True Blood Season 2: EW Recap of Episode 4

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true_blood_season_2_episode_4Alright, we waited two weeks for “Shake and Fingerpop.” Ken Tucker from EW gives us his True Blood season 2 episode 4 recap after last week expressing his annoyance at the mini-marathon instead of a new episode.  Ken starts his recap by examining Bill‘s and Sookie‘s roles as surrogate parents to (as Ken refers to her) “the delightfully bratty Jessica.” [Author’s comment: my take on Jessica (played by Deborah Ann Woll) is that she rocks at playing the part of a hormonal teen vampire. Watching Bill pop out of the coffin to save Sookie, then Jessica screaming, “How the hell do I get out of this thing?” as her coffin bounced around on the ground while she tried to get out was hysterical.

Ken talks about the relationship of Bill and Sookie taking on new dimensions:

It displayed a new side of the Sookie-Bill relationship, showing that they’re not just lovers making goo-goo eyes at each other — they can see each other’s strengths and flaws. Sookie may be a tough country gal, but she’s still naive about the nature of both evil and adolescence, and thus prone to being too permissive. (And, really, is there much difference between a teenager and a leeching vampire?) “Two travel coffins instead of one,” sighed Bill, ordering an additional for Jessica even as he knew knowing nothing good can come of this.”

We all know plenty of good fun can come out of this and it did. Bill showing Jessica how to glamor Sookie’s would-be abductor was a great scene. Sookie‘s look radiated her emotions, seeming to say, What a great dad he is. Sadly, I must admit, even as an adult I would have played with this man’s mind in the some way or another. Who knows what I would have made him do in public, but I would have had fun with it.

Alright now as Ken puts it here a SPOILER on who was behind the foiled kidnapping.

“A pivotal connection was made in this episode, as we found out that the people behind the attack on Sookie upon arrival in Dallas (with the limo driver played by Dean Norris, who’s so good in Breaking Bad), are the Soldiers of the Sun, the elite group of anti-vampire fanatics headed up by Rev. Steve Newlin and whose newest recruit is our dear sap Jason Stackhouse.

In all the spoilers that I had read concerning the “Eric and Lafayette” scene, it was discussed as being homoerotic.  The scene was anything but erotic.  If anything, Eric looks bored while Lafayette is drinking his blood and mildly bemused by Lafayette‘s dancing but not interested enough to even stick around.  Lafayette dancing around was hysterical, but NOT homoerotic!

Then of course Ken points out the hysterical debate between Jason and a few of Fellowship Of The Sun worshipers on the first vampire:

The debate among the Fellowship of the Sun stooges about who was the original vampire, Jesus, Lazarus, or Cain, was priceless”
Then of course Jason’s final words on the derivative of the word Evil and its meaning “explain Europe.” I couldn’t tell if they were confused or actually thinking hmmmm he’s right.

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