True Blood’s Lindsay Pulsipher Talks About Being Crystal Norris

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Daemon’ recently sat down with Lindsay Pulsipher for an interview to discuss her new role as Crystal Norris on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood. As we all know Lindsay will be portraying Crystal Norris who is described in casting calls as a young girl in her 20s who is barefoot wearing a sundress and shares an electric connection with Jason before disappearing into the trees. We know that her character is to become Jason‘s new love interest.

Lindsay discussed with Daemon’ her most recent work on the show, “The Beast“and talked about her character, Rose Lawrence. She also explained her introduction to the True Blood team and shooting her first scenes on the set and some of her upcoming projects.

The Beast has recently become available on and Lindsay was asked how she felt about that and responded by saying that she was very excited and how much she wanted everyone to see it. When asked about her work on The Beast, Lindsay talked about how great it was to work on the show. She stated that she had the opportunity to work with some amazing people. She had a lot of fun playing the character, Rose, whose role in the series actually changed after the pilot episode, when the show was picked up to become a series. Lindsay also discussed how it became hard when Patrick Swayze, who played one of the lead characters on the show, became ill.

When asked about her favorite episode of The Beast, Lindsay claims it is the pilot episode. She said the episode reminded her of a feature film in the way it was shot and the cinematography. For her it raised the bar for the rest of the series. Lindsay also explained that her best experience on the show was getting to work on scenes near the end of the series with Patrick Swayze. Lindsay said it was a surreal moment for her, getting the chance to work with someone who she had admired for so long.

The conversation then moved on to True Blood. Lindsay stated that she has already begun shooting scenes for the highly anticipated season 3. Lindsay was able to tell us a little bit about her character, Crystal Norris.

“I can tell you a little bit of what I know. I still don’t know. Like I said, with TV you kind of get thrown all these curveballs. But she’s this mysterious girl that Jason Stackhouse sees. He sees her in the forest. You know how he is with the ladies. He’s quite the ladies man. He sees her through the trees and his interest is piqued and then she runs away. They meet up again later in Bon Temps. They have this really amazing connection and then it goes from there.”

Lindsay also compared working on True Blood to working on The Beast and admits that every project is different and that she has not spent that much time yet on True Blood.  At the time of this interview she had only shot one episode. She admits she was a little intimidated walking onto the set of True Blood but thanks to the cast and crew she fell into place almost instantly. Lindsay also admits that it is different when you are on a show from the beginning, as she was on The Beast, and when you walk into a show that has already had a couple of seasons and you are the new girl.

Lindsay then explained about how she prepared for her roles on The Beast and True Blood.

“Well, I’m a very visual person. When I’m reading a script or if I’m preparing for a scene I really like to create the story in a visual sense. I take myself out of the character completely and almost watch the character as a spectator, if that makes sense. I’m observing the character as a third person. So I don’t make it too personal so that she’s her own person. I read it like I do a novel. When you read a book you create this image in your head of what these people are doing and the story in your head is more of a visual thing. I guess that I do that with scripts, too. I almost look at it as a spectator as opposed to being right in it. I know that sounds cheesy but then I feel like I can then learn from watching it if that makes sense.”

Lindsay went on to discuss some of her upcoming projects that have just finished and a couple of feature films. One is a series of short films called, “Do Not Disturb”, by Mali Elfman and Maureen Flanigan. Lindsay says that it is like a “sci-fi” vignette. Another film that Lindsay just wrapped up is called, “The Oregonian”, which was directed by Calvin Reeder. Lindsay says this film is also kind of an art film and a bit on the bizarre side. Lindsay is also in pre-production on a film called, “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde”.

Lindsay admits that she doesn’t watch a lot of TV but if she could go back and be on a show that aired in the past it would be the “The Wire”. Well True Blood fans are excited and anxious to see her and what sort of action is going to occur between her character and Jason in season 3! It looks like the makings of a phenomenal season with a phenomenal cast!

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