True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Deals with Daytime Challenges

May 28, 2009 by  

e00010233Vampire Andrew mentions on his new Blood Copy blog that one of the benefits since becoming of being a vampire is he can continue staying up all night since he has always classified himself as a night owl and sleeping all day.  The only problem is this can pose a difficult problem when running a blog and a large number of your readers check out the site during the day.  So Vampire Andrew has to find a way to keep it running during the day now that he is working in association with Gawker Media.  So after an extensive searching  and interviewing he has found five people who will be part of the Blood Copy Team who will be writing during daylight hours for the Blood Copy blog.

Like many blogs that deal with posting news and interesting articles Vampire Andrew would like to hear from you  if you have any vampire stories to tell.  Whether it is a vampire who is having a hard time finding the right human to date or a human who wants to find a vampire to love.  Let him know about it.  So go over to his Blood Copy blog and learn more about his new Blood Copy team.

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