True Blood Season 2: What Did You Think of Episode 11?

August 31, 2009 by  

true-blood-episode-11-queenHBO‘s broadcast of True Blood Episode 11, Frenzy, has left many talking this morning and we want to hear from you and what your thoughts were about the episode.  Bill forced to play with Queen Sophie-Anne as he tried to get information from her how on how to destroy Maryann was interesting especially the Bill and Eric scene.  What is going to happen next at Sookie‘s house and what was that thing?  Alan Ball is doing a fantastic job building up the tension for the season finale, which we know will have us falling out of our chairs. Please join us in our forum where you can post you comments and join in discussions with fellow True Blood fans.

Please remember keep references to what is happening on True Blood and not what was in the books.  We want to have a discussion about the events that have happened up to now in the series.  Also please be cordial and no bashing of any of the characters, otherwise your comment will be deleted.  We want provide a positive environment where people can express their feelings about the events without feeling the characters will be bashed. Click here to join in the discussions on our forum.

(Photo credit : HBO Inc.)