Top Ten Reasons To Love True Blood

October 13, 2009 by  

True-Blood-Bill-and-Sookie-Season-2As we know with any cult hit, the critics don’t always agree with the fans. So why should critics make the exception with True Blood for its arrival on channel 4? Here’s a few, actually ten reasons, why:

1.)  The pedigree: That is, the cast and crew involved with the show. You can’t go wrong with Director Alan Ball, who is also known for his amazing vision on the show Six Feet Under, and his Oscar win for American Beauty. Another ingredient for this successful recipe is lead actress Anna Paquin, who won a best supporting actress role in the movie Piano, and developed quite a following for her part as”Rogue” In the ” X-men” series. Don’t forget the source of the material, Charlaine Harris, who created “The Sookie Stackhouse” novels.

2.)  The naughtiness: In a world where everyone is offended by something and is always censored, its good to have a show like True Blood on HBO, where it is somewhat immune to such rules and regulations against profanity and steamy romance.

3.)  Whodunnit?: Getting the audience to feel like they are involved is sometimes a difficult thing to do, but with True Blood, the audience is forced to do the crime solving, being that the two cops on the show can’t seem to do it themselves. Who doesn’t like solving a murder or crime every now and then?

4.)  Sizzling chemistry: Faking romance is a hard thing to do. Our lead actress, Anna Paquin states:

“Obviously, if you’re already with that person then you’re not having to sort of get over the ‘wow, I’m naked with someone that I don’t even know the middle name of!'”

Thank God for that real life romance, otherwise it doesn’t seem so convincing, right?

5.)  These are no ordinary vampires: The commonly held myths about Vampires have been shattered! The whole crucifix fearing Vampires with no reflections have been made up to trick the humans into thinking it was real, or that’s the case on True Blood. This is a nice new aspect and so is seeing the effect of Vampire blood on humans.

6.)  Clever socio-political allegories: The segregation of Vampires and humans comfortably echoes the reality of racial segregation that has occurred in the past. This is amplified by television reports of pro and anti-vampire discussions all over town. Consumer culture is also portrayed through the presence of “TruBlood” – a synthetic product designed to satiate the thirst of the vampires without draining any veins. It is likened to the “lite” versions of modern day soft drinks, though we all know nothing satisfies like the real thing.

7.)  Quirky humor: Case in point Lafayette, the gay, vampire-blood slinging, male escort, cook of the Bon Temps bar to the not so bright, unlikely hero of the town, chiseled brother of Sookie: Jason Stackhouse. Then there’s the satirical element, with trashy magazines featuring headlines like ‘Angelina Adopts A Vampire Baby!’

8.)  Superb support: The entire, diverse mix up of the cast, provides non-stop entertainment for a wide range of fans. Their back stories and true nature are slowly revealed as the season progresses, giving all fans something to look forward to.

9.)  All flavor. No bite: Merchandising and cult shows are one in the same these days, and True Blood is no exception! With the release of the blood orange flavored drink, you can watch True Blood, and drink it too.

10.)  The promos: As channel 4 adopts the wildly famous show, let’s hope they adapt something else from HBO, that is, the mega stylish commercials. For instance, the second season finale in which they combined Depeche Mode’s new track “Corrupt“, with special shots of Sookie and the blood soaked regulars was pure genius!

Whatever your ten reasons for liking the show are, we can all agree on one thing: Its addictive! Hopefully channel 4 will agree with the minions of fans on why True Blood is so well received.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)