’s Interview with Twitter’s Vampire Jessica @MadeJessica Part 2

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Here’s the rest of the interview with Jessica! (Continued from Part 1)

Isis: How do you think Season 3 coming up in a month is going to affect you as Jessica?

@MadeJessica: I can’t wait, I’m SO excited! From what I’ve seen of the previews and minisodes, seeing how Jess deals with being on her own as a vampire is going to be SO cool. I think season 3 will give me a good blueprint of where I can go.

Isis: What did you think of the spoiler clips we’ve seen so far about Jessica?

@MadeJessica: Whoever heads HBO‘s advertising department is a genius. Waiting really does suck and these teasers appease and yet still drive me nuts. It’s like giving people the effects of V withdrawal without having to down a drop. As for the clips? I LOVE them. They made me feel good about the way I play Jessica, because while she can get REALLY serious and be VERY deadly, she will always make a window for fun, be it making someone yell they ahve a boner for Jesus or, sitting in Eric’s chair to se how big his buttgroove is.

Isis: *shaking my head and laughing* Only a teenager would do that!

@MadeJessica: I’m also very excited to see if Jess has some Pam time. I think Jess looks up to Pam immensely.

Isis: Yes, and that may be part of the reason why she likes going to Fangtasia so much!

@MadeJessica: Pam‘s glamorous, deadly, powerful… Everything Jess wants to get a grip on with her new fangs, but don’t tell her; I think Pam would shut the poor kid out if she knew she was unwittingly being made into a mentor.

Isis: Pam is a great character, and your group’s Pam has just the right attitude! She’s even flirted with me!

@MadeJessica: *jealous!* If she flirted with me, I’d wear that like a badge. She’s FANTASTIC!

Isis: Yes… Her and Eric both!

@MadeJessica: Oh, Eric is wow… Playing to him is a great challenge for me, as he is SO in character. It’s a constant and he has nailed down the persona at a bullseye rate. He makes role playing so much fun, just like everyone else in our group and our fans.

Isis: That’s awesome. Anyways… what do you think of Jessica and Sookie‘s relationship?

@MadeJessica: Sookie is just so sweet and I find that she falls easy into a mothering role. She’s had to do that with Jason I suspect as a kid with how he “thinks” or more specifically doesn’t, so she’s VERY patient with Jess and Jess actually likes her and can not figure out HOW or WHY she’s with Bill.

Isis: You’d think Jessica‘s relationship with Hoyt might explain it a little better for her!

@MadeJessica: You’d THINK but, I dont think Jess would compare Hoyt to Bill; I think that would upset and gross her out and she’d probably feel even worse if someone said she was Bill in that pairing. It helps that playing with @Sookie_BT is always an enjoyable experience. She’s REALLY good at the part and so it makes me fall into Jessica quite easily.

Isis: What’s it like being a character who isn’t from the books?

@MadeJessica: GREAT! On the one hand, it gives me more wiggle room to write but bad in that, since I own the whole series INCLUDING the new book. If she was in the book, I could have reference material that I did not have to plug in and press play. Alan Ball‘s made some very interesting creative decisions that I really like.

Isis: With season 3 coming up, there will be a lot of new characters introduced, like Alcide. How do you think Jessica will react to him? And how will she react to Sookie getting closer to guys other than Bill?

@MadeJessica: She will be extremely intrigued by him because he’s different. Way different than the other people she’s come in contact with in Bon Temps. I think she will be rather confused at Sookie’s reaction to him but she won’t ask any questions. Sometimes Jess CAN shut up and watch, and I think with Sookie and Alcide she will watch to see what happens and then depending on the outcome, then she’ll ask her questions. I like that about Jess too, when people think she’s not watching or listening, she is, she just never thinks things are important until she has to use them. So telling her to drink Tru:Blood in place of the real stuff because it’ll help the human community be less afraid is kind of hard because she figures, ‘who cares, I don’t have to kill them and I can glamour them to not remember and SOME people even offer themselves, so why bother wit the fake stuff?’ I think meeting Hoyt has made her consumption of Tru:Blood mean something.

Isis: Yes… Speaking of, what did you think of Hoyt and Jessica‘s break up at the end of Season 2?

@MadeJessica: I felt SO bad for the both of them, I understood where Hoyt was coming from, but I also understood how hurt Jess felt. I remember watching that whole thing and going “uh oh.”

Isis: I think we all reacted like that.

@MadeJessica: A hurt Jessica is never good for anyone, but Hoyt is such a sweetie! Even when Dawn died and Sookie’s listening to peoples’ thoughts and gets to his, then his reaction to getting a kiss ont he cheek… SO cute I’m also curious to see how he deals with the truth of his father’s death. The layers Alan Ball adds to his characters—I love it!

Isis: Me too! Oh! About the Twittersodes… Where are we going to see Jessica?

@MadeJessica: She’s gonna grow up a bit. She won’t lose that fun edge but she’s gonna end up seeing that things for Bill aren’t as easy as she thought.

Isis: Wow.

@MadeJessica: Yeah, I’m really excited. This Hoyt thing is giving Jessica that window to see into Bill’s world. She will of course maintain that she’s not as clueless as Bill is with Sookie sometimes.

Isis: Yep.

@MadeJessica: Twittersodes are SO much fun! They’re kind of scary for me, only in that my nerves go NUTS for like 10 minutes before they kick off and then when it starts, I’m fine. It’s like jumping in a pool without doing that dip your foot in first to see how cold it is.

Isis: *laughing* Do your fans ever take you to be the Jessica we see on True Blood?

@MadeJessica: Yes, but it isn’t in an awkward way; they don’t think I’m Deborah Ann Woll, but to have them feel comfortable enough to see the television protrayal of Jessica to my text based portrayal is rather flattering and inspiring.

Isis: have you gotten any weird comments aimed at Jessica?

@MadeJessica: Yeah, people always want me to turn them, which I find hilariously weird considering how Jessica was made, I don’t know if she’d want to repeat that to anyone. I’ve also gotten some offers for real blood… They’re from people either offering themselves or people they aren’t fond of. And it’s not just that. Despite being a loaded gun, a lot of the fans would like to hang out with her, which I find so interesting because you never know when Jess is gonna get all fangy but it seems like people are willing to risk it just to have a few words with her.

Isis: There’s something about her that’s just amazing.

@MadeJessica: And amusing. I think that for me, she’d probably poke at my trepidation. Give her an inch and Jess will take a mile.

Isis: *smiling* Anything else you’d like to tell us?

@MadeJessica: Yes! here’s the link to Jessica‘s journal where she gets all “This isn’t fair!” Oh! And I’m pretty addicted to, no joke. I NEVER trust any True Blood gossip until I know that TrueBloodNet has posted it!

Isis: Thank you for such a high compliment!

@MadeJessica: It’s the truth. gets me the most clicks in my stream! I love you guys!

Isis: Again, thank you so much! And thank you for such a wonderful interview!

@MadeJessica: This has been so much fun!

As always, for those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!