True Blood Composer Nathan Barr is Spotlighted by Carson Daly

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Last Call with Carson Daly Spotlights True Blood Composer Nathan Barr

On Carson Daly’s October 16 show, he put the spotlight on Nathan Barr, a highly talented composer who is best known for his scores for seasons 1-3 of True Blood. Carson visited Nathan’s home and private recording studio to learn more about the man behind the music.

Nathan is a man of many talents. Not only does he compose, but he also performs his own compositions. He told Carson that he works hard to keep things as organic as possible while composing, and also tries to keep everything the audience hears real rather than synthesizing sounds. In making music his way, Nathan has become a popular choice as a composer for horror films. He has worked closely with directors like Eli Roth and Kevin Kever, and most recently scored the movie The Last Exorcism.

Nathan’s Personal Recording Studio

Unlike many other recording artists, Nathan has his own studio right at his house. On most days, all he has to do is walk from his house to his garage, which was converted into his studio. He often “sits down with a cup of coffee and starts working.”

This studio is where Nathan has composed all of the original music for True Blood. He began his work for the show by creating Bill and Sookie’s love theme, which came out of Nathan sitting down with a guitar and playing chords. From there, he doubled the guitar line and played it on his cello. After creating Bill and Sookie’s theme, Nathan had the confidence to create the themes for other characters on True Blood.

Nathan showed Carson how he created the sound for a scene from Season 3 of True Blood when Bill’s invitation to Jason’s house is rescinded. He explained that because vampires have to leave houses as soon as they are uninvited, and they are sucked out of the house backwards, he played a bagpipe, a piano, and a bell, then reversed the sound for each of the instruments to create an entirely new sound to fit what we saw onscreen.

There was a lot more shared in the video Carson showed his audience, and it really gives fans a peek into the process of how Nathan creates the music that we all know and love on True Blood. Check out the video and enjoy!

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