“Take Me Home” Singer Lisbeth Scott Discusses Her Recent Work

December 25, 2009 by  

Lisbeth Scott, who lent her beautiful voice to “Take Me Home” from the True Blood soundtrack, also sang some of the music for James Cameron’s new blockbuster, Avatar. In an interview with the Atlanta Examiner, Lisbeth talks about working with some of the biggest composers in film and television, and why music is so important in her life.

She has collaborated in the past with award-winning composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams. On Avatar, she was thrilled to work with James Horner for the first time. She has had great experiences with these composers:

“I loved working with them, because I feel I have a connection with them. I understand how they work, and I think they understand how I think and how I like to be creative.”

Lisbeth says that many times, she feels something in the music that indicates how she should approach the vocals.

She also describes the special working relationship she has with True Blood composer Nathan Barr:

Nathan and I have worked together a lot, and we really work together quite effortlessly, and most of the time we know what the other wants to do instinctively. We started working together, actually, on a small film a while back called The Virginian. After that, we worked on a couple of my releases and a bunch of his films. And when True Blood came along, there were several instances where a song was needed, and that was that. We work so well together, and it’s such a joy. It’s very organic and effortless.”

Among the projects that she has for the upcoming year, she will be doing something new with Nathan, but she did not get into specifics about it in the interview and is scheduled to perform The Passion of the Christ soundtrack in Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City in June.. She also mentioned that she was working on some stuff of her own, which can be found at www.lisbethscott.com.

Lisbeth offers her thoughts on music and why she does what she does:

“My feeling is, I came into the world with a voice, and I want to use it. I want to reach as many people as is physically possible because it fulfills me in my heart and I see how happy it makes people, and there’s nothing better than that! For me to work with such a beautiful piece of music in one of the most gorgeous places on Earth, I can’t really ask for more.”

We certainly appreciate her sharing her musical gifts with us and hope that her future work with Nathan Barr involves something True Blood-related!

SOURCE: examiner.com

(Photo credit: lisbethscott.com)