief is just one of the highlights of the performance filled with sex and violence.

People who are not opera fans may not have realized just how dramatic, scary, and bloody it can be.  Now is your chance to explore this realm and possibly find a way to pass those cold empty Sunday nights until we are once again graced with new episodes of our favorite show.

SOURCE: — 5 Operas That Are Truly Bloodier Than ‘True Blood’

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Mariana Klaveno to Star in David and Devine Music Video

September 16, 2010

Mariana Klaveno, Lorena, True BloodMariana Klaveno, who played the evil but so fun to watch Lorena on True Blood, will be seen next in a music video for David and Devine.  The video will be the first for the music group and Mariana is donating her time for the video since she is a fan of their music.  They are trying to raise $7,500 in order to make the music video and they are asking fans for their support.  The funds need to be raised by October 4, 2010.

You can pledge different amounts with special offers being made at each level.  Some examples are:  for a $5.00 pledge you will receive two unreleased songs from their upcoming album, for $10.00 you will receive two unreleased songs plus a copy of the video that is made.  To find out more information or to donate click here.

Sources: — Mariana to Star in Music Video – Mariana Klaveno to Star in Music Video

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True Blood’s Lorena – Mariana Klaveno: The Last Bite-Exclusive Interview!

September 13, 2010

Mariana Klaveno True Blood Lorena in red

We’ve talked to a lot of True Blood actors and they are all intelligent and exciting and nice. But no one was less like their character than Mariana Klaveno. She’s sweet and fun and has a really nice laugh! We didn’t once think we were about to be bitten or tortured or anything! We did this interview in the start of the season but wanted to save her for the end because it was just that fun an interview. She’s

Mariana Talks About Her Beginnings:

TBN: Can you tell us how a farm girl from Washington decided to become an actress?  Did you plan on doing something else first and you fell into this?

MARIANA: Honestly, if the rational side of me, which is the majority of me, had its way, I would have been a computer programmer or something,  Not that I have any sort of knowledge or skills when it comes to computers, just something a little more secure and dependable because being an actress does not necessarily align itself with the rest of my personality.  But for some odd reason it’s the only thing that I’ve ever wanted to do.  Ever since I was a small child.  I was actually kind of embarrassed about it because nobody else from my area had that kind of aspiration and it was so outlandish.  I was rather shy about telling people and I kept it a secret. When I was in high school I leaked it out to my parents, letting them know that acting was something I might want to be interested in and then my very close friends knew.  But it wasn’t until I got into college that I came out, so to speak.

TBN: Wow that’s really different.  We know you studied acting at the University of Washington.  Can you tell us a little bit about that?

MARIANA: Yes, I had wanted to go there because it was in state and affordable and because I knew it had a really competitive and well respected drama program.  I had a wonderful experience there.  I started right off the bat auditioning for things and got into every class I could and did a play just about every quarter, sometimes several and did all kinds of theatre.  I did modern pieces, I did classical pieces, all different types of material really and I just fell in love.  There wasn’t hardly any emphasis on film and television so I had to wait until I came to Los Angeles to branch into that, but in terms of theatre it was a wonderful foundation and I loved it.

TBN; So, you’ve done a lot of theatre then and I know Seattle’s great for theatre performances.  Did you have a favorite roll you played?

MARIANA: Yes I played Helena in a production of “ A Midsummer Nights Dream” and it was unlike any production of Midsummer that I’ve ever seen.  It was a very dark version actually, not unlike True Blood. It was very sexy and very violent.  Not the typical version with colorful fairies, it was much darker and crazier. That’s funny, I never thought about that similarity! I guess there’s sort of a running pattern with me.  I don’t know what that says about me.

TBN: What was your very first performance?

MARIANA: My very first stage performance was at college, it was a little play, a short play called “What she found there.” I’m hitting myself because I can’t think of the playwright right now.  It’s a great little play, a dark take on “Alice in Wonderland” and it was a reflection story. When Alice goes in to the looking glass, the Alice of the Looking Glass world comes into our world.  I played this girl from Wonderland stuck in Brooklyn in some seedy hotel, but it was fun!

TBN: And how did that go?

MARIANA: It was fun; it went well.  It was a success as far as student plays go.  At least I thought it was.

TBN: Aside from True Blood, what has been your favorite acting experience up to now?

MARIANA: Gosh that’s tough.  I did a production here in town.  A small, small production that we basically put up ourselves at a theatre in Studio City.  It was the play “Three Days of Rain” by Richard Greenberg.  Most people know that play because it’s the play that Julia Roberts did when she went to Broadway. It’s a beautiful play and a very complex play. There are only 3 actors. Those are my favorite kinds of plays—the really intimate ones. Aside from True Blood, that was my favorite acting experience to date.  It was challenging and really very difficult and I still think about it sometimes.  I would give anything to go back and do it again.

TBN: In what ways was it challenging?

MARIANA: The parts are extremely challenging in a wonderful way, in the best way.  The kind of play where you can mine it for material for months and months and months and still, there’s always more to the text and more to explore.  Each actor gets to play 2 different parts.  It’s first set in the 90’s, the mid 90’s and it’s about 2 siblings and their friends. That’s the first act. Then in the second act you go back in time and play all of their parents.  You see how the children end up first, and then you go back and see how the parents lived and how that set up how the children would turn out. It’s a really beautiful play. If you ever get a chance to see it, I recommend it.

TBN: Interesting ..Also, you recently filmed “No God, No Mater”.  Can you tell us a little bit about what that film is about and your role and is that going to be on wide release?

MARIANA: That’s a good question. I’m not sure.  As far as I know they’re still working on it.  They have to do some re-shoots if I’m not mistaken.  And sometimes the life of independent movies, it’ll be out there for a few years before it actually makes it to the festivals and then hopefully gets picked up. I’m hoping. I’m crossing my fingers that it will at some point be somewhere that people can see it.  It’s a wonderful story. It’s actually based on a true story that I didn’t know anything about previously. It’s set in 1919 New York, and its about a government agent, played by David Strathairn, who has been put in charge of solving a series of crimes.  This group of Anarchists proceeded to set off a bunch of bombs around the city at different targets and David Strathairn’s character was put on the case to bring them down. And while attempting to do that, he discovers this whole conspiracy within the FBI to illegally deport immigrants. It’s a very interesting, complicated story and that it’s all based on true events, I found it all the more fascinating.  I play this very mysterious woman who is associated with the Anarchists but you’re not quite sure to what extent.  You don’t know where her loyalties lie.  I loved it, she’s sort of a deep throat character. She knows all of the information but she’s not giving anything away.  It was very unglamorous which is a nice departure from True Blood.  I got to be dirty and the opposite of a super glamorous vampire.  I like to switch that up.

Mariana Klaveno as True Blood's Lorena

Mariana Talks Lorena:

TBN: It sounds interesting, another complex individual that you’re playing.

MARIANA: Yes, I do tend to like the characters that have a certain level of duplicity to them.  You don’t quite know what they’re going do next or what’s in store for them.  I tend to be drawn to those.

TBN: Interesting! And which leads me to True Blood.  How did you prepare for the role or how do you prepare for the role and have you read any of the books to help you in creating your character?

MARIANA: I did read the books.  They don’t actually give a lot away about my character.  She doesn’t show up until I believe the third book and even then you hear a lot about her but you only really see her in one or 2 scenes because as the books go it’s always from Sookie’s point of view.  Of course, as you know, True Blood is from various points of view.  So it was nice just to get the context from the books but Alan and the writers really departed from the books and went out on their own in creating the back story of Bill and Lorena. I’m glad that they did, obviously, because it means I got more episodes.  I hadn’t read the books before I did the audition for the part.  I had read the first book around the time I started filming True Blood.  I mean, in the beginning I really wanted to focus on the fact that this was a real woman. When you first see her, I really wanted you to be struck by how lonely she was and her vulnerability and her sadness and to be drawn in by that. I wanted to focus on that. Of course, the pay off is that she reveals herself to be this evil vampire who turns Bill into a vampire.  Actually before every scene I always go back to the fact that her motivation for everything that she does is her love for Bill. She’s a very tragic character in that sense because she has this burning desire for him but what drives that desire is exactly the same thing that prevents him from ever returning her love.  It’s a very tragic cycle, and it’s also good writing that creates drama.  Also that’s how I justify what she does later. How do you prepare for doing horrible things?  You can’t judge your characters when you’re playing them, so I just try to focus on the fact that to her it’s not an evil act.  She’s always doing it for him and what motivates her is her love for Bill.

TBN: So more than any other character on the show, it seems like everything Lorena is in she feels, to the viewer, she feels very dangerous.  I mean you never see here sitting around, relaxing.  Yeah there’s no pink fuzzy slippers in her future. Is it difficult to project that kind of image on an on going basis?

MARIANA: Yeah, it is. I’m glad that you say that and thank you. I hope that I maintain that.  I always try before a scene to get myself to a place internally where I want to scream, literally scream at the top of my lungs. But I don’t.  I cover it and I smile and that’s kind of where Lorena lives.  Just on the edge of completely loosing it and ripping a door off its hinges, but she doesn’t. She strikes a pose and she smiles and the scene starts.  That’s kind of where she lives for me physically, how I physically find her and I hope that’s what viewers find.

TBN: As we have seen in the spoiler clips, Lorena is somehow still involved in Bill’s undead life.  How would you describe Lorena’s relationship with Bill, beyond the fact that she loves him?

MARIANA: Beyond the fact that she loves him, the other wonderful thing that Alan and the writers have woven into it is the fact that she’s his maker. That relationship is also reflected in the Bill and Jessica relationship. You can see the differences between the two because, aside from being lovers for decades, the bond between a maker, between a vampire and his or her maker, is a strong, strong thing in True Blood Mythology.  So that type of parental relationship is also something that we explore and it’s actually being explored even deeper in Season 3.  The things that you teach them, the lessons that you teach them: how to become Vampires. The strain in the Bill and Lorena relationship is that Bill doesn’t want to be a vampire.  He always wants to be human.  He tries desperately to maintain his humanity and it’s very frustrating always to Lorena because to her, her humanity is something long gone and she’s done with it.   That’s why it’s not horrible to her to do the violent things she does because to her it’s not horrible.  That’s what we do, we’re vampires.  She’s always trying to pull him into the vampire way of life and he’s always rejecting that and trying to get back to humanity.

TBN: We see components of Lorena that make us want to hate her and at the same time there are other parts of her that make us feel very compassionate for her, you’ve talked about the loneliness.  Is there any special relationship that you feel with her? How do you relate to Lorena?

MARIANA: I think she’s an absolutely fantastic character, I mean aside from me being an actress and playing such an outrageous character.  I do have a lot of affection for her because of the tragic side of her that I described before.  Yes, she is this monstrous, strong, dangerous creature but she’s also so fragile and very vulnerable. It’s funny, in the stand off scene between Lorena and Sookie at the party in Godric’s house, I was having the hardest time blocking it because I didn’t understand, you know blocking the scene, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just run up and kill her, because was saying such horrible things to me.  It was really hard to try to find out where that performance lived because it just didn’t make sense to me. I kept looking at the director asking, “Wouldn’t I just kill her, wouldn’t I just kill her…I’m right next to her. I had to kill her. And then I realized, no, it’s because the words that Sookie is saying are just so hurtful to me, that’s like Lorena’s Kryptonite.  She’s so fragile at the same time that she is so dangerous and powerful and I think that’s what is so endearing. And also she’s a little crazy and a little broken.  Somebody like Eric, not that Eric doesn’t have his complexity as well, but he has this “Joe Cool” quality, Eric and Pam have this very aloof, wonderful energy about them and I wanted it to be different with Lorena. She’s cracked, and those are the qualities that make her endearing to me.

TBN: How has Lorena developed from last season to this season in your eyes?

MARIANA: This season, without giving too much away, I am hoping that you see different sides to her.  You’ll definitely see some different sides to Bill and their interactions with each other.  I think you’ll see more vulnerability and I think you’ll see more of those cracks that I am describing.  Yeah, both on flash back and in present day you’ll see some new sides to her and it will explain more of the relationship I was describing between Bill and Lorena as it pertains to the maker-vampire relationship.

TBN: Okay great because that leads to my next question which is how many episodes will we be seeing Lorena this season and will we be seeing more of her back story.

MARIANA: I am in 6 episodes this season and yes, you do see a little bit more of the Bill and Lorena back-story. You don’t get to see too much, but you get to find out more about her own past separate from Bill. That was news to me and I was eager to find out about it.  It’s just a tiny taste.

TBN: I think the fans will love that

MARIANA: Yeah! I hope so because it’s a big question mark.  It’s a hard thing playing a character like this because you never know what the writers are going to do so you can’t make up this whole back story on your own.  It might just have to get scrapped. So you have to stay in this very flexible place as far as that goes.

Mariana Klaveno as True Blood Lorena in Plum

Behind the Scenes of True Blood:

TBN: Who have you had the chance to act with besides Stephen for season 3 of True Blood and can you share your experience?

MARIANA: I have the pleasure of working again with Anna.  We exchange a few words –laughs- that’s all I’ll say.  I work a lot in this season with Denis O’Hare who comes in to play the King of Mississippi this year and I have been a fan of Denis’s a long time now and it’s such a pleasure to get to work with him.  He’s just a fantastic actor and it’s so much fun to just watch him and learn from him as an actor.  We had a lot of fun.

TBN: Now this is a question that a lot of fans wonder.  Have there been any funny bloopers on set moments while filming your scenes on True Blood?

MARIANA: Yes, I feel like every time I work with Stephen. Stephens a bit of a jokester and he’s so funny and witty, I feel like there’s always bloopers and we’re always trying to one up each other. Whether it’s the director and me or Steve, the camera guy, everybody’s always poking fun at each other.  It makes for a very fun atmosphere to work in.  I have a scene this season where I’m wearing my fangs and I have to get into Anna’s face and I’m very angry with her and I said to her right off the bat, I said, “Anna I’m terrified because I’m pretty sure I’m going to accidentally spit on you.” When I mentioned it she said “its fine don’t worry about it.”  I made it through though every take until the last one and then a big old drop of spit landed square on her face.  I was so horrified that I’d just spit on Anna Paquin! Right when they called cut I ran over and of course was falling all over myself apologizing and she’s so lovely and such a pro she laughed it off.

TBN: Too funny! You said that you try to keep Lorena kind of angry.  Does it make it hard to get Lorena back in that angry space if everybody’s having a lot of fun or do they manage to suspend that during filming?

MARIANA: If it’s a really crazy emotional scene where you have to be crying or a really raw emotional place I tend to not be casual with how I interact.  But if it’s just normal, every day Lorena, it’s not hard for me to do that. I don’t know if I can explain how that is.  It could be that it’s season 3 and I know where she lives and it’s easier to go from laughing one second and right into that scream place the next.  I think it’s just gotten easier for me to get to that place.

Mariana Talks About Fans and Ways to Follow Her Career:

TBN: True Blood is a phenomenal success as I am sure you are aware and the fans are very active.  Are you at all prepared to meet the True Blood Fans?  Have you run in to any of them yet?

MARIANA: There are some I might be a little afraid to meet because they may try to stake me or something, believing me to be as evil as my character is! Which I’m not I swear.  Everyone that I’ve met has been completely lovely so I welcome meeting people. It’s not every day that I get recognized because I’m quite done up on the show with costumes and wigs. In my every day life I certainly don’t look that glamorous, so I think that I fly a little low under the radar but it does happen and so far everyone’s been lovely.

TBN: Are you going to one of the conventions this year?

MARIANA: I’m not sure but I would like to though.  Yeah, I think it would be fun and hopefully I don’t get too overwhelmed by the circus. I’ve heard comic con is actually crazy.  But it is so wonderful to be part of a show that’s so loved by people, that they are so passionate about it.  It’s really wonderful.

TBN: We always offer the actors the opportunity to ask the fans any questions?

If you could see Lorena do any kind of flashback what would it be?

Since most of her scenes are with Bill, if you could choose any other character from the show, with whom would you most like to see Lorena interact?

TBN: Has True Blood reshaped of how you think of good and evil?

MARIANA: It has actually in a way.  Working on my character, it’s not always so black and white.  Whether it’s my character or whether it’s Bill’s character, when you’re doing something for someone you love, the line of good and evil is a blur. A lot of great shows do that, for example Breaking Bad.  He’s breaking the law and making a really nasty and horrible illegal drug but it’s to save his family. Yeah, that’s one of my favorite things about the show, the shades of gray.

TBN: It’s interesting, the first year we asked this question, pretty much everybody said oh no not really but for the second year almost everybody has started saying, yeah, well yeah it has.

MARIANA: I think that means the shows been more of a success this year.

TBN: I think the actors, the first year it was more of an external role and now they’re internalizing it a little more,

MARIANA: I think you’re right…

TBN: What do you imagine is on Lorena’s head stone.

MARIANA: Oooo that’s a good question.  I don’t think, in my very loosely drawn together back story, I don’t think she was married. I think that she lost whoever she loved and suffered a great deal in her human life.  I think her head stone is actually pretty sparse.  It may just be a date and enough said.

TBN: It would be sad but fit the character…

TBN: During TB’s hiatus, do you have any projects coming up?

MARIANA: Oh I hope to very soon.  I just finished my work on True Blood so I’m back out there looking for stuff.  So hopefully I’ll have something to report back very soon.

TBN: What do you like to do during your spare time?  During your down time?

MARIANA: I’m pretty spoiled as far as actors go, I really am.  I stay in most nights.  I’m really boring, I love reading, I love going to the movies, I love going and hanging out at my brother’s restaurant, he’s a chef at a restaurant here in town.  My boyfriend and I love to go wine tasting.  We love to go up at the Central Coast wine taste from time to time.  Nothing too crazy.

TBN: What kind of books are you reading?

MARIANA: I just finished “The Remains of the Day” which I’ve never read before and it has now become one of my all time favorites.

TBN: And what kind of restaurant is it your brother has?

MARIANA: He is the chef of Yamashiro, which is a Japanese restaurant but the cuisine is American/Asian

TBN: What are your favorite types of movies?

MARIANA: I actually love everything except romantic comedies.  I’m not a big romantic comedy lover.

TBN: How very Lorena of you –laughs-

MARIANA: Yes, unless they’re old black and whites, the old screw ball comedy ones. “His Girl Friday” is maybe my all time favorite one.  Yeah but I love dramas. I love westerns.  I love all of it, even a great action movie. Everything if it’s well made and well acted and well produced. I try not to discriminate too much.  And yeah. I love going back and watching the old classics.

TBN: Do you have any charities and any causes that are important to you?

MARIANA: Yes, for a number of years I have donated to St. Judes Children’s Hospital and it’s such a wonderful organization. I’m sure everyone does but knowing how difficult it is for young people that are just starting out their lives, fighting for their lives.  I can’t even imagine how hard that is, so I try to do what I can to help.

TBN: Do you twitter?

MARIANA: I just opened a Twitter account.  You can find me @KlavenoFarmGirl

I don’t think I’m very good at it yet.  I take too much time thinking about what to say.  I suppose because I’m not sure anyone will find it that interesting!

TBN: Oh I can assure you of that. We Twitter heavily…

MARIANA: I’m a little private. But I have a Facebook fan page.  I have stepped out of the dark ages and got one of those! That’s officially mine.  It’s just my name. I had fake Facebook pages claiming to be me. I think they’re all down but there is a fan page that I am associated with, a friend of mine is running with me so it’s an official fan page.

TBN: Do you visit fan sites to read about yourself or True Blood ever?

MARIANA: You know, I don’t do that very often and I feel very conflicted about that because on the one hand I don’t want to be ignoring the fans.  I know there are so many fans out there and not being a part of that, not sharing that I am missing something. But on the other hand I have experienced the dark side of people saying really horrible things about me. I know they’re talking about the character and they’re just really excited and passionate about the show. But it’s not always the nicest thing to hear or to read things said about you that are very negative and not in the way of,  “I don’t like her acting.” They don’t seem to make the distinction between myself and my character.  Some of those early experiences were a little overwhelming so now unless I know a website or somebody recommends for me to go to this website, which I have done from time to time, I don’t go. Sometimes somebody has said, “They’ve written XY&Z about you, you should really see it.” But mostly I try and not read everything because our egos can be rather fragile sometimes.

We here at want to thank Mariana for taking the time to talk to us and HBO for arranging it. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Lorena in flashbacks.. as we say, not even death can save you from True Blood! We’ll be keeping track of Mariana’s career and give everyone the 411 on anything she’s going to appear it. We have to, or she might send Lorena after us!

(Photo credit: HBO and Paul Johnson, and Mariana Klaveno)


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