True Blood Season 5 Episode 5 “Let’s Boot and Rally” Recap

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Time is Ticking – Let’s go Hunt Russell Edgington!

Pam and Tara get personal in Episode 5 of HBO's True BloodIn the last episode of True Blood we see things heating up between Alcide and Sookie. Episode 5 promises more of the the same in the open scene – until Sookie throws up on Alcide. To make matters worse, Bill and Eric get to witness this grand occasion. Talk about awkward dished up on top of Ew!

Things are also spiralling downwards for Lafayette this week. Not only do his statues start talking back when he is having a heated argument with God, but he finds the image of dead lover, Jesus’s (albeit only his head), complete with his mouth sewn shut, smack bang in the middle of his coffee table. We also find Lafayette’s mother having the same vision, only she seems to be able to understand what Jesus is saying.

So what’s happening with Terry and the Sergeant?  Well, they are still holed up but after Brian reveals he saw one of their squad dying in a fire, Terry has a flashback. Seems he remembers a certain little curse muttered by one of the dying civilians. Enter the new supernatural creature: the Ifrit. Should be fun to see what HBO and Alan Ball do with this fiery beast. A battle of wits ensues between the three men. Terry and Patrick manage to escape, it’s not a lucky day for Brian though.

Next we find a very confused and extremely naked Jason having visions about his childhood. He sees his parents with bloody vampire bites. Next we see Andy, who is just as naked, although a little less confused. Arlene’s response to naked Andy is priceless.

Oh boy, isn’t the sexual tension simmering not so far below the surface between Sookie, Alcide and Eric. This story line is so much fun! Between all the testosterone though, Sookie agrees to help Bill and Eric track down Russell Edgington before the dead by dawn deadline the Authority have unleashed on the pair — not that any of them know this yet.

We find out that Sookie can easily get into the head of the only worker who witnessed Russell being freed from his concrete hell. And yes, the Authority seem to be involved. Once more, the political plot thickens deliciously. The addled worker is able to lead Sookie and the others to a deserted mental institution — oh what fun!

Pam decides it’s time to put Tara to work at Fangtasia — it’s not long before she regrets this and orders Tara to never feed in public again. I am starting to wonder if HBO’s Tara is starting to merge with Charlaine Harris’s Thalia character in the book. She sure is cutting enough for the role. Luckily, Jessica arrives just in time to be a friend to Tara, just two newbie vamps talking about being turned. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last for long, as we find out a little later in the episode when Tara decides that Hoyt is a delicious feed. Seems Jessica still has feelings for him.

Jason and Andy are now at the scene of the shifters murders. While Jason wants to discuss fairyland and the bar they went to, Andy is afraid of messing things up with Holly. Andy then questions Sam about his dead friends. Sam reveals to him they were two-natured. Interestingly, Andy discovers that the bullets used to kill Sam’s friends are wooden. Is the killer after vampires too? It appears that Jason is now starting to develop a real hatred towards the undead. Wonder how that will pan out in future episodes? A showdown between him and Rev. Newlin perhaps?

At this point Bill and Eric find out the clock is ticking quickly towards the true death. The argument after this between Sookie and Eric about who gets to hunt for Russell is hilarious — go Sookie and her microwave fingers! But enough of that, what do Sookie and the gang find in the creepy old asylum? Humans in straight jackets, that’s what.  To make matters worse, they’re all hanging about like meat on hooks — at least they’re still alive.

Sam decides to confront (and warn) Luna about what has happened to their shifter friends. After apologizing to each other, Sam leaves. A truck arrives and shoots him. Luna rushes outside and is shot also! Luckily, her daughter shifts just in time and avoids the bullets with her name on them. Who will survive? And what on Earth is going on in the shifter world? Is this retaliation for the pack master murder perhaps?

Roman appears to be grappling with the deceit occurring around him since the death of the child vampire in the last episode. We finish up this week with a fascinating speech by him to the Authority. While he is talking, we are taken back to the asylum. Sookie has found Russell Edgington. Eric is threatening to finish what he started, but before he can do anything about it, we hear barking and Alcide drops to the ground. Is that Alcide changing or is that another werewolf on the scene?

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