SPOILERS! True Blood’s Michelle Forbes Talks to TVGuide.com

July 12, 2009 by  

michelleforbesTVGuide.com has scored a great interview with Michelle Forbes who plays Maryann on Alan Ball‘s True Blood. There are moderate SPOILERS both in the quotes below and in the article.  If you don’t wanna know.. don’t read further.

In answer to whether Michelle has read the books:
Forbes: I’d never even heard of them. I bought them, read the first one and then put them down because we are telling our own story. For the “book-ies” out there, everyone has to remember that it’s an adaptation, not a translation.”

They went on to discuss what, exactly, is Maryann. Michelle says that, “[she’s]…about Greek mythology, and yet you open a script and you’re dancing to the B-52’s.  It was a little hard trying to understand how the two mesh together..” and then explains that Maenad‘s are beings “… led by appetite, … they thrive off other peoples’ appetites, chaos and destruction.”

In typical Michelle Forbes fashion, she wryly complains of Maryann, She’s happy; she’s happier than all of us. It pisses me off actually.”

There is a lot more in the article about Maryann with the promise of part 2 of the interview on Monday.  To read the rest go to TVGuide.com

Source: TVGuide.com

(Photo Source: HBO)