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Making Fun of “Vampire” Products

Sam Trammell on The Daily Habit (FuelTV)Famous for his role as Sam Merlotte on HBO‘s True Blood, Sam Trammell was a celebrity guest on The Daily Habit, October 26, 2010 .  Airing weeknights at 9:30 on Fuel TV, the show features action-sports athletes, people from the world of entertainment, and musical guests.

Also appearing on the show were pro surfers Benji Weatherley & Kalani Robb, actor/comedian Hal Rudnick, and musical guest Chiodos.  Not entirely unlike his character, Trammell was able to poke fun at vampires while contemplating some “ridiculous vampire-themed products”.

In the interview Trammell discusses the Sesame Street parody joking that even though the show has “made” it his character wasn’t included.  Keeping with what the other cast members have said, he says that he has no idea what is going to happen on Season 4 but he does know they are really going to push the envelope with the shapeshifting idea.  He does say he knows there will be “all kinds of nudity and blood”. 

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Source:– Benji Weatherley and Kalani Robb on “The Daily Habit”

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