Mariana Klaveno is a Girl to Watch

June 25, 2010 by  

Mariana Klaveno, better known to True Blood fans as Bill‘s maker, Lorena, was selected by the website as this week’s girl to watch, so let’s get to know Mariana a bit.

Mariana is a completely down to earth woman who grew up in a small town on a farm. She’s described her childhood as a real Laura Ingalls Wilder type of childhood, since it included a lot of playing as well as chores that were shared with her siblings. One of those chores was mucking horse stalls, which is basically shoveling manure out of the stalls. Mariana learned a valuable life lesson thanks to mucking those stalls. Since she was too young to do the manual labor, Mariana teased her siblings about them having to do it, which led to her getting pelted with manure. This taught Mariana a valuable lesson:

“..Never take delight in the misfortune of others. I remember that on a daily basis.”

After high school, Mariana moved to the Los Angeles area and went on to get a few acting jobs, as well as a job being a hostess at Morton’s Steakhouse in Burbank, CA. Even while working on season 2 of True Blood, Mariana kept that job. (However, she no longer works there any more.)

Of course, Girl2Watch also talked to Mariana about being Lorena on True Blood and what the role has entailed so far…

As we know, Lorena is not the nicest of vampires on True Blood. Lorena turned Bill against his wishes and has done horrible things in the past. Mariana, on the other hand, couldn’t be more unlike Lorena. When she first went for the role of Lorena, she was told that it was a “possible recurring” role, not the regular role that it is now. Amazing what a little luck can do with an actress is as talented as Mariana is!

There is much more information about Mariana to be found at Girl2Watch, so check it out and get to know the nice woman behind the rather evil Lorena! You can also learn more about Mariana from her Facebook fan page.

SOURCE: Girl2Watch

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