’s Interview with Twitter’s Jason Stackhouse @Jason_BT

June 17, 2010

The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is now over! However, the wait between the airings of each new episode is still… difficult with all the new  I recently stumbled upon an amazing group of Twitter roleplayers, and they’ve been incredibly kind to me, allowing me to interview them. After seeing how well my interviews with Sookie, TaraSam, Jessica, and Eric Northman have gone, Jason Stackhouse sat down with me for an interview of his own!

Isis: First, Jason, when did you being role playing?

@Jason_BT: I think it was actually six years ago or so. I came across some RP on Myspace, thought it looked like a lot of fun and started there. That lasted for a couple of years, then I took a break from it. Now I’m back.

Isis: What characters did you play, and what fandoms were you in?

@Jason_BT: I was part of the Buffy fandom, and let me tell you, that was the most fun I’ve had RPing. Until now, of course. As for my character, I played a few. I liked to try out different characters; challenge my creativity.

Isis: Anyways, what inspires you to be the most realistic Jason possible?

@Jason_BT: I guess it’s the fans. Using that word is so strange to me, because it’s hard to imagine having fans. But yeah, the people who follow inspire me to be as realistic as I can be. They’re taking the time to follow and watch our twittersodes, and random RPs. I’d hate to give them a half-assed version of the character.

Isis: How do you find balance between the Book!Jason and the Show!Jason? After all, some fans have to be more book fans than others, who are show fans…

@Jason_BT: Finding the balance between the two is a little tricky. Especially when you have followers that never read any of the the books. They tend to feel as though you’re just really straying away from the Jason they know from the show. I stick to his dimwit and lovable personality, but I tend to lean more toward tv show Jason. But who knows what’s going to happen in Season 3. From the previews it seems to me like Jason might be a little bit more by the book this year.

Isis: *nodding* Yes, I’d noticed that. Is that going to affect the twittersodes when they start up again?

@Jason_BT: I’m not sure that we will be doing any Saturday night twittersodes while the season airs. We have some other ideas in mind though. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Isis: Any hints on what’s to come?

@Jason_BT: If I give anything away @Sookie_BT might just murder me. *Laughs* We’d hate to have any other groups taking the ideas, but I can promise you that it will be very interesting and great to watch.

Isis: Yes, I understand that behind the scenes things aren’t what people would necessarily expect.

@Jason_BT: That’s what I hear, but you know me. I love just about everyone *winks*

Isis: Very true… you flirt.

@Jason_BT: It’s part of my charm.

Isis: How did you hook up with this roleplay group?

@Jason_BT: When I first started I was part of a different group, which seemed to get smaller until none of the original canon’s were around much anymore. So I started tweeting with @Sookie_BT a little bit here and there, She sent me a random message one day asking me to be the Jason for the group she was getting together and the rest is history.

Isis: Seems like a great pairing.

@Jason_BT: She is so great to RP with. We seem to bounce off one another really well, which is important for the Sookie/Jason relationship.

Isis: You two act like real siblings.

@Jason_BT: Sometimes it actually feels that way. I guess that means the chemistry is there, and we’re doing something right, huh? *Laughs* I love having her as my Sookie.

Isis: Yes, watching you two is almost a visual experience. Those of us with siblings can completely see the sibling bond… It’s almost scary sometimes, how realistic it is.

@Jason_BT: Thank you. I’m sure Sookie will love hearing that, too. We’ve talked a good amount out of character, so maybe getting to know each other that way has also helped us with RPing Jason and Sookie as brother and sister.

Isis: I’m sure it has. 🙂 You have a great time working with Sookie. Would you say that’s your favorite part of being Jason, or is there something else that is your favorite?

@Jason_BT: Working with Sookie is definitely one of my favorite things about RPing Jason. Not only Sookie, but the rest of the group as well. We have some great and talented writers that I’m lucky enough to interact with. And I really enjoy how fun he is. He’s just so carefree, and clueless most of the time.

Isis: What do you enjoy most about being Jason?

@Jason_BT: I enjoy signing online every day and getting the chance to interact with such amazing people. The other role players are so talented and the followers never have anything but nice things to say. I’ll admit that doing this makes my days, and nights, a hell of a lot more interesting. Not to mention, there are a few people that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know out of character, and they’ve become some of my closest friends. What I enjoy most about being that character, there’s never a dull moment when you’re Jason. If he’s not in trouble, then he’s saying something that makes everyone stop and say ‘huh?’. I mean really, you can’t get any more entertaining than Jason Stackhouse.

Isis: *smiles* Very true! That’s definitely the Jason we all know and love! Have you ever been mistaken for either Ryan Kwanten or the Jason we see on True Blood?

@Jason_BT: On Twitter? Yes, I get that more often than I thought I would. I always feel so horrible when I have to let them know I’m just a regular person playing Jason for fun.

Isis: Have there been any… strange requests aimed at you on Twitter?

@Jason_BT: Shall we discuss the one you sent me this afternoon? *Laughs* Okay, there wasn’t really one from you. *Shifty eyes* I get requests every day that range from dates to making babies. Actually, and it’s not a request but still strange, there’s a bid war on twitter right now over a picture I posted. I wonder how serious the girls are.

Isis: At last check, the bidding reached a cool $1,000,000. (Update: because this was on twitter, the final bid was an infinate number, and the prize ended up being a picture of Jason and a picture of Eric.)

@Jason_BT: Tara just sent me an IM to tell me that she’s now getting blank check offers.

Isis: *laughing*

@Jason_BT: I’m enjoying this myself. I haven’t stopped laughing since this bid war started.

Isis: Apparently, you’re very popular.

@Jason_BT: It’s hard being Jason, but somebody has to do it. Might as well me be. *Laughs*

Isis: So, where do you see Jason going next?

@Jason_BT: Well, since Crystal Norris is being introduced this season I see Jason finally settling down a bit. If Alan Ball sticks to the books, then maybe he’ll finally experience what it’s like to be in love. And, not to mention, perhaps a little shake up in his world.

Isis: That would be interesting, to say the least.

@Jason_BT: Oh yeah, definitely. Though, I’ll have to admit, I will miss Jason chasing just about every girl he lays his eyes on. Watching him doing that tends to make the show very amusing. He will go to great lengths to get some.

Isis: Yes, I know… So long as I’m not being chased, though, I’m good! 😀

@Jason_BT: I think you have made it clear enough which team you’re on. *Laughs* I won’t chase anymore. The rejection hurts my ego.

Isis: Awww… *hugs* I didn’t mean to make your oversized ego shrink into itself! LOL

@Jason_BT: *Sighs* It’s okay. After this bid war, I reckon it’s right back to where it’s supposed to be. Just don’t go deflating it again. *Laughs*

Isis: I’m not sure it’s possible to deflate it. However, is there anything that is more challenging than anything else when it comes to being Jason?

@Jason_BT: The most challenging thing for me is keeping up with Jason‘s himbo status. There’s just not enough twitter time in a day for all the ladies. *Laughs* This is where I struggle most with the balance between book Jason and tv show Jason. He seems to be more of a ladies man in the show, huh? In the books he has that reputation but you mostly see him in relationships. So I guess my biggest challenge is to stay true to the show and have Jason flirt with just about every girl, while keeping the sweet side he seems to have in the books.

Isis: Wow, I can see how that would be challenging!

@Jason_BT: Hopefully I’m doing a decent job with that part of playing Jason.

Isis: You really are. It’s a pleasure to get to play with you.

@Jason_BT: The pleasure is all mine. 🙂

Isis: Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers about yourself?

@Jason_BT: I’m single, and I enjoy long walks on the beach….lol Just kidding… About myself? Unfortunately I’m not as much fun as Jason is so I’ll keep the real me a mystery. But I would like to say thank you to all the readers for following and interacting with us on a daily basis. Role playing truly is SO much fun, and I’m glad we can keep you guys entertained. Oh, and thanks for the wanting to actually take the time to interview me. I’m a big fan of, and check it daily. Surfing around the site helps my work days go by so much faster.

Isis: Thank you so much for your time, Jason.

@Jason_BT: It was fun.

For those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!


Check Out ‘Blood Bites’ on Wednesday Night on Twitter

June 15, 2010

Now that the wait is over for Season 3 of True Blood, need something to stay rehydrated until the next episode airs? TrueBlood on Twitter is launching and performing their first ever Blood Bites Wednesday Night at 9 PM CDT / 10 PM EDT. This week, the show will be available to watch at the following locations:

Due to the overwhelming amount of votes for the “Pam / Lafayette: V sales” scene and the “Eric / Queen / Magister: Hell Hath No Fury” scene that were received, TrueBlood on Twitter has opted to perform both scenes for you.

Don’t miss out on this great event that’ll be happening every week at 9 PM CDT!

If you’re watching the old-fashioned way, follow these players:

More information on how future episodes will work can be found on

Share’s Interview with Twitter’s Eric Northman @Eric_ofArea5

June 7, 2010

The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is now less than a week away, but that final week is still driving everyone nuts! With the new True Blood minisodes all aired and only one new poster to be released, I’ve been trying to make my own wait a little less torturous by casually joining in on a little role play. I recently stumbled upon an amazing group of Twitter roleplayers, and they’ve been incredibly kind to me, allowing me to interview them. After seeing how well my interviews with Sookie, Tara, Queen Sophie-Anne and Sam went, young vampire Jessica Hamby agreed to sit down with me for an interview as well… And now, I happily have an interview with Eric Northman to share with you all!

*Pam escorts you to the door and knocks letting me know you have arrived for our interview* I see the breather from the press is punctual – this should be interesting as I have not granted interviews before this *meeting you at the door – opening it…quite obvious that I’ve just finished up showering as you are greeted with a wet haired, shirtless Sheriff, a towel slung casually over one shoulder*

Isis: Hello, Mr. Northman *offers up wrist*- Thank you for allowing me the chance to interview you.

@Eric_ofArea5: *giving a slight inclination of my head towards Pam; dismissing her – taking a long slow look down your body paying little notice to the offer of a wrist – tossing the towel aside and pulling on a new Fangtasia shirt* You can thank me afterwards. *motioning to the leather couch against the south wall* Sit – please. *leaning back against my desk – eyes intent on you*

Isis: Thank you. *takes seat* You have a lovely office.

@Eric_ofArea5: It serves its purpose.

Isis: Please tell me, what got you involved in role playing?

@Eric_ofArea5: *amused smirk* You assume this to be role playing and assumptions can get you killed. This is merely me making myself accessible to the masses.

Isis: *arches eyebrow* How kind of you, sir. But that doesn’t really answer my question… After all, how do I know whether or not you’re playing a game, like a spider with a fly? And how do I know whether or not you’ve ever been someone else, possibly in another fandom?

@Eric_ofArea5: Indeed *leaning forward* How do you know? But I know that being a good reporter you have done your homework – and that means you are well aware that we vampires seldom answer questions directly.

Isis: I do know that… But since this IS an interview YOU granted me, so long as I’m not asking vampire secrets, is it not possible to answer me so that people learn just a little bit about yourself?

@Eric_ofArea5: Over my undead life I have made appearances to the public…before we came out of the coffin so to speak.

Isis: You have? When and where, since we are discussing the past…

@Eric_ofArea5: They were few and far between, having mainly to do with events you humans call history. *Icy blue eyes meet yours* Should I reveal any particulars about them I would have to terminate this interview – and you.

Isis: OK then… *backing off for fear of loss of interview* Who do you enjoy working with most on Twitter? And why?

@Eric_ofArea5: It would be wrong of me as Maker to not mention my child @Pam_Ravenscroft first – though there is some level of amusement in associating her name with the word “work” – something she shuns with great skill. Pam is a source of great pride for me even though she is hard on defenseless leather couches – her verbal retorts, fighting techniques, and deep sense of loyalty are nothing short of legendary. You will not find any better.

Perhaps a list would serve you with this:

@WereWitchHallow – If I were ever to pay any compliments to the WereWitch it might be something like: The twists and turns in Hallow’s demented mind bring a new level of darkness and malevolence to the True Blood Twitter world– she is now and always will be, the best at what she does – even if she does smell like a wet dog during the full moon. Of course, we all know I would never compliment such a vile creature no matter how many spells she casts on me so this is all completely hypothetical.

@FangtasiaGinger – What would @FangtasiaTheBar be without having our neck scratching Ginger clomping along in her lit up Lucite stripper heels serving drinks? Ginger has talents beyond your wildest imagination and though her shrieks may wear on me she serves her Master very *fanged smile* very…well.

@Lafayette_R – My ever-diligent V salesman and all around entrepreneur who was so willing to sell out his own race and become a Vampire – that almost makes me like him. Do not think that I am done with Lafayette – not by a long shot.

@MadeJessica@WilliamTCompton’s baby vampire is the most annoying, irresponsible child I have seen in all my years of being a Vampire – which makes me somewhat amused when I think of Bill having to deal with her for eternity.

@CharlesTwining – What compliment can I give the Pirate that hasn’t already been bestowed upon him? He is crafty Vampire and well versed in charming the ladies – both traits I can appreciate.

@BobbyBurnhamBobby is by far the best Daytime Lackey I have had in a long time. He completes all the tasks I set before him. I know you will enjoy seeing some of his handiwork in the not too distant future.

@MorrisPeartree – Ah yes, I cannot forget Mo – my special pet – he is a source of amusement and as I am sure your readers will attest – and quite vivid in recounting his dreams.

@Sookie_BT – I admire her ability to keep her cool in the midst of us Vampires. There is something different about Sookie – something I will figure out. In the meantime I will continue to call on her to use her special gift when the need arises – and I foresee that need arising more and more often.

@VikingWenches – What is a Viking Vampire without his wenches – and my wenches make their Master extremely proud. Their leader @SSBookClub is the best Secretary an Area Sheriff could ask for and as a bonus, quite tasty.

@VampireMagister – You do not f**k with the Magister and when he is involved in anything you had better be careful and on your best behavior or there will be hell to pay.

There are more I would mention but in the interest of time we will cut it here – they know who they are.

Isis: What about Bill and Sam? How have those interactions gone?

@Eric_ofArea5: Compton has not been around very much lately *low chuckle – and the Shifter *sneer* He is of little concern to me.

Isis: Oh boy… I smell some friction here! Please don’t kill each other!

@Eric_ofArea5: As killing the Shifter would not serve me in obtaining Sookie Stackhouse I will refrain from that for now…unless of course, he forces me to do it by endangering Sookie’s life.

Isis: I notice you’re keeping quiet about Bill and how you’d treat him… Is that because he’s been out of town?

@Eric_ofArea5: Bill is under my jurisdiction as he is a vampire that lives in my area – He also serves me as Area investigator – I have known him for some time and while I do not agree with his attempt to mainstream he serves me sufficiently in his official capacity. Regarding my treatment toward him I am his Sheriff and will treat him afford him my protection…even if he does have something I want.

Isis: But doesn’t his mainstreaming (and others’) help to make some humans more accessible to you and other non-mainstreaming vampires?

@Eric_ofArea5: The AVL would like to portray all us Vampires as mainstreamers to the public. Stepping back to view things through a political eye it serves to help us toward attaining the same rights humans have, rights we should have…but as I’m sure you’ve done your research; we both know subtlety of politics is not my strong suit.

If by accessibility you mean bringing in donors – mainstreaming has had little effect in that area – Donors are quite easy to come by – especially when you are the owner of Fangtasia. In fact *raising a brow* one has only to view your entrance to my office and offer of your wrist…

Isis: That’s because I’d like to show you my gratitude for allowing me this interview. I am grateful for the interview, and I figured some blood would be appreciated as a gesture of goodwill on my part. *smiles kindly*

@Eric_ofArea5: *casting a nonchalant glance that goes right through you* A well thought out gesture of appreciation.

Isis: Thank you. Now, when I spoke to Sookie recently, she told me that there’s been a… minor mishap regarding her house and Jessica?

@Eric_ofArea5: Proceed.

Isis: Apparently, there was a fire started by Jessica accidentally, and thanks to this, you’ve been incredibly kind in helping Sookie to find a place to stay until the house is fixed.

I also heard that you’re paying to fix her home. How kind of you! Care to tell me anything about this incident, how or what you’re going to do with Jessica (if anything), and why you offered to help Sookie?

@Eric_ofArea5: *sly smile* Ah yes, the fire at Sookie’s house. Perhaps I will charge Bill with keeping his progeny better under control

Isis: So, what exactly did she do? And was there a bit of an argument between you and Sam when you both arrived? How DID you find out about the fire?

@Eric_ofArea5: As for why I offered to help Sookie – she is….valuable to me – surely this interviewer cannot think I would divulge anything about my intentions surrounding Sookie’s past the arrangement we have where she assists me when called upon

Isis: I didn’t mean that way… Not intentions, but why would you show such great kindness to someone you barely know?

@Eric_ofArea5: Kindness? Yes, I see how a human could interpret the gesture as such. The fire gave me an opportunity to show my appreciation for Ms. Stackhouse *slight shift of my eyes past you while thinking that it also gave me the chance to have Sookie further indebted to me* After all, I could not allow my Telepath to be without a home during the repairs – A shame she refused the offer to stay with me – I would have seen to her every need…personally.

Isis: So, you mentioned Pam… What drew you to her enough to turn her?

@Eric_ofArea5: Her inner strength – and she is not unappealing in any way.

Isis: Very true. I rather appreciate how nice she was to me… And that she’s so protective of you.

@Eric_ofArea5: While Pam may have a lazy streak her loyalty knows no boundary – she is my equal in that trait as loyalty is something I hold in highest regard.

Isis: Loyalty is important.

@Eric_ofArea5: Indeed – and there is far too little of it in the world of humans.

Isis: I agree completely. It must be very different for vampires.

@Eric_ofArea5: We are bound to our Makers with an instinctive loyalty but a true Maker can instill a much fiercer desire to protect in their children.

Isis: So, did Godric do that for you? After all, we saw how deeply you were affected by him while you were in Dallas. He was obviously a good maker and you were VERY loyal. It was inspiring to see such love between you both.

@Eric_ofArea5: I had not seen Godric for many years – far too long for a human to fathom…

Isis: And yet, you never forgot him, or at least that’s the impression I got from you.

@Eric_ofArea5: *slightest shift to my voice when speaking of my Maker – staring past you – deep in thought and pain for my Maker being gone from this world*

Isis: *notices you look just upset*

@Eric_ofArea5: You cannot possibly understand the bond between Vampire and their Maker.

Isis: Eric… Are you all right? Emotionally, I mean. I’m sorry if I’ve brought up a bad memory, but I was wondering… Is it possible for you to tell me a little bit about some of your experiences with Godric?

@Eric_ofArea5: You feel this will this serve me as it does humans – to talk about it and relieve some of the loss I feel from his passing.

Isis: I’m hoping it’ll make you feel a little better. We all like seeing you as the dominant, take-no-crap-from-anyone vampire. We don’t like to think of you hurting.

@Eric_ofArea5: *steeling myself – allowing the memories to come forth – still looking past you when speaking* Godric was everything to me in the beginning – my teacher – my family – he showed me everything he knew about being a vampire. It is true that I was already a skilled fighter. That was the very thing that drew him to me so there was no need for training in that area but he taught me how to hunt, how to think and survive as a Vampire. He saw me through the demise of my own human family and afterwards we became a force to be reckoned with in both human and vampire worlds.

Isis: Wow, no wonder you and he were so close.

@Eric_ofArea5: Kindred spirits – death and destruction personified.

Isis: Do you think you’ve been lucky with such a great maker? After all, there have been examples of not-so-great makers out there coughs*Lorena*coughs

@Eric_ofArea5: There will never be a greater Vampire than my Maker *giving you a look that says this topic is now closed*

Isis: I agree. Godric… was something else. I am deeply sorry for your loss. So… *a bit awkwardly* Tell me a little about running Fangtasia. What’s the most difficult part of owning it?

@Eric_ofArea5: Getting decent daytime help and bartenders that do not end up dead…

Isis: Does that mean that you’re looking for new employees?

@Eric_ofArea5: *leaning forward toward you* You seem to be efficient – are you in need of a new job?

Isis: No, I’m not. Right now, I’m quite happy working for but if you need some PR… I might be able to help you there.

@Eric_ofArea5: Pam has suggested we amp up our PR for @FangtasiaTheBar *contemplative look* perhaps we will be speaking about this in the near future.

Isis: nodding Just let me know. If necessary, we’ll work something out.

@Eric_ofArea5: I am sure we can come to some sort of an…arrangement *sly smile*

Isis: What’s been the easiest part of owning Fangtasia so far? And how many women and men throw themselves at you every night?

@Eric_ofArea5: Having Pam with me and built in patrons. We are the most well known vampire bar in Louisiana – and soon the whole Southern United States – the tourist drop-ins are on the rise. In fact business is so good that we are considering opening a second club.

Isis: Wow, congratulations!

@Eric_ofArea5: As to how many women and men throw themselves at me every night *flashes a fanged smile* I do believe I have lost count – but Pam keeps a very up to date donor list.

Isis: *impressed* How many names are on it currently?

@Eric_ofArea5: Enough to keep us from going hungry for quite some time – and with great variety.

Isis: Good. Many would be insane in their grief if anything were to happen to the two of you.

@Eric_ofArea5: I assure you that both myself and my child are going to be around for a long – long – time to come.

Isis: I am rather glad to hear that. Now, I seem to remember that not too long ago, you were at a trial for Bill

@Eric_ofArea5: A Tribunal.

Isis: Thank you. I’d forgotten the terminology. How do you get along with the Magister?

@Eric_ofArea5: I do my job as Sheriff and uphold the Magister’s rulings

Isis: How long have you known the Magister? Do you ever see him outside of Tribunals?

@Eric_ofArea5: He is not one for visiting the outlying areas unless there is grave concern – and I am not one to incur his visits under those circumstances.

Isis: Ah. So do you just respect him? Or is there some fear there too?

@Eric_ofArea5: I have the utmost respect for him. He has been an adjudicator for our kind since the Spanish Inquisition – one does not fuck with the Magister and live to tell the tale.

Isis: He is rather formidable.

@Eric_ofArea5: Simply put – He is the law.

Isis: It’s so different from human laws. I know you’re not big into politics, but would being given rights with the VRA change how the vampire hierarchy works at all?

@Eric_ofArea5: Aside from bringing some power into the vampires of the media sector little has changed in our hierarchy since the VRA was proposed – I doubt that would change much if it were passed. For now, the media whores try to flex their muscle more often now that they perceive themselves to be omnipotent.

Isis: And of course they’re not.

@Eric_ofArea5: *voice laced with disdain* Their vision is clouded by their self proclaimed celebrity status.

Isis: * smirks* So they’re basically getting the swelled heads that most human celebrities have?

@Eric_ofArea5: Indeed they are. The media whores are given endorsement from the bureaucrats and thereby view themselves above the politics and laws of our kind.

Isis: *shaking head* No one is above the laws that guide them.

@Eric_ofArea5: Precisely – and it is only a matter of time before their delusional empire crumbles beneath them…

Isis: Is there anything you’d like to say to my readers?

@Eric_ofArea5: *hands you a box of business cards – each one good for a free drink and Fangtasia* Come and visit us at Fangtasia – where the real vampires come out at night!

Isis: And what’ll happen should someone I pass these out to want more than just to see you across the room in that throne of yours?

@Eric_ofArea5: I follow everyone back so they have open lines of communication to their Sheriff. Beyond that there are always – arrangements – that can be made – you will just have to wait and see now won’t you? *low chuckle*

Isis: Wow! How generous of you! *rises to get out of seat* Thank you SO much for your time, Mr. Northman! * once again offers wrist*

@Eric_ofArea5: *steps toward you – fangs fully extended – takes your hand – brings your wrist up to my mouth – locking eyes with you*

Isis: *blushes*

@Eric_ofArea5: *never taking my eyes from yours – grazing a fang over the skin – kissing the pulse point*

Isis: *shivers – twitching a bit with anticipation*

@Eric_ofArea5: *steadying your wrist in my hand – slight smile of satisfaction at your response as my fangs sink partially into the soft flesh to take a drink as payment for the interview – taking care to make sure the bite carries an intense sensation of pleasure along with it – making note that you did not flinch from the bite – admirable – one swallow and my fangs withdraw – slowly licking at the trickle of blood until it ceases and the bite marks close – then finally releasing your gaze* I look forward to discussing PR with you – Pam will of course join us for that.

Isis: *swallows* Sounds good. Thank you again.

@Eric_ofArea5: *motions toward the door* Please, enjoy a drink on your way out *running tongue over a fang to savor the taste of your blood* I already have. *smirks*

Isis: I think I will.

For those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!

Share’s Interview with Twitter’s Vampire Jessica @MadeJessica Part 2

May 31, 2010

Here’s the rest of the interview with Jessica! (Continued from Part 1)

Isis: How do you think Season 3 coming up in a month is going to affect you as Jessica?

@MadeJessica: I can’t wait, I’m SO excited! From what I’ve seen of the previews and minisodes, seeing how Jess deals with being on her own as a vampire is going to be SO cool. I think season 3 will give me a good blueprint of where I can go.

Isis: What did you think of the spoiler clips we’ve seen so far about Jessica?

@MadeJessica: Whoever heads HBO‘s advertising department is a genius. Waiting really does suck and these teasers appease and yet still drive me nuts. It’s like giving people the effects of V withdrawal without having to down a drop. As for the clips? I LOVE them. They made me feel good about the way I play Jessica, because while she can get REALLY serious and be VERY deadly, she will always make a window for fun, be it making someone yell they ahve a boner for Jesus or, sitting in Eric’s chair to se how big his buttgroove is.

Isis: *shaking my head and laughing* Only a teenager would do that!

@MadeJessica: I’m also very excited to see if Jess has some Pam time. I think Jess looks up to Pam immensely.

Isis: Yes, and that may be part of the reason why she likes going to Fangtasia so much!

@MadeJessica: Pam‘s glamorous, deadly, powerful… Everything Jess wants to get a grip on with her new fangs, but don’t tell her; I think Pam would shut the poor kid out if she knew she was unwittingly being made into a mentor.

Isis: Pam is a great character, and your group’s Pam has just the right attitude! She’s even flirted with me!

@MadeJessica: *jealous!* If she flirted with me, I’d wear that like a badge. She’s FANTASTIC!

Isis: Yes… Her and Eric both!

@MadeJessica: Oh, Eric is wow… Playing to him is a great challenge for me, as he is SO in character. It’s a constant and he has nailed down the persona at a bullseye rate. He makes role playing so much fun, just like everyone else in our group and our fans.

Isis: That’s awesome. Anyways… what do you think of Jessica and Sookie‘s relationship?

@MadeJessica: Sookie is just so sweet and I find that she falls easy into a mothering role. She’s had to do that with Jason I suspect as a kid with how he “thinks” or more specifically doesn’t, so she’s VERY patient with Jess and Jess actually likes her and can not figure out HOW or WHY she’s with Bill.

Isis: You’d think Jessica‘s relationship with Hoyt might explain it a little better for her!

@MadeJessica: You’d THINK but, I dont think Jess would compare Hoyt to Bill; I think that would upset and gross her out and she’d probably feel even worse if someone said she was Bill in that pairing. It helps that playing with @Sookie_BT is always an enjoyable experience. She’s REALLY good at the part and so it makes me fall into Jessica quite easily.

Isis: What’s it like being a character who isn’t from the books?

@MadeJessica: GREAT! On the one hand, it gives me more wiggle room to write but bad in that, since I own the whole series INCLUDING the new book. If she was in the book, I could have reference material that I did not have to plug in and press play. Alan Ball‘s made some very interesting creative decisions that I really like.

Isis: With season 3 coming up, there will be a lot of new characters introduced, like Alcide. How do you think Jessica will react to him? And how will she react to Sookie getting closer to guys other than Bill?

@MadeJessica: She will be extremely intrigued by him because he’s different. Way different than the other people she’s come in contact with in Bon Temps. I think she will be rather confused at Sookie’s reaction to him but she won’t ask any questions. Sometimes Jess CAN shut up and watch, and I think with Sookie and Alcide she will watch to see what happens and then depending on the outcome, then she’ll ask her questions. I like that about Jess too, when people think she’s not watching or listening, she is, she just never thinks things are important until she has to use them. So telling her to drink Tru:Blood in place of the real stuff because it’ll help the human community be less afraid is kind of hard because she figures, ‘who cares, I don’t have to kill them and I can glamour them to not remember and SOME people even offer themselves, so why bother wit the fake stuff?’ I think meeting Hoyt has made her consumption of Tru:Blood mean something.

Isis: Yes… Speaking of, what did you think of Hoyt and Jessica‘s break up at the end of Season 2?

@MadeJessica: I felt SO bad for the both of them, I understood where Hoyt was coming from, but I also understood how hurt Jess felt. I remember watching that whole thing and going “uh oh.”

Isis: I think we all reacted like that.

@MadeJessica: A hurt Jessica is never good for anyone, but Hoyt is such a sweetie! Even when Dawn died and Sookie’s listening to peoples’ thoughts and gets to his, then his reaction to getting a kiss ont he cheek… SO cute I’m also curious to see how he deals with the truth of his father’s death. The layers Alan Ball adds to his characters—I love it!

Isis: Me too! Oh! About the Twittersodes… Where are we going to see Jessica?

@MadeJessica: She’s gonna grow up a bit. She won’t lose that fun edge but she’s gonna end up seeing that things for Bill aren’t as easy as she thought.

Isis: Wow.

@MadeJessica: Yeah, I’m really excited. This Hoyt thing is giving Jessica that window to see into Bill’s world. She will of course maintain that she’s not as clueless as Bill is with Sookie sometimes.

Isis: Yep.

@MadeJessica: Twittersodes are SO much fun! They’re kind of scary for me, only in that my nerves go NUTS for like 10 minutes before they kick off and then when it starts, I’m fine. It’s like jumping in a pool without doing that dip your foot in first to see how cold it is.

Isis: *laughing* Do your fans ever take you to be the Jessica we see on True Blood?

@MadeJessica: Yes, but it isn’t in an awkward way; they don’t think I’m Deborah Ann Woll, but to have them feel comfortable enough to see the television protrayal of Jessica to my text based portrayal is rather flattering and inspiring.

Isis: have you gotten any weird comments aimed at Jessica?

@MadeJessica: Yeah, people always want me to turn them, which I find hilariously weird considering how Jessica was made, I don’t know if she’d want to repeat that to anyone. I’ve also gotten some offers for real blood… They’re from people either offering themselves or people they aren’t fond of. And it’s not just that. Despite being a loaded gun, a lot of the fans would like to hang out with her, which I find so interesting because you never know when Jess is gonna get all fangy but it seems like people are willing to risk it just to have a few words with her.

Isis: There’s something about her that’s just amazing.

@MadeJessica: And amusing. I think that for me, she’d probably poke at my trepidation. Give her an inch and Jess will take a mile.

Isis: *smiling* Anything else you’d like to tell us?

@MadeJessica: Yes! here’s the link to Jessica‘s journal where she gets all “This isn’t fair!” Oh! And I’m pretty addicted to, no joke. I NEVER trust any True Blood gossip until I know that TrueBloodNet has posted it!

Isis: Thank you for such a high compliment!

@MadeJessica: It’s the truth. gets me the most clicks in my stream! I love you guys!

Isis: Again, thank you so much! And thank you for such a wonderful interview!

@MadeJessica: This has been so much fun!

As always, for those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!
Share’s Interview with Twitter’s Vampire Jessica @MadeJessica Part 1

May 19, 2010

The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is coming closer and closer to an end, but it’s still torturing everyone. With the new True Blood minisodes and posters only making the continued wait more difficult, I’ve been trying to make my own wait a little less torturous by casually joining in on a little role play. I recently stumbled upon an amazing group of Twitter roleplayers, and they’ve been incredibly kind to me, allowing me to interview them. After seeing how well my interviews with SookieTara, Queen Sophie-Anne and Sam went, young vampire Jessica Hamby agreed to sit down with me for an interview as well… An interview that will be featured in 2 parts. This is part 1.

Isis: Thank you for your time, Jessica. Won’t you please sit down so we can get started?

@MadeJessica: Ok. *twisting hands a little nervously.*

Isis: No need to be nervous. It’s just a few questions! For example, when did you begin roleplaying?

@MadeJessica: When I was in college actually. I write A LOT to start out with and then one of my roomies turned me on to RP and it’s been a good writing outlet ever since

Isis: Is it similar to fanfiction for you?

@MadeJessica: No, not really. I’m still trying to define fanfiction for a character writer like myself. I don’t know if what I do is fanfiction.

Isis: I’d suggest for character writing you try first person point of view if you want to write stories

@MadeJessica: I do know that I’m a very heavy character writer, be they self made characters or canons from books or shows. The kind of voice I use to write depends on how that character is made up. I also play Tara in another group and though I’ve tried it, I can not write for Tara in first person, but I think that’s because she’s a very guarded person, so nobody else is supposed to “be in her head” but her…if that makes sense.

Isis: It does. Have you ever been anyone in another genre?

@MadeJessica: Yes, a ton of characters, when I join into a genre that is created after a show/book/movie I usually start out as a canon character before I introduce my creation into the mix. I’ve played in X-Men, Firefly, and even American Gods, one of my favorite books by Neil Gaiman. I LOVE that book!

Isis: Oh, I agree. Gaiman is amazing, right up there with Alan Ball!

@MadeJessica: Yes, Alan Ball is fantastic too.

Isis: You said that you role played in another universe I personally like. Who were you in X-Men?

@MadeJessica: CopyCat and Tag. They were minor characters and died in the comic but I liked their significance to the whole story. Copycat was a bad guy who was linked to Deadpool. They had something of a toxic but passionate relationship and Tag was a smartass laid back kinda guy.

Isis: It all sounds like fun. How did playing them compare to playing Jessica now?

@MadeJessica: I can’t compare them, the worlds are SO different for me, X-Men for me was more fantastical, and even a boring day for someone in the mutant world of X-Men had some kind of fantasy/dreamlike feeling to it. The True Blood world, though it does have its fantastical side, is very real and gritty and even the fantastical characters can have a no drama quiet boring day or two. Jessica gets bored REALLY quickly.

Isis: I’ve noticed that.

@MadeJessica: But that’s what I like about Jessica; she will make her own fun no matter where she is.

Isis: Yep, and she’s still a bratty teenager on top of that.

@MadeJessica: Yeah, but I find that her bratty side is sometimes misinterpreted. There are times where she is genuinely frustrated with her situation because she can’t find something stable to keep her grounded… Well, not ’til Hoyt anyway, and even then there’s some shaky ground with that relationship too.

Isis: There definitely is.

@MadeJessica: I think she’s a survivor among all things, so when she gets bored it’s kind of scary because of what she is now. She potentially has FOREVER, and if she gets bored now, who knows what else will fall away. It scares ME to think about being bored for a day, poor Jess could get bored for years if she’s not careful…

Isis: Yeah, she could cause some SERIOUS destruction!

@MadeJessica: Yeah because she is, as you said, a kinda angsty teen, and somewhat of a klutz in my opinion. She’s perpetually stuck in that in between phase, so not only is she dealing with emotions, I think she even has physicalities to get used to.

Isis: Yes, and she has to find her place in the world… And stay away from The Magister!

@MadeJessica: I think she’s more looking for a place, period, she tends to break things up into smaller situations so she can deal with them better. Of course, this is all MY interpretation of her anyway. Jessica can make trouble but she HATES being IN trouble. For me, that’s the comical side of her pairing with Bill, he spends so much of his time trying to get Sookie out of trouble while Jess forces him to chastize her for being in trouble herself.

Isis: I’ve noticed that in a previous Twittersode, Jessica was punished rather harshly.

@MadeJessica: Yes, that was also my idea.

Isis: Really?

@MadeJessica: Jessica’s punishment anyway. I wanted to challenge myself as a writer. Jessica talks a lot and people spend alot of time telling her in one way or another, to shut up… So I said to myself, okay, what if she did shut up, for awhile, as an ultimate punishment? How would she cope, how would she still BE Jessica without being able to talk peoples’ ears off? I actually had fun doing that.

Isis: Yes, but it was a pretty horrible punishment. (Jessica faced a tribunal and had her tongue… removed as well as being forbiddent to take nourishment from a human donor in any way… Only TruBlood for her.)

@MadeJessica: Meh, as long as she doesn’t meet second death, I figure any punishment she gets isn’t that bad.

Isis: Great point.

@MadeJessica: A harsher punishment in my eyes would be defanging. I think Jessica would go entirely mad if she had to endure that…

Isis: Why do you think that?

@MadeJessica: She was made into a vampire. Her fangs are the biggest feature about being a vampire that defines WHAT she is. Taking away her fangs, I think she’d feel more dead tot he world than anything else and push her into a deeper sense of liminality, she would be an awkward teen vampire who wasn’t really a full vampire who then needed to depend more on other people for survival. It would force her to be around Bill more and when they are together, Bill is still awkward with her and she still feels like a mistake around him. Maybe it would be a good crash course for Bill to learn what responsibility of another child is, but I dont suspect it would be any fun for Jess.

Isis: Yes, Bill‘s never had to deal with teenagers before, especially one of his own.

@MadeJessica: He’s hilariously awkward with her. Sometimes I feel bad for him even as I am he reason for his troubles with how I play Jess.

Isis: You have to agree that Jessica on True Blood is pretty bad herself, and you play her really accurately.

@MadeJessica: She is; she cracks me up and sometimes I just wanna hug her, but even in that, I feel even if I did hug her she’d STILL try to bite me and get in an argument with me… and she’d huff “I wasn’t gonna kill you, just gonna take a sip.”

Isis: *laughing*

@MadeJessica: And thanks, thats what I strive for when I do play, although I do go off on my own creative legs, I like to keep as close to canon as I possibly can.

Well, that’s all for now. Come back next week to read what else Jessica had to say! And as always, for those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!

Share’s Interview with Twitter’s Sam Merlotte @SamMerlotteBT

May 11, 2010

The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is coming closer and closer to an end, but it’s still torturing everyone. With the new True Blood minisodes and posters only making the continued wait more difficult, I’ve been trying to make my own wait a little less torturous by casually joining in on a little role play. I recently stumbled upon an amazing group of Twitter roleplayers, and they’ve been incredibly kind to me, allowing me to interview them. After seeing how well my interviews with Sookie, Bill, Tara, and Queen Sophie-Anne went, Sam Merlotte (@SamMerlotteBT) decided that he too would allow me to interview him.

Isis: First, thank you for letting me interview you!

@SamMerlotteBT: You’re very welcome, I am honored that you chose to interview me.

Isis: The pleasure is all mine! First, when did you begin role playing? Have you ever played anyone else?

@SamMerlotteBT: This is actually my first Role Playing experience. I began about, let’s see here… about a month ago. And I have not played anyone else.

Isis: Wow! A first-timer! What have you found to be hardest so far in being Sam?

@SamMerlotteBT: The hardest thing would probably be telling people that they can’t work at Merlotte‘s. *laughs* If I could have a hundred people working there, I would tell all of them yes. But, unfortunately I can’t have a hundred people working at Merlotte‘s.

Isis: What’s easiest about playing Sam?

@SamMerlotteBT: I would have to say interacting with fans and other role players. Because Sam is this really kind guy and he is really easy to get along with because he’s a so likeable and genuine.

Isis: Oh yes, but Sam does have his own darker side.

@SamMerlotteBT: He does! Sam is also very overprotective and jealous at times. Especially with Sookie, because he’s so in love with her and he doesn’t want her to get hurt because she hangs around with vampires and puts herself in danger.

Isis: Yes, Sam does have quite an open heart. Plus, he’s pretty similar in the SVM books and in True Blood. Is it hard to find a good balance of the two, or do you tend to role play as one version of Sam over another?

@SamMerlotteBT: I’d have to say that it’s fairly easy to balance the two because Sam‘s character is similar in the SVM books, and the tv show. But, I think that I do a mix of the two while role playing.

Isis: What got you into True Blood and this role play group?

@SamMerlotteBT: I’ve loved vampire shows, movies, and books as a kid so that kind of drew me in to watching True Blood because I’ve been a fan of vampires since I was young. And I actually got involved with this role play group by following a True Blood fan website on twitter. Then I started following characters from the show. And one day I was online and saw a post that @TB_Sookie posted, and they needed someone to play Sam Merlotte. And I responded to it, and got the job as Sam Merlotte a couple days later.

Isis: I talked to Sookie throughout the process of searching for Sam, and she was pretty desperate until you came along!

@SamMerlotteBT: Yeah, she mentioned that to me and I’m just really glad that I can be apart of this. Playing Sam is really fun, and I get a lot of positive feedback, so I guess that I am doing a good job. *laughs* But this is one of the coolest things that I’ve done and it was all because of her.

Isis: Have you deviated from what you know about Sam from True Blood so far?

@SamMerlotteBT: No, I don’t really think that I have.

Isis: Tell me a little about the Twittersodes. How was participating in that?

@SamMerlotteBT: Twittersodes, *laughs* they are so fun. I remember when I did my first one (which was only a couple weeks ago). I was so nervous and scared that I wasn’t going to be “a good enough Sam.” But all that passed as it went on, and it turned out to be fun. The Twittersodes are really great for fans too, because everyone, including myself, is so anxious for Season 3 to start and it kind of holds you over and it gives you that fix that you need.

Isis: Oh, don’t I know it! I’m going crazy waiting!

@SamMerlotteBT: Yeah, the Twittersodes are also great for being creative and original. I have never seen anything like this before, and it’s really fun.

Isis: Do you have any say in the plots for the Twittersodes?

@SamMerlotteBT: I think that whomever is involved with the Twittersode has an opportunity to give some input on what they think the fans will like, or something that they would want to do for a storyline.

Isis: Have we seen anything that you’ve contributed so far?

@SamMerlotteBT: Since I have done only two of them, I don’t think so. But I am very certain that you will in the future!

Isis: I can’t wait to see!

@SamMerlotteBT: There is something however, that I have had alot of imput on, and I really like contributing my ideas to this event that we’re planning.

Isis: That sounds pretty interesting.

@SamMerlotteBT: *smiles* It really is and I’m so excited about it.

Isis: What do you enjoy most about being Sam?

@SamMerlotteBT: I really enjoy being a shifter, because that’s a different side of Sam that I get to experience and it’s really fun to play around with.

Isis: Yes, from being a cute dog, to the literal “fly on the wall…” Sam‘s a lucky guy!

@SamMerlotteBT: Yeah, it’s really cool to play with, because I’m not just Sam, I am Dean the Dog. Also, I can be any animal that is present and I can experiment with that.

Isis: Yep, like the awesome way in which you killed Maryanne at the end of Season 2.

@SamMerlotteBT: Yeah, and that also revealed my secret to Bon Temps.

Isis: But people rallied around you. Those who love you protect you, do they not?

@SamMerlotteBT: That is very true, and I think that with Sookie telling Sam to embrace what he is and not to hide from it makes him stop and think. Because if people love him, then they will love him for what he is.

Isis: Have the fans embraced you as Sam?

@SamMerlotteBT: The fans do embrace me as Sam. They are all so very kind and they are the best fans in the world. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Isis: Have you gotten any weird comments from fans?

@SamMerlotteBT: Too many! *laughs* But that is another thing that makes this fun. You get all kinds of fans. Whether they are old, young, boy or girl. And I’m sure that all of us role players get some pretty interesting comments or messages from our fans.

Isis: Any examples you’re willing to share?

@SamMerlotteBT: Well, I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone, but alot of people have this fascination with Sam‘s butt. They love it, and it drives them crazy. Also, a lot of fans ask if I am going to be involved sexually with Bill.

Isis: What do you have to say to that? After all, Sookie dreamed of Eric after taking his blood…

@SamMerlotteBT: Well, for the ones that compliment on Sam‘s butt I say thanks, I guess it’s a nice compliment. *laughs* And I can’t really answer the other question, because I don’t know if I am going to be sexually involved with Bill. But I do know that after having a vampire’s blood, you will feel sexually attracted to them, like with Bill and Sookie and Sookie and Eric.

Isis: Do you think it’ll be different for Sam as a shifter? I mean, since Sam is a shifter, will the blood sharing be different?

@SamMerlotteBT: I do, because Sam isn’t human. And the effect of becoming sexually attracted to a vampire by drinking their blood relates to humans. With Sam being two-natured I think it will have little to no effect at all, except for heal him faster.

Isis: What do you want to have happen to Sam in Season 3 of True Blood?

@SamMerlotteBT: I want Sam to find his real parents, and learn about himself. Sam is missing something, and what he’s missing is the history of himself, really. Yes he knows that he is a shape-shifter but he does not know why or how. And I think that if he learns about it, then his life will change and he won’t feel the need to be closed off from people, and he will be willing to open up to someone.

Isis: Alan Ball has said that Season 3 will be about people finding out more about themselves, so I’ll bet you’ll get what you want from it.

@SamMerlotteBT: I really hope so!

Isis: What’s the most fascinating thing about Sam to you?

@SamMerlotteBT: I find it fascinating that he hates vampires, but he was willing to let one save his life. And he hated the idea of Sookie and Bill together, and yet he let Bill (whom he hated) save him.

Isis: Do you want to see Sam get a non-betraying love interest? After all, the Daphne fiasco was pretty bad.

@SamMerlotteBT: I do, I think that Sam needs someone to be there for him because he’s always there for everyone else. After all, the first time he opened himself up to someone, she turned on him and wanted to offer him to Maryann (Daphne). I think he’s a pretty lonely guy, and he’s totally heartbroken that he is in love with someone that doesn’t feel the same way about him. And I think that the perfect way for him to get over Sookie is for him to find a new love interest.

Isis: What about the relationship he had with Tara in Season 1 of True Blood?

@SamMerlotteBT: I believe that Sam was warming up to Tara, but she was going through this really hard emotional stage in her life. And then she was brainwashed by Maryann and she fell for Eggs. There could be a chance that they could rekindle the flame, but Tara would be mourning the death of Eggs, and it would be like a “I’m tired of being lonely” thing if Sam and Tara were to get involved like that again.

Isis: Yes, I can see your point. How do you think that meeting Sam‘s little brother will affect him?

@SamMerlotteBT: I think that it would be like a breakthrough for Sam. After all, he grew up thinking that he was an only child & that there was something wrong with him. And when he meets Tommy, then everything will change.

Isis: Sounds like you’ve got a lot to look forward to as a role player!

@SamMerlotteBT: I do, and I’m really excited about everything coming my way, especially since I can get updates from!

Isis: Thank you for your time!

@SamMerlotteBT: Thank you for interviewing me!

For those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!

Share Named One Of The Top 5 True Blood Twitters To Follow

June 20, 2009

twitter-logoWe here at are proud to be listed as one of the Top 5 True Blood Twitters to follow.  Below lluminati from present the Top 5 Blood Type’s suggestions on who to follow to stay up with on all the True Blood goodness.

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@trueblooddallas– Best True Blood and Sookie blog around. According to their bio. Well let’s just see about that.

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@phillyburbs– Well obviously, I mean where else would you go for True Blood news, gossip and everything else you could ever need in life?

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