Mariana Klaveno Talks True Blood and Lorena

June 12, 2010 by  

Recently, Mariana Klaveno talked to The TV Chick about True Blood Season 3, and focused the talk on Mariana‘s character, Lorena. Mariana is going to be seen a lot more on True Blood in the upcoming season, and she’ll be important to a lot of plot points. In this interview with The TV Chick, Mariana discussed Lorena and what makes her complex, how she is able to relate to a vampire, and what makes Bill so special to Lorena.

When asked about what drew her to the project, Lorena said that the mere fact that Alan Ball was at the helm for True Blood was enough to gain her interest, which is similar to what a lot of the other actors on True Blood have said. (Yes, Alan Ball is just that awesome!)

Mariana also talked about relating to Lorena, and she said that Lorena‘s tragic love for Bill which allows for her connection to the character. She’s a very powerful character as an older vampire, so that very human tragic love gives her a really human quality.

In speaking about Bill, Mariana also talked about working with Stephen Moyer, and she had only nice things to say:

Stephen is fantastic to work with. He’s an amazing guy, and a brilliant actor, obviously. He’s an incredibly generous actor. He’s always concerned about how you’re doing, and even if it’s somebody who’s only there for the day, who has a couple lines and is there for the day, he’s always concerned about if they’re being taken care of, if their experience is as good as it should be on the show, and that’s the qualities of a true leader, when you’re looking for someone to lead a cast and I have to say that Anna’s the same way. And they’re just the most wonderful people and a wonderful couple and extremely funny. And it’s just a joy to be around them and work with them.

Of course, there’s a LOT more to Mariana than just what little I’ve posted here, so you’ve got to click here and read the rest of the interview! And we can’t wait to see Mariana as Lorena on Season 3 of True Blood!

SOURCE: The TV Chick

(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)