True Blood Season 2: A Blood Copy Way to Unwind

May 29, 2009 by  

blood-copy-vampires-zombiesI don’t know about you but lately I have been finding the weekends to be so hectic running around trying to do everything that I think I might try Vampire Andrew and his Blood Copy team’s suggestions as a way to unwind. I usually can’t sit down and read a book on the weekend when I have so much to do but I think I’ll try to force myself to sit down and read the one that Blood Copy suggested: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Now I have heard of the book but had no idea what it was about until I read the Blood Copy review of it. As Blood Copy states the story is about zombies that are called “unmentionables” who co-exist with humans like vampires do. Sounds good so far. As Blood Copy states:

“The zombies are trapped in horror-movie lore, stalking and feasting upon unsuspecting humans, their shredded finery trailing in the soft earth behind them. Vampires hold jobs, play video games, play sports, have human friends and significant others. They don’t eat brains. Let us repeat: Vampires do not eat brains.”

Well of course they don’t eat brains they drink TruBlood. Geesh everybody knows that but the fact that zombies are fake and vampires are real doesn’t have to beaten over our heads.  We know that already.  Sounds like a good book to start off with but I am really looking forward to reading “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” since it seems to be getting good reviews.


I think I’ll sit back on my lounge tonight and try reading the book with a glass Louisiana Queen. You never heard of it.  Well to tell you the truth I never have too but I saw the recipe on the Blood Copy blog and I thought I’ll try it out this weekend. Its made out of TruBlood and although I have never tried it on Blood Copy it says it is best to start off with a TruBlood cocktail before trying it straight otherwise it may make you feel queasy. No, I don’t want that I want to unwind this weekend not be in bed sick. Though I wondered about some of side effects such as drawing the attention of vampires. I think I can deal with that.

I just hope I don’t fall asleep on the lounge after an hour of reading the book and drinking my Louisiana Queen. However there are worse ways to spend a weekend evening.   Just recently I was watching TV and as I flipped the channel I saw the most ridiculous thing I have scene in years. A grown man wearing a vampire costume with the cape and fangs and the whole bit. I mean how insensitive can you be. I think Vampire Andrew and I, we must have been watching the same show because he mentioned on his Blood Copy blog he was watching the Baton Rouge Bloodsuckers ( it’s a soccer team that is doing very well in the league) when he saw the mascot for the team: a vampire in stereotypical gear. I mean in this day in age it is unacceptable for such things to occur. Just like Vampire Andrew said vampires are not mascots for America’s fun and games.


Well I think I’m set for a relaxing weekend. Now if I can do something about my cellphone I just hate my ringtone and need to find something different. Maybe over the weekend I’ll find something.  Till then have a fangtastic weekend.  OK bad joke.


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