Sam Trammell: “I Am Inspired By My Dog”

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samtrammel_featuredThe cast of HBO’s True Blood, Sam Trammell, Michelle ForbesRutina Wesley and Alexander Skarsgard were in Paris recently attending the premiere of  True Blood at the Max Linder Cinema. Season two of True Blood premiered on French TV on Dec. 2 at 21.30 on Orange Cinemax. Meanwhile, Season three is due to start shooting on Dec. 3 in Los Angeles..

In a recent interview Sam Trammell, who plays the shape-shifting owner of Bon Temps’ favorite bar, met with 20 minutes. He talked about about working on True Blood and his role as True Blood’s favorite shifter, revealing at the same time his wit and charm.

Asked about his performance as a Sam Merlotte, a shape-shifter capable of shifting into a dog, Sam explained that while there were certain challenges, such as playing nude scenes, he was inspired by his own dog, particularly.

“His way of sniffing, of moving. I also played a lot of nude scenes, so the challenges were certainly not lacking.”

Sam also acknowledged while True Blood had its die-hard fans, certain themes of True Blood might not be some people’s cup of tea.

“[…] half the people I know in Louisiana, where part of my family are from, do not watch the series. They are too conservative and believe it gives a bad image of the South. The other half love it!”

He expanded on this, indicating that the geographical dimension is important in understanding the demographic variation in attitudes to True Blood.

“[…] First, because actually, people in the South are very different. They talk, dress differently. And then, there’s the whole historical dimension. The ghost of slavery still haunts and racism is still present at times […]”

At the same time, Sam cautioned against over-analyzing True Blood, particularly its portrayal of vampire-human relations, indicating that we should

“not conclude that True Blood is hyper metaphysics. Six Feet Under was […] Although I studied semiotics and, yes, we can interpret the series in sociological terms but also Marxist, feminist and linguistic [ways].”

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Source: Translate from 20 minutes

Picture credit: HBO Inc.