Top Quotes from Episode 6 “I Wish I was the Moon”

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Favorite Lines from Season 4, Episode 6:

Sunday’s episode was one that most True Blood fans have been waiting for since the tall blond viking vampire stole our hearts at Fangtasia. “I Wish I Was the Moon” was a very bittersweet episode where fans of Eric got what they have long been waiting for, but the breaking of Bill’s heart was a sound that was loud and clear. So our top quotes of the night? Starting from the beginning:

“The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Right from the first scene, True Blood catches our breath. It looks though that Eric and Sookie needed help catching theirs too.

“That’s what this is about? You’ve been running around sticking your fangs and who knows what else into every girl in town, but the second I move on, YOU ARREST HIM?”

Sookie to Bill when he arrests Eric from literally under her. You tell him girl, don’t let that silly boy take your man.

“I request a warrant to impose the true death.”

Bill to Nan Flanagan requesting death for Eric. Ohhhh Bill, you are playing dirty.

Terry put it out, no smoking in the boudoir.”

Arlene to Terry when smelling the smoke which led to her house exploding. After worrying about baby Mikey, they found him already outside with that really weird ugly doll. Alan Ball, I want to be inside your head to see where this story is going.

“The ghost of my serial killin’ ex-fiance just tried to murder us, in our sleep — we’re just peachy!”

Arlene to Sam Merlotte. Poor Sam always seems to be on the opposing end of crazy women yelling at him.

“Fighting crime — it’s a helluva workout.”

Andy Bellefleur to Holly when helping her move her heavy furniture. Sure Andy, we totally believe you. Looks like this hard crime fighter V abuser is going to get a pretty for a cheeseburger date with Holly.  Maybe there is a love story for him after all.

“Goat tongue… for breakfast… wow, it smells… well done. Yum.”

Lafayette when confronted with breakfast at Casa Jesus’ crazy grandfather. I don’t think Jesus’ grandfather is going to win any Top Chef awards with this breakfast.

“You’ve reached officer Jason Stackhouse, if this is an emergency, dial 9-1-1 and ask for me. Peace.”

Jason’s voice mail message. While calling Jason Stackhouse in case of an emergency is tempting, I think I might just stick with 9-1-1.

“I shoulda known, this is a sex thing isn’t it?”

Sookie to Jason when she finds him handcuffed to the bed at his house. We have seen Jason tied up so much this season, this actually looked normal to me.

Alcide marking his territory, S4 Ep6

Debbie needs to keep her mouth shut.”

Alcide to the Packmaster of Shreveport. This one was a favorite because, well, come on — we have wanted Alcide to get mad at Debbie all season.

“So let me get this straight — we waitin’ for a wild animal to walk up to us and volunteer to die?”

Layfayette to Jesus when waiting out in the field for a sacrifice. Lala, haven’t you heard that it’s rude not to give your host or hostess a gift?

“What do you think that meant, ‘change my kitty litter’?”

Jason to Sookie when asking her to shoot him when he starts to sprout fur. Sookie changing Jason’s kitty litter, now that would be awkward.

“Go shift, kill stuff, do whatever werewolves do, I got this.”

Sookie to Alcide and Debbie after asking them about how to become a werepanther. Sookie looked so cute stomping around the woods toting a big shot gun. Alcide, how could you go off with Debbie?

“Those Hotshot f**ckers are so dumb, they can’t even make a werepanther right.”

Jason to  Jessica when he realizes he is not changing into a werepanther. Guess Crystal was as crazy as we all thought she was.

“Girls! No need to squabble, there’s plenty of me to GO around.”

Pam to Tara and her new girlfriend. Pam looks awful and is ready to take her vengeance out on those two fine ladies!

Now the last two are more sounds than actual quotes. Right there in the woods, the woodland creatures slept to the sweet sound of Eric and Sookie making love under the bright moon. All along through the woods, is Bill on his front porch — and the sound of his heart breaking is deafening.

So did your favorite line make our cut? Leave your favorite quote of the night! Return here next week for the next episode of favorite quotes.

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