Stephen Moyer To Star In “Ice”

October 23, 2009 by  

IceStephen Moyer, the renowned actor who made Bill Compton come to life on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood, has been cast to appear in a new disaster epic entitled “Ice“.

Ice” is an action mini-series based on James Follett’s book and is directed by Nick Copus. The movie is about an undetected, giant piece of ice the size of a small country that breaks off the Antarctic continent and becomes a major world threat as it heads on an inexorable course north towards the UK, Europe and the US. Covered in its own fog, and carrying its own devastating weather patterns the frozen giant triggers a series of disasters and plunges the world’s temperatures into steep decline leaving the world to contemplate the dawning of a new ice age.

Ice” is produced by Power – Europe’s number one independent producer and distributor of high quality, award-winning series, mini-series and movies for television. “Ice” cast members include Richard Roxburgh, Frances O’Connor, Claire Forlani, Ben Cross, Simon Callow, Patrick Bergin and Sam Neill.

According to Justin Bodle, CEO and chairman of Power, “Ice” has the best ensemble cast that they’ve ever had on their shows and it caters to both Power’s commitment as well as their endorsement for the quality of the film.

Currently, “Ice” is filming in the scenic New Zealand with a release date tentatively scheduled for 2010/11.


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