’s Interview with Twitter’s Eric Northman @Eric_ofArea5

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The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is now less than a week away, but that final week is still driving everyone nuts! With the new True Blood minisodes all aired and only one new poster to be released, I’ve been trying to make my own wait a little less torturous by casually joining in on a little role play. I recently stumbled upon an amazing group of Twitter roleplayers, and they’ve been incredibly kind to me, allowing me to interview them. After seeing how well my interviews with Sookie, Tara, Queen Sophie-Anne and Sam went, young vampire Jessica Hamby agreed to sit down with me for an interview as well… And now, I happily have an interview with Eric Northman to share with you all!

*Pam escorts you to the door and knocks letting me know you have arrived for our interview* I see the breather from the press is punctual – this should be interesting as I have not granted interviews before this *meeting you at the door – opening it…quite obvious that I’ve just finished up showering as you are greeted with a wet haired, shirtless Sheriff, a towel slung casually over one shoulder*

Isis: Hello, Mr. Northman *offers up wrist*- Thank you for allowing me the chance to interview you.

@Eric_ofArea5: *giving a slight inclination of my head towards Pam; dismissing her – taking a long slow look down your body paying little notice to the offer of a wrist – tossing the towel aside and pulling on a new Fangtasia shirt* You can thank me afterwards. *motioning to the leather couch against the south wall* Sit – please. *leaning back against my desk – eyes intent on you*

Isis: Thank you. *takes seat* You have a lovely office.

@Eric_ofArea5: It serves its purpose.

Isis: Please tell me, what got you involved in role playing?

@Eric_ofArea5: *amused smirk* You assume this to be role playing and assumptions can get you killed. This is merely me making myself accessible to the masses.

Isis: *arches eyebrow* How kind of you, sir. But that doesn’t really answer my question… After all, how do I know whether or not you’re playing a game, like a spider with a fly? And how do I know whether or not you’ve ever been someone else, possibly in another fandom?

@Eric_ofArea5: Indeed *leaning forward* How do you know? But I know that being a good reporter you have done your homework – and that means you are well aware that we vampires seldom answer questions directly.

Isis: I do know that… But since this IS an interview YOU granted me, so long as I’m not asking vampire secrets, is it not possible to answer me so that people learn just a little bit about yourself?

@Eric_ofArea5: Over my undead life I have made appearances to the public…before we came out of the coffin so to speak.

Isis: You have? When and where, since we are discussing the past…

@Eric_ofArea5: They were few and far between, having mainly to do with events you humans call history. *Icy blue eyes meet yours* Should I reveal any particulars about them I would have to terminate this interview – and you.

Isis: OK then… *backing off for fear of loss of interview* Who do you enjoy working with most on Twitter? And why?

@Eric_ofArea5: It would be wrong of me as Maker to not mention my child @Pam_Ravenscroft first – though there is some level of amusement in associating her name with the word “work” – something she shuns with great skill. Pam is a source of great pride for me even though she is hard on defenseless leather couches – her verbal retorts, fighting techniques, and deep sense of loyalty are nothing short of legendary. You will not find any better.

Perhaps a list would serve you with this:

@WereWitchHallow – If I were ever to pay any compliments to the WereWitch it might be something like: The twists and turns in Hallow’s demented mind bring a new level of darkness and malevolence to the True Blood Twitter world– she is now and always will be, the best at what she does – even if she does smell like a wet dog during the full moon. Of course, we all know I would never compliment such a vile creature no matter how many spells she casts on me so this is all completely hypothetical.

@FangtasiaGinger – What would @FangtasiaTheBar be without having our neck scratching Ginger clomping along in her lit up Lucite stripper heels serving drinks? Ginger has talents beyond your wildest imagination and though her shrieks may wear on me she serves her Master very *fanged smile* very…well.

@Lafayette_R – My ever-diligent V salesman and all around entrepreneur who was so willing to sell out his own race and become a Vampire – that almost makes me like him. Do not think that I am done with Lafayette – not by a long shot.

@MadeJessica@WilliamTCompton’s baby vampire is the most annoying, irresponsible child I have seen in all my years of being a Vampire – which makes me somewhat amused when I think of Bill having to deal with her for eternity.

@CharlesTwining – What compliment can I give the Pirate that hasn’t already been bestowed upon him? He is crafty Vampire and well versed in charming the ladies – both traits I can appreciate.

@BobbyBurnhamBobby is by far the best Daytime Lackey I have had in a long time. He completes all the tasks I set before him. I know you will enjoy seeing some of his handiwork in the not too distant future.

@MorrisPeartree – Ah yes, I cannot forget Mo – my special pet – he is a source of amusement and as I am sure your readers will attest – and quite vivid in recounting his dreams.

@Sookie_BT – I admire her ability to keep her cool in the midst of us Vampires. There is something different about Sookie – something I will figure out. In the meantime I will continue to call on her to use her special gift when the need arises – and I foresee that need arising more and more often.

@VikingWenches – What is a Viking Vampire without his wenches – and my wenches make their Master extremely proud. Their leader @SSBookClub is the best Secretary an Area Sheriff could ask for and as a bonus, quite tasty.

@VampireMagister – You do not f**k with the Magister and when he is involved in anything you had better be careful and on your best behavior or there will be hell to pay.

There are more I would mention but in the interest of time we will cut it here – they know who they are.

Isis: What about Bill and Sam? How have those interactions gone?

@Eric_ofArea5: Compton has not been around very much lately *low chuckle – and the Shifter *sneer* He is of little concern to me.

Isis: Oh boy… I smell some friction here! Please don’t kill each other!

@Eric_ofArea5: As killing the Shifter would not serve me in obtaining Sookie Stackhouse I will refrain from that for now…unless of course, he forces me to do it by endangering Sookie’s life.

Isis: I notice you’re keeping quiet about Bill and how you’d treat him… Is that because he’s been out of town?

@Eric_ofArea5: Bill is under my jurisdiction as he is a vampire that lives in my area – He also serves me as Area investigator – I have known him for some time and while I do not agree with his attempt to mainstream he serves me sufficiently in his official capacity. Regarding my treatment toward him I am his Sheriff and will treat him afford him my protection…even if he does have something I want.

Isis: But doesn’t his mainstreaming (and others’) help to make some humans more accessible to you and other non-mainstreaming vampires?

@Eric_ofArea5: The AVL would like to portray all us Vampires as mainstreamers to the public. Stepping back to view things through a political eye it serves to help us toward attaining the same rights humans have, rights we should have…but as I’m sure you’ve done your research; we both know subtlety of politics is not my strong suit.

If by accessibility you mean bringing in donors – mainstreaming has had little effect in that area – Donors are quite easy to come by – especially when you are the owner of Fangtasia. In fact *raising a brow* one has only to view your entrance to my office and offer of your wrist…

Isis: That’s because I’d like to show you my gratitude for allowing me this interview. I am grateful for the interview, and I figured some blood would be appreciated as a gesture of goodwill on my part. *smiles kindly*

@Eric_ofArea5: *casting a nonchalant glance that goes right through you* A well thought out gesture of appreciation.

Isis: Thank you. Now, when I spoke to Sookie recently, she told me that there’s been a… minor mishap regarding her house and Jessica?

@Eric_ofArea5: Proceed.

Isis: Apparently, there was a fire started by Jessica accidentally, and thanks to this, you’ve been incredibly kind in helping Sookie to find a place to stay until the house is fixed.

I also heard that you’re paying to fix her home. How kind of you! Care to tell me anything about this incident, how or what you’re going to do with Jessica (if anything), and why you offered to help Sookie?

@Eric_ofArea5: *sly smile* Ah yes, the fire at Sookie’s house. Perhaps I will charge Bill with keeping his progeny better under control

Isis: So, what exactly did she do? And was there a bit of an argument between you and Sam when you both arrived? How DID you find out about the fire?

@Eric_ofArea5: As for why I offered to help Sookie – she is….valuable to me – surely this interviewer cannot think I would divulge anything about my intentions surrounding Sookie’s past the arrangement we have where she assists me when called upon

Isis: I didn’t mean that way… Not intentions, but why would you show such great kindness to someone you barely know?

@Eric_ofArea5: Kindness? Yes, I see how a human could interpret the gesture as such. The fire gave me an opportunity to show my appreciation for Ms. Stackhouse *slight shift of my eyes past you while thinking that it also gave me the chance to have Sookie further indebted to me* After all, I could not allow my Telepath to be without a home during the repairs – A shame she refused the offer to stay with me – I would have seen to her every need…personally.

Isis: So, you mentioned Pam… What drew you to her enough to turn her?

@Eric_ofArea5: Her inner strength – and she is not unappealing in any way.

Isis: Very true. I rather appreciate how nice she was to me… And that she’s so protective of you.

@Eric_ofArea5: While Pam may have a lazy streak her loyalty knows no boundary – she is my equal in that trait as loyalty is something I hold in highest regard.

Isis: Loyalty is important.

@Eric_ofArea5: Indeed – and there is far too little of it in the world of humans.

Isis: I agree completely. It must be very different for vampires.

@Eric_ofArea5: We are bound to our Makers with an instinctive loyalty but a true Maker can instill a much fiercer desire to protect in their children.

Isis: So, did Godric do that for you? After all, we saw how deeply you were affected by him while you were in Dallas. He was obviously a good maker and you were VERY loyal. It was inspiring to see such love between you both.

@Eric_ofArea5: I had not seen Godric for many years – far too long for a human to fathom…

Isis: And yet, you never forgot him, or at least that’s the impression I got from you.

@Eric_ofArea5: *slightest shift to my voice when speaking of my Maker – staring past you – deep in thought and pain for my Maker being gone from this world*

Isis: *notices you look just upset*

@Eric_ofArea5: You cannot possibly understand the bond between Vampire and their Maker.

Isis: Eric… Are you all right? Emotionally, I mean. I’m sorry if I’ve brought up a bad memory, but I was wondering… Is it possible for you to tell me a little bit about some of your experiences with Godric?

@Eric_ofArea5: You feel this will this serve me as it does humans – to talk about it and relieve some of the loss I feel from his passing.

Isis: I’m hoping it’ll make you feel a little better. We all like seeing you as the dominant, take-no-crap-from-anyone vampire. We don’t like to think of you hurting.

@Eric_ofArea5: *steeling myself – allowing the memories to come forth – still looking past you when speaking* Godric was everything to me in the beginning – my teacher – my family – he showed me everything he knew about being a vampire. It is true that I was already a skilled fighter. That was the very thing that drew him to me so there was no need for training in that area but he taught me how to hunt, how to think and survive as a Vampire. He saw me through the demise of my own human family and afterwards we became a force to be reckoned with in both human and vampire worlds.

Isis: Wow, no wonder you and he were so close.

@Eric_ofArea5: Kindred spirits – death and destruction personified.

Isis: Do you think you’ve been lucky with such a great maker? After all, there have been examples of not-so-great makers out there coughs*Lorena*coughs

@Eric_ofArea5: There will never be a greater Vampire than my Maker *giving you a look that says this topic is now closed*

Isis: I agree. Godric… was something else. I am deeply sorry for your loss. So… *a bit awkwardly* Tell me a little about running Fangtasia. What’s the most difficult part of owning it?

@Eric_ofArea5: Getting decent daytime help and bartenders that do not end up dead…

Isis: Does that mean that you’re looking for new employees?

@Eric_ofArea5: *leaning forward toward you* You seem to be efficient – are you in need of a new job?

Isis: No, I’m not. Right now, I’m quite happy working for but if you need some PR… I might be able to help you there.

@Eric_ofArea5: Pam has suggested we amp up our PR for @FangtasiaTheBar *contemplative look* perhaps we will be speaking about this in the near future.

Isis: nodding Just let me know. If necessary, we’ll work something out.

@Eric_ofArea5: I am sure we can come to some sort of an…arrangement *sly smile*

Isis: What’s been the easiest part of owning Fangtasia so far? And how many women and men throw themselves at you every night?

@Eric_ofArea5: Having Pam with me and built in patrons. We are the most well known vampire bar in Louisiana – and soon the whole Southern United States – the tourist drop-ins are on the rise. In fact business is so good that we are considering opening a second club.

Isis: Wow, congratulations!

@Eric_ofArea5: As to how many women and men throw themselves at me every night *flashes a fanged smile* I do believe I have lost count – but Pam keeps a very up to date donor list.

Isis: *impressed* How many names are on it currently?

@Eric_ofArea5: Enough to keep us from going hungry for quite some time – and with great variety.

Isis: Good. Many would be insane in their grief if anything were to happen to the two of you.

@Eric_ofArea5: I assure you that both myself and my child are going to be around for a long – long – time to come.

Isis: I am rather glad to hear that. Now, I seem to remember that not too long ago, you were at a trial for Bill

@Eric_ofArea5: A Tribunal.

Isis: Thank you. I’d forgotten the terminology. How do you get along with the Magister?

@Eric_ofArea5: I do my job as Sheriff and uphold the Magister’s rulings

Isis: How long have you known the Magister? Do you ever see him outside of Tribunals?

@Eric_ofArea5: He is not one for visiting the outlying areas unless there is grave concern – and I am not one to incur his visits under those circumstances.

Isis: Ah. So do you just respect him? Or is there some fear there too?

@Eric_ofArea5: I have the utmost respect for him. He has been an adjudicator for our kind since the Spanish Inquisition – one does not fuck with the Magister and live to tell the tale.

Isis: He is rather formidable.

@Eric_ofArea5: Simply put – He is the law.

Isis: It’s so different from human laws. I know you’re not big into politics, but would being given rights with the VRA change how the vampire hierarchy works at all?

@Eric_ofArea5: Aside from bringing some power into the vampires of the media sector little has changed in our hierarchy since the VRA was proposed – I doubt that would change much if it were passed. For now, the media whores try to flex their muscle more often now that they perceive themselves to be omnipotent.

Isis: And of course they’re not.

@Eric_ofArea5: *voice laced with disdain* Their vision is clouded by their self proclaimed celebrity status.

Isis: * smirks* So they’re basically getting the swelled heads that most human celebrities have?

@Eric_ofArea5: Indeed they are. The media whores are given endorsement from the bureaucrats and thereby view themselves above the politics and laws of our kind.

Isis: *shaking head* No one is above the laws that guide them.

@Eric_ofArea5: Precisely – and it is only a matter of time before their delusional empire crumbles beneath them…

Isis: Is there anything you’d like to say to my readers?

@Eric_ofArea5: *hands you a box of business cards – each one good for a free drink and Fangtasia* Come and visit us at Fangtasia – where the real vampires come out at night!

Isis: And what’ll happen should someone I pass these out to want more than just to see you across the room in that throne of yours?

@Eric_ofArea5: I follow everyone back so they have open lines of communication to their Sheriff. Beyond that there are always – arrangements – that can be made – you will just have to wait and see now won’t you? *low chuckle*

Isis: Wow! How generous of you! *rises to get out of seat* Thank you SO much for your time, Mr. Northman! * once again offers wrist*

@Eric_ofArea5: *steps toward you – fangs fully extended – takes your hand – brings your wrist up to my mouth – locking eyes with you*

Isis: *blushes*

@Eric_ofArea5: *never taking my eyes from yours – grazing a fang over the skin – kissing the pulse point*

Isis: *shivers – twitching a bit with anticipation*

@Eric_ofArea5: *steadying your wrist in my hand – slight smile of satisfaction at your response as my fangs sink partially into the soft flesh to take a drink as payment for the interview – taking care to make sure the bite carries an intense sensation of pleasure along with it – making note that you did not flinch from the bite – admirable – one swallow and my fangs withdraw – slowly licking at the trickle of blood until it ceases and the bite marks close – then finally releasing your gaze* I look forward to discussing PR with you – Pam will of course join us for that.

Isis: *swallows* Sounds good. Thank you again.

@Eric_ofArea5: *motions toward the door* Please, enjoy a drink on your way out *running tongue over a fang to savor the taste of your blood* I already have. *smirks*

Isis: I think I will.

For those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!