’s Interview with Twitter’s Sam Merlotte @SamMerlotteBT

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The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is coming closer and closer to an end, but it’s still torturing everyone. With the new True Blood minisodes and posters only making the continued wait more difficult, I’ve been trying to make my own wait a little less torturous by casually joining in on a little role play. I recently stumbled upon an amazing group of Twitter roleplayers, and they’ve been incredibly kind to me, allowing me to interview them. After seeing how well my interviews with Sookie, Bill, Tara, and Queen Sophie-Anne went, Sam Merlotte (@SamMerlotteBT) decided that he too would allow me to interview him.

Isis: First, thank you for letting me interview you!

@SamMerlotteBT: You’re very welcome, I am honored that you chose to interview me.

Isis: The pleasure is all mine! First, when did you begin role playing? Have you ever played anyone else?

@SamMerlotteBT: This is actually my first Role Playing experience. I began about, let’s see here… about a month ago. And I have not played anyone else.

Isis: Wow! A first-timer! What have you found to be hardest so far in being Sam?

@SamMerlotteBT: The hardest thing would probably be telling people that they can’t work at Merlotte‘s. *laughs* If I could have a hundred people working there, I would tell all of them yes. But, unfortunately I can’t have a hundred people working at Merlotte‘s.

Isis: What’s easiest about playing Sam?

@SamMerlotteBT: I would have to say interacting with fans and other role players. Because Sam is this really kind guy and he is really easy to get along with because he’s a so likeable and genuine.

Isis: Oh yes, but Sam does have his own darker side.

@SamMerlotteBT: He does! Sam is also very overprotective and jealous at times. Especially with Sookie, because he’s so in love with her and he doesn’t want her to get hurt because she hangs around with vampires and puts herself in danger.

Isis: Yes, Sam does have quite an open heart. Plus, he’s pretty similar in the SVM books and in True Blood. Is it hard to find a good balance of the two, or do you tend to role play as one version of Sam over another?

@SamMerlotteBT: I’d have to say that it’s fairly easy to balance the two because Sam‘s character is similar in the SVM books, and the tv show. But, I think that I do a mix of the two while role playing.

Isis: What got you into True Blood and this role play group?

@SamMerlotteBT: I’ve loved vampire shows, movies, and books as a kid so that kind of drew me in to watching True Blood because I’ve been a fan of vampires since I was young. And I actually got involved with this role play group by following a True Blood fan website on twitter. Then I started following characters from the show. And one day I was online and saw a post that @TB_Sookie posted, and they needed someone to play Sam Merlotte. And I responded to it, and got the job as Sam Merlotte a couple days later.

Isis: I talked to Sookie throughout the process of searching for Sam, and she was pretty desperate until you came along!

@SamMerlotteBT: Yeah, she mentioned that to me and I’m just really glad that I can be apart of this. Playing Sam is really fun, and I get a lot of positive feedback, so I guess that I am doing a good job. *laughs* But this is one of the coolest things that I’ve done and it was all because of her.

Isis: Have you deviated from what you know about Sam from True Blood so far?

@SamMerlotteBT: No, I don’t really think that I have.

Isis: Tell me a little about the Twittersodes. How was participating in that?

@SamMerlotteBT: Twittersodes, *laughs* they are so fun. I remember when I did my first one (which was only a couple weeks ago). I was so nervous and scared that I wasn’t going to be “a good enough Sam.” But all that passed as it went on, and it turned out to be fun. The Twittersodes are really great for fans too, because everyone, including myself, is so anxious for Season 3 to start and it kind of holds you over and it gives you that fix that you need.

Isis: Oh, don’t I know it! I’m going crazy waiting!

@SamMerlotteBT: Yeah, the Twittersodes are also great for being creative and original. I have never seen anything like this before, and it’s really fun.

Isis: Do you have any say in the plots for the Twittersodes?

@SamMerlotteBT: I think that whomever is involved with the Twittersode has an opportunity to give some input on what they think the fans will like, or something that they would want to do for a storyline.

Isis: Have we seen anything that you’ve contributed so far?

@SamMerlotteBT: Since I have done only two of them, I don’t think so. But I am very certain that you will in the future!

Isis: I can’t wait to see!

@SamMerlotteBT: There is something however, that I have had alot of imput on, and I really like contributing my ideas to this event that we’re planning.

Isis: That sounds pretty interesting.

@SamMerlotteBT: *smiles* It really is and I’m so excited about it.

Isis: What do you enjoy most about being Sam?

@SamMerlotteBT: I really enjoy being a shifter, because that’s a different side of Sam that I get to experience and it’s really fun to play around with.

Isis: Yes, from being a cute dog, to the literal “fly on the wall…” Sam‘s a lucky guy!

@SamMerlotteBT: Yeah, it’s really cool to play with, because I’m not just Sam, I am Dean the Dog. Also, I can be any animal that is present and I can experiment with that.

Isis: Yep, like the awesome way in which you killed Maryanne at the end of Season 2.

@SamMerlotteBT: Yeah, and that also revealed my secret to Bon Temps.

Isis: But people rallied around you. Those who love you protect you, do they not?

@SamMerlotteBT: That is very true, and I think that with Sookie telling Sam to embrace what he is and not to hide from it makes him stop and think. Because if people love him, then they will love him for what he is.

Isis: Have the fans embraced you as Sam?

@SamMerlotteBT: The fans do embrace me as Sam. They are all so very kind and they are the best fans in the world. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Isis: Have you gotten any weird comments from fans?

@SamMerlotteBT: Too many! *laughs* But that is another thing that makes this fun. You get all kinds of fans. Whether they are old, young, boy or girl. And I’m sure that all of us role players get some pretty interesting comments or messages from our fans.

Isis: Any examples you’re willing to share?

@SamMerlotteBT: Well, I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone, but alot of people have this fascination with Sam‘s butt. They love it, and it drives them crazy. Also, a lot of fans ask if I am going to be involved sexually with Bill.

Isis: What do you have to say to that? After all, Sookie dreamed of Eric after taking his blood…

@SamMerlotteBT: Well, for the ones that compliment on Sam‘s butt I say thanks, I guess it’s a nice compliment. *laughs* And I can’t really answer the other question, because I don’t know if I am going to be sexually involved with Bill. But I do know that after having a vampire’s blood, you will feel sexually attracted to them, like with Bill and Sookie and Sookie and Eric.

Isis: Do you think it’ll be different for Sam as a shifter? I mean, since Sam is a shifter, will the blood sharing be different?

@SamMerlotteBT: I do, because Sam isn’t human. And the effect of becoming sexually attracted to a vampire by drinking their blood relates to humans. With Sam being two-natured I think it will have little to no effect at all, except for heal him faster.

Isis: What do you want to have happen to Sam in Season 3 of True Blood?

@SamMerlotteBT: I want Sam to find his real parents, and learn about himself. Sam is missing something, and what he’s missing is the history of himself, really. Yes he knows that he is a shape-shifter but he does not know why or how. And I think that if he learns about it, then his life will change and he won’t feel the need to be closed off from people, and he will be willing to open up to someone.

Isis: Alan Ball has said that Season 3 will be about people finding out more about themselves, so I’ll bet you’ll get what you want from it.

@SamMerlotteBT: I really hope so!

Isis: What’s the most fascinating thing about Sam to you?

@SamMerlotteBT: I find it fascinating that he hates vampires, but he was willing to let one save his life. And he hated the idea of Sookie and Bill together, and yet he let Bill (whom he hated) save him.

Isis: Do you want to see Sam get a non-betraying love interest? After all, the Daphne fiasco was pretty bad.

@SamMerlotteBT: I do, I think that Sam needs someone to be there for him because he’s always there for everyone else. After all, the first time he opened himself up to someone, she turned on him and wanted to offer him to Maryann (Daphne). I think he’s a pretty lonely guy, and he’s totally heartbroken that he is in love with someone that doesn’t feel the same way about him. And I think that the perfect way for him to get over Sookie is for him to find a new love interest.

Isis: What about the relationship he had with Tara in Season 1 of True Blood?

@SamMerlotteBT: I believe that Sam was warming up to Tara, but she was going through this really hard emotional stage in her life. And then she was brainwashed by Maryann and she fell for Eggs. There could be a chance that they could rekindle the flame, but Tara would be mourning the death of Eggs, and it would be like a “I’m tired of being lonely” thing if Sam and Tara were to get involved like that again.

Isis: Yes, I can see your point. How do you think that meeting Sam‘s little brother will affect him?

@SamMerlotteBT: I think that it would be like a breakthrough for Sam. After all, he grew up thinking that he was an only child & that there was something wrong with him. And when he meets Tommy, then everything will change.

Isis: Sounds like you’ve got a lot to look forward to as a role player!

@SamMerlotteBT: I do, and I’m really excited about everything coming my way, especially since I can get updates from!

Isis: Thank you for your time!

@SamMerlotteBT: Thank you for interviewing me!

For those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!