True Blood Season 5 Episode 6 “Hopeless” Recap

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Fairies vs. Vampires?

Jason, Sookie and Hadley in Espisode 6 of HBO's True BloodIt seems Russell Edgington still has the support of the werewolves in Episode 6 of HBO’s True Blood. We start this week with Alcide being dragged away by weres and Sookie having to use her microwave fingers on Russell. Eric takes this opportunity to make Russell’s death final. Bill threatens to stake him as a result – he’d rather use Russell as a negotiating tool for their lives rather than get revenge. The Authority arrives just in the nick of time and prevents any further discussion on the matter.

I must say, it’s nice to have Russell back. His maniacal rants are a delight! Needless to say, the Authority are not at all impressed with him. Not to mention the fact that the clean up with the humans gets incredibly messy — but did we ever expect them to come out of this alive? At least they agree to Sookie and Alcide being glamoured. Cheeky Eric, though, makes it unbelievably hard for Alcide to pursue Sookie any more. Bet that won’t go down well with Sookie.

After the opening credits, we find the bitch fight from hell — Jessica and Tara in an epic battle at Fangtasia. Luckily Pam is on hand to break things up, but a little praise wouldn’t go astray, that’s for sure. It doesn’t look like Jess and Tara will be the besties that we first thought. Poor Hoyt finds himself thinking that Jessica still has feelings for him as a result and it’s sad to see his downward spiral after they talk; you almost wish Jessica would glamour him happy.

Thankfully, Luna and Sam managed to survive being shot since we find them in the Emergency Room. Luna’s daughter has made her way to her grandma’s house. This scene feels like a weird take on Little Red Riding Hood — I feel like Jessica should be in this scene. It provides a headache for Luna later on though when her daughter is returned to her by the dreaded mother-in-law. They do manage to come to a compromise though. I hope Luna doesn’t regret her decision later on.

While Alcide can’t seem to work out where he is and Sookie is all crying in the car with him, Bill and Eric’s lives still hang in the balance. Bill hedges his bets and publicly states that he is leaving it up to Lilith to decide his fate. Eric, however, is not pandering to the ways of the Guardian and the Authority. By this stage you are wondering how much time Eric has left on the series with blatant displays of defiance like this. Meanwhile, Alcide is still trying to work out what page he’s on. He’s having confusing images of Sookie and him in the throes of passion, but the recoil for her is also apparent. Sookie manages to help him remember his true memories.

So what about Terry and Patrick? We know they escaped last week, but how are they faring? Seems Terry is not about to follow Patrick into what he considers certain death. I’m not so sure how Terry will get out of this mess, but he desperately tries to keep Arlene out of his curse by breaking all ties with her and the children. Poor Arlene, at this point she thinks Terry is off his meds and she’s just been dumped by another loser. I hope she has the chance to realise how good a guy he really is.

Next we find Lafayette with his mother. And she certainly knows more than we first thought. Turns out she’s not so crazy after all. Not only can she understand what Jesus is saying, but she has been able to see spirits for a long time. Somehow I get the feeling that Lafayette’s mother will play a bigger role in this season than ever before.

Jason is now trying to draw Sookie into his anti-vampire sentiment. He admits their parents were killed by vampires and leads her to the field where the fairy party was held. Sookie can hear all the voices of fairyland around her and somehow manages to find the doorway from the real world which leads to the land of fae. Is anyone else finding fairyland a fusion of a Baz Lurmann movie and a red hot Jason Gilkison ballroom routine? Either way, it sure seems like a great place to be.

Claude makes another appearance and introduces Sookie to all his sisters. Hadley is still there and tries desperately to get Sookie to stay. Claude explains that he is no longer affiliated with Queen Mab and this secret place is separated from the rest of fairyland. Can anyone smell a fairy battle coming on?

Hadley also elaborates on how Sookie and Jason’s parents were killed — seems the vampires were sniffing out Sookie’s blood and her parents were just collateral damage. Sookie gets upset and uses her magic microwave hands on Claude — it turns out that a lot of other people seem to have the same magic here!

Sam and Andy strike up an unusual partnership. He offers to help Andy find the shifter-haters by scenting them out. What an awesome spin off show this would make, it would be like MacGyver meets Inspector Rex! They end up at the local camping-come-vampire-hunting store. The owner looks edgy when Sam enters the store — does he know Sam is a shifter? And if he does, how? Before we can find out, Sam has shot him with a crossbow and saved Andy’s life in the process.

Alcide has had enough of the weres sucking up to Russell Edgington and decides to run for the role of pack master — even if there already is a new leader. Were-lore states that he can do this but he must have a second to back him up. Surprisingly he finds one within the pack.

Finally, we find out Bill and Eric’s fate. Thankfully, the dreaded iStakes are removed and we no longer have to live in fear of a twitchy finger. It gives Eric another chance to speak his true mind about his beliefs. He also announces he wants to see his sister, Nora. Roman agrees, so long as Eric is present for the execution of Russell. This announcement seems to shock Eric. How tight is he with Russell, I wonder? Eric agrees and Roman orders Salome to silver Russell again as well as putting an iStake on him before the execution — apparently he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.

We return briefly to Hoyt. It seems he is still taking his break up with Jessica pretty harshly. A random vampire is sucking him dry! Before we can lament his possible demise, a truck appears filled with masked vampire-haters. They quickly dispatch with the vampire and drag Hoyt to safety. Are these the same people that are shooting at shifters? I think so.

Eric gets his visit with Nora. He finds her praying to Lilith, she is relieved that Russell is going to be executed. It seems Eric has a revelation of his own in this scene, but we have little time to ponder this thought as we are quickly brought to Russell babbling about how much he loves to drink humans. Roman gets sick of this pretty quickly and his trigger finger hits the iStake button.

If the trigger worked, Russell would be dead right now.

It seems that Russell isn’t as doped out on silver as we were first led to believe. And why didn’t the iStake work? Was he even wearing one? Anyway, Russell leaps at the opportunity and stabs the Guardian. Roman’s face distorts and there is blood spatter — is he really dead? Salome seems to think so, since she is crying tears of blood. Nora also thinks so since the last shot of the episode is of her thanking Lilith.

Is Roman really dead? How come the iStake didn’t work? Any other things that made no sense in this episode that you would like to discuss? Let us know in the comment section below.

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