True Blood Costume Designer on Season 5

January 27, 2012

On Clothing Bon Temps and Her Intimate Encounter with Michelle Forbes:

Michelle Forbes as MaryAnnAudrey Fisher, a costume designer for HBO’s True Blood, talked about the experience she has had clothing the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Fisher has been researching for Season 5; her research includes informing herself on what’s in the stores nowadays, maintaining contact with companies, and keeping in touch with the actors. She and creator Alan Ball will have a costume meeting for the purpose of finding the look of the season so she can begin her designs.

Fisher on her weirdest encounter on the True Blood set:

“When Michelle Forbes was the Maenad Bride [MaryAnn Forrester] during the climax of season 2, she was wearing her giant 3-fingered claw hands and this giant 1940s bridal gown and floral headpiece, and the poor dear was so hungry but couldn’t hold her own sandwich… so I fed her. It was very intimate.”

Fisher’s favorite scenes of True Blood:

“I’m partial to the historical flashbacks because it’s so fascinating to see the characters in that new environment, watch the actors be transformed in their period costumes and witness it all unfold in the gorgeous sets… choosing a favorite scene is almost impossible because there are so many stories behind each costume, and every character and every element of their costume.”

We can’t wait to see what Audrey Fisher has in store for our favorite characters, how about you?

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Two True Blood Villains Make List of 15 Creepiest TV Characters

November 14, 2010

Russell and Maryann “Characters That Give Us The Heebie-Jeebies”

There are a number of TV characters that give us the creeps.  Could be the way they look or maybe its the way they act, but some characters stand out more than others. recently put out a list of the 15 television characters that disturb us the most and True Blood’s own Russell Edgington and Maryann Forrester made the cut!  Here is the complete list.

Russell Edgington – True Blood

Russell Edgington True Blood

At over 3000 years old the Vampire King of Mississippiis used to doing what he wants without consequence.  Having that kind of power would definitely go to your head.  Russell begins the season kidnapping Bill, sharing his blood with werewolves and beheading the Magister.  However once his long time lover Talbot is killed, Russell goes from evil to unbalanced in the blink of an eye, ripping out the spine of an on-air anchorman and staking a human to re-enact his lover’s death.  Arguably his “creepiest” act was carrying Talbot’s remains around in a glass jar until they were flushed down the garbage disposal.

Lilith – Supernatural

Lilith was a demon that possess humans on Supernatural.  She is disturbing enough when she is in the form of a little girl, however what cemented her position on this list was when she was all grown up and it was revealed that she eats babies.

Angelus – Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

There were a number of scary characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spin-off Angel, however none stand out more than Angelus.  Alternating between terrorizing Buffy and tapping into his inner stalker by drawing her in her sleep, it was his murder of Jenny Calendar that earned him his spot on this list.  As if killing her wasn’t bad enough, he left her dead body in bed for her boyfriend to find, after making the scene look like a carefully planned seduction.

Maryann Forrester – True Blood

The first time we see Maryann is standing by the side of the road, naked, with a pig.  Its hard to believe but it was actually downhill from there.  There are several things which could have landed Maryann on this list.  From causing the town to engage in orgies, her sacrifice to her god or serving human heart pie, take your pick!

Der Kindestod – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Der Kindestod’s looks alone could land him on this list.  On top of being creepy looking, he cannot be seen by healthy people and preys on sick children, which only adds to his disturbing vibe.  This demon is so bad that his episode is one of the only Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode’s that isn’t shown in reruns.  He meets his end by Buffy snapping his neck.

The Wraith – Stargate: Atlantis

The Wraith are a telepathic alien species that feed on the life force of human beings.  While their perfectly normal names like Todd and Michael are amusing, the feeding organs on their hands that reduces humans to ugly messes, earned them their spot on this list.

The Peacock Family – The X-Files

If the inbreeding doesn’t disturb you enough, the limbless mutant mother ought to do it for you.  There are numerous reasons this family will give you the heebie-jeebies.

Benjamin Linus – Lost

Benjamin Linus was the leader of the Others and his motives for the most part were never really clear.  He was responsible for the death of several people on the island.  Ben constantly changed sides and the mind games, combined with his beady little eyes earned him his spot on the list.

Dave Williams – Desperate Housewives

Just one look at Dave Williams and you know something is not quite right.  He screams mentally unbalanced.  We learn that his wife and child were killed in a car accident prompting him to dive right off the deep end.  He kills his shrink, sets a fire and blames a child for it and chokes his wife.  In his final act of crazy he kidnaps Susan and her son earning himself a trip to the loony bin and a spot on this list.

Pennywise The Dancing Clown – IT

Let’s face it – clowns can be pretty creepy.  When you add in that this particular clown shapeshifts into whatever his victim fears most, well its no wonder he’s on this list. 

The Gentlemen – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Gentlemen are fairy tale ghouls who steal your voice so you can’t scream while they take out your heart.  They do this while smiling and clapping.  Creepy much?  Out of the 44 minute episode that The Gentlemen are part of there is only 17 minutes of dialogue.  This was also the only episode of the show to earn an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Writing.

The Smoke Monster – Lost

The fact that this is an unexplained fog with an apparent agenda is unsettling enough!  The Man In Black was turned into the fog after an encounter with the Heart of the Island.  It manifests itself as other people and uses this ability to lure people to its side.  Many of the deaths were a result of The Smoke Monster whether directly or indirectly.

The Reavers – Firefly & Serenity

Reavers are humans who live on the fringes of civilized space and have turned animalistic.  With a warning label of “they’ll rape us to death, eat our flesh and sew our skins into their clothing, and if we’re very, very lucky, they’ll do it in that order”, its not surprising that they made the list.

Matthias Pavayne – Angel

Matthias Pavayne was a doctor that was nicknamed The Reaper for performing unnecessary, fatal surgeries on his patients.  He committed a series of brutal, ritualistic murders.  An eerie chant of “It’s gonna get you. Reaper’s gonna get you” is enough to creep you out.

Trinity/Arthur Mitchell – Dexter

Arthur Mitchell was a serial killer on Dexter, who was also known as the Trinity Killer. Arthur managed to portray the kindly family man to the general public, while flying into rages in private.  He is obsessed with his dead family members and he manages to get into your head and disturb you.

So what do you think of this list?  Is there anyone obviously missing?


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Michelle Forbes to Attend Puppy Mill Awareness Day

September 17, 2010

Michelle Forbes, Maryann ForresterMichelle Forbes, who played Maryann on HBO‘s True Blood, has joined forces with Last Chance For Animals and will be appearing at Puppy Mill Awareness Day September 18, 2010 at the La Brea Tar Pits, 5801 Wilshire Blvd., in Los Angeles from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Forbes will be appearing along side the “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan to raise awareness about the reality of puppy mills and the horrible conditions that millions of animals live through each year. The event will have music from live bands, activities for children, pet adoptions and animal friendly vendors. Admission to Puppy Mill Awareness Day is free and parking will be available.

Last Chance For Animals is a non-profit organization that advocates for animals and has been around since 1984. Chris DeRose, Last Chance For Animals‘ founder says that the location of the event was chosen deliberately.

“The location of Puppy Mill Awareness Day at the Tar Pits is symbolic of our commitment to make the horrible practice of mass-producing dogs for the pet trade extinct.”

Everyone involved hopes to get people to understand the reality of puppy mills and to persuade them to stop purchasing animals from pet stores and online. Adopting animals from shelters helps save them from being put down as there are 4 million homeless cats and dogs that are put down each year in U.S. shelters. For more information on the event click here.

Sources: — ‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan and True Blood Star Michelle Forbes Join Last Chance for Animals in ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ Campaign

Last Chance For Animals — Puppy Mill Awareness Day

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VIDEOS: True Blood’s Michelle Forbes Talks Season 2 With SkyTV

March 11, 2010

In Season 1 of True Blood we first met Maryann Forrester, naked and accompanied by a pig.  Just how do you top that?

SkyTV caught up with Maryann‘s alter ego, Michelle Forbes as she was doing the publicity rounds for the recent UK premiere of True Blood Season 2 on FXUK.

In the three video clips below Michelle gives fans an insight into her crazy-wonderful character Maryann and provides us with a few sweet teasers for Season 2.

Michelle describes how True Blood “blows open like a volcano” and gets bigger and better and more insane as Season  2 progresses.  Something tells me we might be in for more pig.

Even us Truebies get an honorable mention.  We love you too, Michelle!

Enjoy these wonderful video interviews with Michelle!

Michelle Forbes – Part 1
Michelle Forbes – Part 2
Michelle Forbes – Part 3

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VIDEO: Michelle Forbes Talks More True Blood in France

December 8, 2009

Michelle-Forbes-HBOAs most of you know, the cast of True Blood have been in France promoting season 2 of the acclaimed series. We found another interview that Michelle Forbes did this time with to discuss the mysterious and deadly character, Maryann Forrester. The interview got off to an amazing start with Michelle’s first question being, ‘how do you like playing the evil bitch’. Michelle laughed saying that playing Maryann was a lot of fun. She typically plays evil characters but she had the best time with Maryann. Michelle goes on to talk about the fact that we learn much more about Maryann’s hidden agenda as season 2 progresses. We get to learn more about her appetite and her spirituality.

The interview then goes on to discuss the relationship between Maryann and Tara. Michelle explains that during the course of the show we have learned that Tara has had an extremely hard life and is at a point in her life where she feels alone and abandoned and this makes her very vulnerable to Maryann.

Michelle also discussed her role in the HBO movie, “In Treatment” and how much that character differs from Maryann. She feels blessed to get to play two very different characters and is grateful that HBO gives actors the chance to do that. It is so easy to be type cast and Michelle explains that HBO offers actors so much more freedom from that. Well we all know first hand just how talented Michelle Forbes is and what an amazing job she has done on True Blood!

What do you think of Michelle‘s interview.  Share with others here.

SOURCE:  Premiere.Fr

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Michelle Forbes Red Carpet Interview At The BAFTA/LA Tea Party

September 23, 2009

michelle-forbes-bafta-la-videoRebecca Murray from’s Guide to Hollywood Movies, informed us about her wonderful interview with the beautiful Michelle Forbes, who played Maenad Maryann Forrester on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO vampire drama series True Blood, as she walked the red carpet at the BAFTA/LA Tea Party.

Michelle spoke with Rebecca about the fun working with the fantastic True Blood cast, the script surprises, her future projects, and her plans now that her role on True Blood is complete.

You can watch the interview with Michelle by going to Rebecca’s website here.  Also a transcript of the interview appears on her site below the video.

Thank you so very much for informing us about this wonderful interview, Rebecca!  If you enjoyed this interview, please visit Rebecca’s website for more great interviews with the stars and for her insightful articles: Rebecca Murray’s Hollywood Movies Blog.


Michelle Forbes Attends The Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party

September 22, 2009

Michelle Forbes, Maryann on HBO‘s True Blood, attended the Entertainment Weekly And Women In Film Pre-Emmy Party Sunday, September 17, 2009.  She looked absolutely gorgeous – and what a fun way to kick off an exciting night! Michelle will certainly be missed in Bon Temps next year – at least by the fans anyway. She was so entertaining to watch!


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True Blood Season 2 Spoiler Video Clips for Episode 9

August 14, 2009

true_blood_new_season_2_photos_jessica_and_hoytSPOILER ALERT! HBO has released two True Blood season 2 spoiler video clips for Episode 9 I Will Rise Up.  If you do not like spoilers then do not watch the video clips below.  Everyone is talking about this Sunday’s airing of episode 9 and it seems that Alan Ball has been able to work everyone into a frenzy ( hold on that is the title of episode 11) anticipating to see what happens with our two favorite vampires, Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) with our telepathic waitress, Sookie (Anna Paquin).  Also what is in store for Tara (Rutina Wesley) as she gets drawn in deeper by Maryann (Michelle Forbes) into her twisted world.  Will Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) be strong enough as a couple to handle the obstacles surrounding them? To find out tune in this Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 9pm EDT on HBOTo enlarge the screen, click play and then double click the screen to enlarge.


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Sam Trammell and Michelle Forbes Video Interview From Comic-con

August 2, 2009

sam_trammell_true_blood_comic-conBuddyTV had the opportunity to speak with Sam Trammell and Michelle Forbes at the EW and SyFy Comic-Con party following the True Blood panel discussion with Alan Ball and the rest of the cast of True Blood Sam was asked a series of questions ranging from his relationship with Daphne to what he would like to see happen with SamSam responded by stating, “Maybe some love, maybe some nice woman.”  Michelle Forbes discussed how she views Maryann in the series and her other upcoming projects.



True Blood Season 2: A Chat With Michelle Forbes

July 31, 2009

michelle-forbes-sam-trammell-216-john-p-johnson Michelle Forbes, who portrays Maryann Forrester, and the infamous Maenad, on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood was interviewed by recently as she attended the Polaris 23 convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Michelle was asked during the interview the significance of the pig. Michelle stated:

“All you can say is bring it – let’s go. I knew I was going to need to take some vitamins because it was going to be one hell of a ride” She also says on the pig’s role for Maryann ,” I can’t really say anything except that you will find out what happens with that oinker!”

The interviewer brings up the issue of Michelle getting to know the pig and the handlers responsible for him to which Ms. Forbes responds:

“Yes, in fact there are two pigs, sisters. I’ve gotten to know them, their wranglers and trainers, and they have wonderful lives. Everyone on set gets very excited when the pigs are going to make an appearance. Except one of the pigs didn’t like a crew member, a grip, and actually charged him on set during the dollhouse scene with Chris Bauer (Det. Andy Bellefleur)

When asked about the music picked for scenes in True Blood Ms. Forbes replied:

“Music plays an enormous role on True Blood. I’ve been a fan of music supervisor Gary Calamar for ages, since his show on KCRW in LA. When we get a script, the music is already laid in, and each episode is named after a song. With every script I get, I download the music and listen to it, use it as a soundtrack for rehearsing and filming, to really ignite the imagination. I find it ends up costing me a lot of money, because I end up discovering other music. Before I know it, I’ve downloaded $250 worth of music, so reading a script can become costly! He searches for local talent and really brings that element to the show.”

“A final thought … when asked about upcoming episodes of True Blood, and whether Maryann had a hand in the attack on Sookie, she stayed tight-lipped on details, but emphatically shared, “It becomes so insane and outrageous this year it will blow your mind!”

Video coverage from Polaris 23


(photo credit: HBO Inc. /John P Johnson)


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