True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Looking at the Romance

January 8, 2010 by  

More True Blood season 3 spoiler news from Alan Ball regarding the romantic adventures our telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is going to experience in season 3Alan spoke with Michael Ausiello from and stated that whether you want to see Bill and Sookie together or Eric and Sookie you are going to be “very unhappy and oddly, very happy” this season.  The reasoning behind his comment is the addition of another hunk into the mix, namely werewolf Alcide Herveaux (portrayed by Joe Manganiello) who will be adding to the sexual tension on the show.  As Alan explains:

“Take a look at Joe [Manganiello],” he teases of the hunk he cast as the psychic’s new love interest, the werewolf Alcide. “Do you think [they] have reason to be worried? We were looking for a guy who was big, sexy, decent and heroic, with some darkness,” he says. “And [Manganiello] showed us all of that in the audition.”

Alan was so confident in Joe‘s ability to convey the necessary attributes of the character that he didn’t ask him to do a chemistry test with Anna, which is normally done when there are several other actors who are vying for a role.

Alan mentions that although Alcide is not introduced to the audience at first as a potential suitor for Sookie, the circumstances that both characters find themselves in creates the dynamics for some sparks to fly between them.

“As in the book, he’s helping her find [her kidnapped boyfriend] Bill,” Ball notes, “and he has a business reason for owing Eric a favor” — one (bad) thing leads to an (incredibly sexy) other. “He’s there with her during a very painful time in her life — and his life, actually. And they’re thrown into some pretty intense situations together.”  “And hello, he’s hot!” he adds with a laugh. “And hello, so is she. Two hot people in some intense situations and, for whatever reasons, their significant others are not there… they’re human.”

Whether it is right or wrong that two people who are extremely attractive and facing stressful situations will fall into the arms of one another while their significant other is not around is up for debate, however it does make interesting television.

So how to do you feel about the introduction of another guy to heat up the screen with Sookie?  Are you happy about it or, as Michael says “should the show have spent a season exploring the Bill/Sookie/Eric triangle before making it a square?”

Let your comments be heard.


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