True Blood’s Gary Calamar At Vampire-Con in L.A.

August 15, 2009 by  

True Blood, Alan Ball, Vampire-Con, Gary Kalamar

Vampires truly are the hot topic of the day. In fact, they are getting an entire convention devoted to them. The First Annual Vampire-Con takes place this weekend, August 14-16, in Los Angeles, CA.

The event looks to bring together the multitude of vampire fans from the newer manias like True Blood and Twilight, together with the followers of classics like Dracula. It coincides with other fantasy events happening in L.A. this weekend: the Serendipity secret garden party on Friday night, where people will enter a land of whimsical creatures; and on Saturday, a zombie soiree for people to enjoy a night of movies and undead fellowship.

Los Angeles will be crawling with creatures…even more than usual, that is.

Vampire-Con will host a film festival on the first two nights, with screenings of “The Lost Boys” and other fanged milestones. Sunday will feature panel discussions, contests, and special effects demonstrations, culminating in Vampirella’s Ball that night at the Music Box @ Fonda. True Blood‘s own music supervisor and host of KCRW’s “The Open Road” program, Gary Calamar, will be one of the DJ’s providing the danse macabre music.

The event coordinator, Wendi Mirabella, said:

“This is not going to have a typical Hollywood club atmosphere, it’s much more. Goth, Edwardian, steampunk, Victorian, tribal, bohemian – all are welcome.”

big-blog-template-gary-calamarI think even though not all of us True Blood fans may be able to attend the event, we know that party is going to have some great music! Calamar is the man responsible for finding all of those songs that fit into the rural Louisiana atmosphere of True Blood so seamlessly. How many times has an episode cut to black in one of those shout-at-your-t.v. cliffhangers, only to leave us sitting there in shock as the credits roll to the most perfect song for that moment? “Timebomb,” anyone?


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