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February 20, 2011

Who’s The Sexiest Male True Blood Character?

TBN Hottest Men

Okay True Blood fans, we all have our “favorite” True Blood characters, but who is the HOTTEST guy of them all?  Now’s your chance to be heard!  We here at want to know, which True Blood man gets your heart pumping and keeps you tuning in each week!  Is it suave and seductive Vampire Bill or do you prefer your guys tall, dark and wolfie like Alcide Herveaux. Speaking of tall, maybe it’s tall, blond and Viking you go for and Eric’s your guy? Of course, if you like your men like you like your dessert, all sugar and spice and twice as nice, you have quite a selection to choose from on True Blood. From dark, spicy and delicious Lafayette Reynolds and his strong and sexy witch-doctor boyfriend Jesus, to alpha dog Sam Merlotte, whose bark is worse than his bite, to little brother Tommy who’s a real party animal. Then there’s the perennial lady-pleaser Jason Stackhouse. Does that diamond cut body of Jason’s combined with that hurt little-boy seductiveness bring out the woman in you? Or maybe one of the Bellefleurs curl your toes? How can you not love sweet, if peculiar, Terry Bellefleur? But, if you’re into handcuffs, and a little discipline, there’s always Andy who’s waiting for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T from you! And finally, there just isn’t anyone sweeter than Hoyt Fortenberry whose shy and loving nature is only ruined by a side of crazy momma.

So let us know, who do you love? Can’t quite make up your mind? That’s OK, you can vote for up to 3  guys who make your palms sweat and your heart skip a beat (if your heart’s still beating that is!) Click the boxes below and let us know, who’s the HOTTEST True Blood Man?

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Chris Bauer Joins the Bay Street Theatre Board of Directors

January 16, 2011

From Theatre to True Blood

Chris BauerChris Bauer, who plays Detective Andy Bellefleur on HBO’s True Blood, has joined the Bay Street Theatre Board of Trustees.  The Bay Street Theatre announced his addition last week. Chris is originally from Los Angeles, but really grew as an actor after moving to Chicago where he worked with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and the Goodman Theatre.

A graduate of the Yale School of Drama, Chris has appeared in many theatrical performances throughout his career including a stint on Broadway in Tennesee Williams’ A Street Car Named Desire. He has also appeared in television series such as the Wire, Tilt, and was a regular on the NBC series Third Watch playing Fred Yokas. Some of his film credits include Face Off, Flags of Our Fathers, and the Notorious Bette Page.

A Trip to Sag Harbor

Bauer first came to know the Bay Street Theater located in Sag Harbor, NY when he was cast in the David Mamet play Romance during their 2010 mainstage season. Coincidentially he is also a member of Mamet’s Atlantic Theatre Company. The experience had a great impact on the thespian. Of it Bauer says,

“I was thrilled with the openness and intelligence of Bay Street’s audience when I did ROMANCE last summer. It made me proud to be a resident of Sag Harbor and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve on Bay Street Theatre’s Board.”

Congratulations to Chris Bauer! The Bay Street Theatre couldn’t be in better hands. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the new season of True Blood!

Sources: Bay Street Theatre– “Chris Bauer Joins the Bay Street Theatre”– “Chris Bauer”

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True Blood’s Chris Bauer Interviewed by Movie Mikes

November 11, 2010

Chris Bauer is HBO’s Lovable Andy Bellefleur.

Recently, Chris Bauer was interviewed by Mike Gencarelli from Movie Mikes. He had a lot to say, especially about his work on True Blood and how that’s affected his life.

When asked what the best thing about playing the character, Andy Bellefleur, Chris was insistent that Andy is fun to play because of his lovability, among other things.

I think the guy’s funny. And in a lot of ways I think he’s the portal the audience see’s that world through. And that’s a fun role to have.

Another thing Chris was asked about was Andy’s growth over the last three seasons of True Blood. Chris responded by saying that Andy had gone from a one dimensional character that was there to move plot forward into a more contradictory, complicated character. He’d would love to see his character expanded even more on the hit show, but is quick to add that he is not an actor who wants to find out ahead of time how his characters will change and grow. He’s happy to learn week by week, just like True Blood’s audience does.

What is hard about working on the show?

Chris cited two examples of the difficulties he faces as an actor working on True Blood. The first example is logistical, since Chris is married and has children. They live in New York, so he has to commute across the country to the greater Los Angeles area, which prevents him from spending as much time with his family. The other issue is a creative one. Chris has a limited amount of time each week to portray Andy, which can make giving Andy depth hard.

So what is in store for Andy Bellefluer in Season 4?

When Mike Gencarelli posed this question, Chris Bauer was adamant that he did not know.

I’ve never been the kind of actor who gets right up the writer’s ass to find out what they’re going to do with the character. I look forward to the surprise…week to week…to see what happens next. I trust the writers that I work with.

And what is ahead for Chris Bauer?

Currently he is working with Robert Redford in the movie “Conspirators.” He also recently finished a David Mamet play.

That’s something I like to do every couple of years. I need to get on stage because frankly as an actor you get stronger.

And then it will be back to his role in True Blood in November, which we can’t wait for.

Source: Movie Mikes – Interview with Chris Bauer

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True Blood’s Chris Bauer Hits the Stage

August 21, 2010

Chris Bauer Andy Bellefleur True Blood CastWhile we may know him best as Sheriff Andy Bellefleur on HBO‘s True Blood, Chris Bauer will be taking on a new project this month: the stage.

In an interview with Allvoices, Bauer discussed his part in the production of David Mamet’s Romance at Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, New York. Romance is a comedy that makes its characters forget typical protocol used in a courtroom. Bauer adds:

“It is just he most outrageous, memorable, therapeutic hour and fifteen minutes.”

The cast also includes a list of well-known actors: Richard Kind of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Saturday Night Live’s Darrell Hammond, Joey Slotnick, Matt McGrath, Joe Pallister, and Chris’s good friend Reg Rogers.

Chris spends half the year in L.A. filming True Blood and the rest of this time home on Long Island. Spending time with his family is the most important thing to Chris. Theatre is definitely a family activity. Chris’s wife Laura is a costume designer. She’s signed on as costume designer of a different Mamet production – “A Life in the Theatre” – which will premiere on Broadway in October.

Chris is planning quality family time in the fall, but that doesn’t mean he’ll disappear. He recently wrapped filming on “The Conspirator,” a film about Mary Surratt, the only woman charged with being a co-conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Chris played a character named Major Smith. The film was directed by Robert Redford and stars James McAvoy and fellow True Blood actor Evan Rachel Wood.

Chris will be a regular on Season 4 of True Blood. After all, Bon Temps needs a sheriff.

“True Blood works best like a graphic novel, like a comic book. You turn the page, and you just buy what’s happening right there.”

Keep your eyes out for Chris Bauer’s upcoming projects.

SOURCE: – True Blood’s Chris Bauer Talks Romance

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Chris Bauer in Mamet’s Romance

August 15, 2010

Chris Bauer joins an all star cast in David Mamet’s play Romance, which opened August 10th at Bay Street Theatre and is directed by Lisa Peterson. True Blood fans known Bauer as Andy Bellefleur, the new sheriff in Bon Temps.

The title of Mamet’s play can be deceptive; the cast has seen it as a reflection of the judicial system, the romance of hope or to the simple idea that there is no relation between the title and play.

Chris Bauer plays a prosecutor who is having problems with his lover played by Matt McGrath. Also in the courtroom farce are Joey Slotnick the defendant, Reg Rogers the anti-Semitic defense attorney, and Richard Kind the judge with hay fever.

The play is set in a city where a Middle East peace conference is taking place, which is supposed to show how absurd it is to create peace abroad when peace seems impossible in small situation.

Rehearsals for the play started on July 19 and all the actors have said that the challenges to this play was the language style Mamet is known for. Characters often have clipped dialogue and everyone cuts one another off. The language is also politically incorrect, with every line being either a racial slur or stereotype. Bauer admits:

“This is just about honing your concentration and allowing it to flow…It’s about repetition, practice. There’s no weight to the words; it’s just getting our 40-year-old brains where they should be.”

However, the play does have a message of tolerance. Mamet seems to ask the audience to work through the rude language in order to create acceptance and peace within their own relationships and then, hopefully, larger ones that effect society.

Romance will run at the Sag Harbor theater at 8:00pm Tuesdays through Sundays until September 5th with tickets ranging from $55 to $65. True Blood fans let’s support our favorite Bon Temps sheriff as well as theater!


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Rutina Wesley Reveals Season 3 Secrets

July 6, 2010

Though fans of True Blood enjoy Tara Thornton’s in your face attitude, they are quite relieved to find how sweet and endearing Rutina Wesley truly is.

During a phone interview with the Boston Herald, Rutina was quick to note that, unlike Tara, she’s a nice person and a good girl. However, as a good Julliard trained actress, Rutina is able to leave that all behind and become Tara, a very complicated and distressed character whose life has always been tough, but now seems to be getting tougher.

After finding love in Season 2, in Season 3 Tara is grieving for the loss of Eggs, who died from a bullet wound after a very complicated situation involving Andy Bellefleur and Jason Stackhouse. With all of these emotionally disturbing events happening in Tara’s life, Rutina notes,

“I’d say she’s definitely unstable…I think we find her at her most vulnerable point now. She’s just had the rug pulled out from underneath her. That’s all she knew for a while. Her mother is messed up, her lover is gone, her face is bashed in – it’s the worst of the worst. That’s why she’s so susceptible to the vampire that comes in. It’s going to be an interesting dynamic between the two.”

While Season 3 focuses on the identity struggles keeping Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse apart, it is Tara’s struggle to find out who she is that have been capturing fans since Season 1. Tara’s character has been moving through Bon Temps looking for acceptance and a family; this season, it seems like she may get into more trouble before she can finally find any peace of mind. This season will find Tara in a very interesting and wild relationship with vampire Franklin Mott, played by James Frain.

With more of Tara’s life falling to pieces, Rutina has a bigger role on the show, however, Rutina quickly remarks,

“I know my role is bigger, but I consider the show to be more of an ensemble…I love that it’s not so one-sided. There is a main character – Sookie – but it’s like one big family. I enjoy going to work every day and working with everyone. It’s a dream job.”

True Blood has been enjoying its success because it is so sexy, bloody, and has a decidedly Southern gothic beat. However, Tara does suggest there will be some changes to the show; given that the True Blood has been picked up for a fourth season, which is due to air next summer, the writers are now thinking about long term stories for the characters. Rutina remarks,

“There’s a lot of things that are going to come up and shock fans…It’s bloody, there’s a lot of action this season and it’s very action-packed. And I think that’s kind of awesome.”

More blood, action, and overall awesome aren’t the only things that make True Blood so shocking and exciting. It’s characters like Tara, who reminds us about the humanity that exists in the midst of so many bloody fangs.


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Bon Temps Tattler: Det. Bellefleur’s Police Blotter #141

May 19, 2010

The Tattler asked me to write up all the bat shit crazy stuff I run into in a day in Bon Temps so here it is. Maybe it will teach a few folks a lesson about how important the police department is and that when you go around runnin’ nekid through the swamps the whole town’s gonna know about it! And remember, it’s Detective Bellefleur not Andy!

Police Blotter # 141
9am:  Jane Bodehouse  called to say her dog had locked her out of her running car, how in Gods name one allows that to happen is beyond me.   I may have to speak to Sam Merlotte about his responsibility as a business owner and that his ABC license could be revoked at any time.

9:15am: Damn Bud radios in to say good morning, I know he’s checking up on me to see if I’m up and about, I wasn’t born yesterday BUD!!!!

9:30am: Driving this damn patrol car and I still smell Gas, cheap town is gonna poison my ass being too cheap to fix things.

10am: Swung by Dunkin Doughnuts for a cup of coffee and some  jelly donuts, someone had already bought all the damn jelly ones, I had to settle for the gross damn apple crumb ones. I can tell this is going to be a real shitty day. Noticed that Lafayette was drinking a Latte and shoving a jelly one in his yap.   I swear he times this shit.

10:14am: Leaving Dunkin Doughnuts the dispatcher calls, someone had appeared to have broken into the SPCA. All the cats are missing and nothing else, this is gonna be fun.

10:20am: Arriving at the SPCA I see that no damage is done, but I’ll be damned if all the cats weren’t  missing. Who the hell would want all these damn cats? The ladies talked my ass off and then proceeded to tell me about their life stories and then asked if I had any recipes for Apple pies. Lord help me. And told the ladies, again!!! I am not interested in adopting any dogs and especially that damn cockapoo!!!

10:40am: Went by the Grabbit Kwik to get some Gatorade but had to deal with some damn kids pushing each other in shopping carts running into walls and side of cars. Damn kids have no respect today for authority, after getting the damn drink which wasn’t very cold, I found the damn kids had stuck bubble gum onto my windshield!!! I’m gonna shoot one of them one of these days!!!

12 noon: Lunch time, Merlotte’s again and got the same damn thing, Cheeseburger and Fries and Sweet Tea. Again the stuff was greasy as hell but good, the tea helps settle my stomach. Gets a call from Bud, Kenya and I are to go direct traffic for a funeral procession, SHIT!!!!

1:25pm: Damn it was hot as Hell and that Kenya has an attitude!! Can’t say shit without it being an insult about her gender!!! It was hot as shit and damn it I’m sweating like a pig!!!

3pm: Arlene reported a suspicious male walking door-to-door in the neighborhood, asking people if he could see their gas and electric bills. I’d figure she’d be happy being that she’s always lookin for the wrong type of man.  It even  turned out to be a mental patient that escaped from the local hospital.  I’m loving this town more and more everyday!!!

5pm: A woman reported a bully scaring her kids, it turned out to be Arlene Fowler’s boy Kody pretending to be a Vampire,  Sheriff Eric Northman to be exact.  Kody claimed he could fly.  Arlene has been advised to tame her kid and keep him grounded….literally.  I don’t think I’ll eat at Merlotte’s for a few days.

5:25pm: Drove by Terry Bellefleur’s house, I call it his Compound, he was decked out in his camouflage cleaning his rifle.  I just shook my head  and kept driving!   Some things are just better left alone.

6:15pm: Sure enough fifteen minutes left before I get to go home Maxine Fortenberry calls in to put in a missing person report AGAIN for Hoyt. How the hell did she get my cell number?  She is crying because he has been off work for 45 mins and has not reported home as of yet. She is concerned it is after sunset and he has been abducted by Vampires, she said he’s been very disrespectful ever since he *got* with that Red haired one that stayed at the Compton house with Vampire Bill. I had to once again remind her that in order to file a missing persons report one has to be missing for a minimum of 24hrs, she said she will take it up with my superiors. Good luck Sheriff Bud Dearborne!!! I’m goin home!!!!

Header Design: Kasandra Rose

This po-lice blotter is presented as parody of Alan Ball’s HBO original series True Blood and there is no connection to any bat shit crazy thing anyone has done, real or imagined, living or dead. If you want to report some dumb ass thing you saw in town that I gotta go look into just leave a comment below. If you wanna confess you can leave a comment too. If you wanna complain, don’t bother puttin in your 2 cents you’re probably guilty as sin. And if you wanna leave me a coupon for your eatery or the car wash just put the details in the comments section too. Yeah, it’s not anonymous, just suck it up!


True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur Named Top Character

January 2, 2010

Andy Bellefleur who tries his best to be a good detective despite falling on bad times and hitting the bottle too hard in season 2 did such a wonderful job in showing the frailty of human nature and trying to get back on his feet again. According to PioneerLocal, he’s one of the top 12 TV characters from 2009. The reason he was chosen is the following,

“He’s not a vampire, has no special powers (beyond downing a fifth of vodka in the blink of an eye) but in Season 2 of “True Blood,” he became an unlikely hero, and the first to warn the townfolk about the “devil zombies.” Chris Bauer is a master of the one-liner, and his Andy went from being an on-the-sidelines, butt-of-the-joke to the only guy who really noticed things weren’t quite right in Bon Temps. Just the way he said “pig” was good enough.”

We have to agree, he was the only person in Bon Temps who noticed how weird things were getting and tried his best to save the townsfolk. What we particularly loved about him was how he protected Jason in the end and took the blame for what happened to Eggs.  The question remains will he be able to keep up with the charades and perhaps deal with the repercussions we will have to wait and see.

While no one knows yet what’s going to happen to Andy in Season 3 of True Blood, let’s hope that Chris Bauer continues to give life to Andy in the many unforgettable ways that makes us all love him.

SOURCE: PioneerLocal

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)


Chris Bauer to Appear on Law & Order SVU Tonight

October 14, 2009

Chris-BauerHello True Blood fans. We wanted to send out a quick reminder that Chris Bauer who plays Detective Andy Bellefleur on True Blood, will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit entitled “Hammered” which is about a woman found brutally murdered, the only witness is an alcoholic who can’t remember what happened. Chris is not the first True Blood cast member to make an appearance on the show. Deborah Ann Woll made a cameo on the popular Law & Order series just last week.

Chris also appeared on the The Good Wife, which aired last night.  Seems our loveable detective has been pretty busy.  If you would like to read more about Bauer’s appearance on SVU you can check it out here. So make sure you tune in tonight on NBC at 9pm EDT / 8pm CDT and watch our favorite detective in action once again!  Here is a preview clip of tonight’s episode:


Photo Credit:  HBO Inc.


Exclusive: Detective Bellefleur Does SVU!

August 7, 2009

cast-chris-bauerExclusive!: Chris Bauer, True Blood‘s Detective “Andy Bellefleur” is turning in his badge and gun…to make a Cameo Guest Appearance in Episode #4 of L&O: SVU titled “Hammered”. Chris will play a character who just may harbor a dirty little secret…stay tuned next season to find out…

Chris has also appeared on another of the L&O family of shows: Criminal Intent playing Murtaugh in 2007 and is currently excelling in HBO‘s True Blood. Bauer convincingly plays the bumbling, home-grown, Bon Temps detective who fell off the wagon last season and right into a pile of bull poop but who may yet come up smelling like a rose in season 2. Last week he accidentally saved Sam‘s life though, sadly for the respect craving Andy, no one seems to remember it.

Although the shows couldn’t be more different, Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit and True Blood are joined by an ever more complex history of shared talent including Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse), Adina Porter (Lettie Mae Thornton), Aisha Hinds (Miss Jeanette) and this year Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica)! Watching L&O: SVU this fall will be a great way to ‘feed’ our True Blood passion between seasons!

Source: JS Casting

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