True Blood Season 3 Video Teaser

December 25, 2009 by  

It seems HBO is giving all us True Blood fans a special holiday treat by presenting to us all a new end of the year video promo featuring clips from its various series including clips from season 2 of Tue Blood and some teaser clips from season 3.  The season 3 teaser begins at the 1:31 mark and just seeing a few seconds of our favorite True Blood characters including Bill Compton, Sookie Stackhouse, Jasaon Stackhouse and Jessica Hamby is a wonderful holiday gift that HBO could give True Blood fans to help quench their thirst for a awhile.

[Editor’s note:  The video which was originally removed is back up again and now we have the original full-length promo that belongs with the write-up above.]


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)