True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Contest

May 29, 2009 by  

blood-copy-contestThe Blood Copy Team is running a new promotion on their website where one lucky readers can win a “blood-red iPod nano” if you can guess from six photos which one is the vampire.  Just leave a comment and your guess as to who do you think is the vampire at their e-mail address.  So do you think you can spot a vampire from a mile away (well it would be night time so maybe a few feet away).   Are you going to go with the stereotypical idea of what a vampire looks like or use some other method to make your guess. Just remember vampires have been around for centuries and it is only recently that they revealed themselves to us.  Up to that point in time you could have been rubbing shoulders with a vampire and never knew it. So don’t be too quick to judge and it goes to show that you have to change the way you think otherwise you might end up saying something offensive to a vampire and may not know it or live to tell about it.  Check out the Blood Copy contest

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