True Blood Season 5 Episode 9 “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” Recap

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Endings and New Beginnings

The new sheriff of Area 5 in HBO's True Blood

We start this episode with a news report on the burning of a Tru Blood factory and the vampires at Authority headquarters are celebrating – on a human no less! Although, lesser members, such as Molly are finding it hard just to open doors inside the place. It seems there is no escape for the likes of Molly and Eric. It is a wonder Eric is still alive when other vampires have died for lesser indiscretions. I’m certainly not complaining though, and I hope the plot that Eric and Molly are hatching doesn’t end badly.

Meanwhile, Sookie has hired Lafayette to try and track down the evil vision of Warlowe that appeared last episode in her bathroom. At first Lafayette has no luck, but then he makes contact with Sookie’s gran who has the message: ‘Look under the bed.’ She is also thankful for the ‘striptease fairies’ (gran’s quote). Hmm…wonder what she’ll find there?

Poor Jessica is having to deal with Kenya and the rest of the police department with the whole Hoyt situation. Seems she can’t find Hoyt, or feel him with her vamp blood bond either. I hope he’s going to be okay. Especially since the very next scene shows Hoyt being dragged – (hopefully) unconscious – through the dirt.

Sam and Luna are having that first ‘I love you’ conversation – except it’s occurring in the midst of an argument! It seems Luna is going to help Sam track down the supe-haters regardless of how injured she still is – that girl sure has spunk!

Arlene and Terry have a lot to discuss about what happen in Iraq between Terry, Patrick and the rest of the squad. Terry leaves in an attempt to save Arlene from any more danger. This backfires though when Patrick absonds Arlene at gunpoint when she arrives for work at Merlotte’s. Patrick convinces her to call her co-workers and tell them work is closed for the day.

Tara plans to stockpile Fangtasia’s store of Tru Blood for the personal use of herself and Pam. Pam quickly puts a stop to this. If there is no synthetic blood on tap at Fangtasia, then that only leaves the humans patrons on which they can quench their thirst. They plan to pretend to drink Tru Blood once the stock runs out and discretely feast on humans when no one is looking.

Eric tries to save Bill from himself and bring him back to the main-streaming side. Bill seems pretty convinced of Lilith’s doctrine since his vision of her though. Eric lets Bill in on his and Molly’s plan to escape using the stolen blood of Salome and Nora. I hope Bill really is on Eric’s side, otherwise this will probably end badly.

Sookie and Lafayette search a box of trinkets found under Sookie’s bed and come across not only a framed report card of Jason’s where he received his one and only B, but a news article announcing the fact that Sookie’s parents bodies were found by Bud Dearborn. Sookie finally has a lead to follow.

On the supe-haters may have their faces covered with Obama masks, but that doesn’t stop Jason recognising a few. Of course, he also get confused over the use of the word ‘dragon’, thinking they mean the real ones. Andy, however, points out that the term was also used in the Klu Klux Clan. Although, assaulting supe-hater in custody yields no clues as to who this dragon may be.

Next we find Alcide who is remembering back to his childhood and just how important is is to be a wolf in a pack. Alcide is driving to find his father, who we later find passed out on a couch in a trailer. It turns out his father is also a no-hoping gambler. I hope Alcide doesn’t end up like this as a result of his being abjured from the pack.

Sookie goes to visit Bud Dearborn to ask him about her parents. Dearborn does own up to the fact that there were bites on her parents. At the time they attributed them to gators, but it seems Bud has more than a slight aversion to vampires. Sookie tries to read Bud’s mind by spilling her drink and then grabbing onto him. It turns out Bud doesn’t know of any vampires that go by the name Warlowe, but that point is moot once a lady (who is large and possibly fits the description Luna-Sam gave last week in the room they rescued Jess from) with a heavy skillet knocks poor Sookie out cold!

Andy is being harassed by reporters outside his headquarters. He shucks them off when he sights Sam and Luna though. After speaking to the shifters, he discovers they also scented pig poo along with the large lady. They want to help Andy, but he says no. It’s lucky they can change into other critters – can anyone say ‘fly on a wall’?

Andy and Jason discuss the implications of pig excrement and how that all ties into what has happened to Hoyt and the supe-haters. Eventually they work out, thanks to more video footage on that Bud Dearborn is a member of this group. Time is ticking to save everyone now!

Speaking of pigs, Sookie wakes up and finds herself surrounded by them. She also locates Hoyt, who is still out cold and tied up in the next pen. Bud arrives and in a typical villian monologue fills us in on why he’s anti-supe. His girlfriend, Sweetie, arrives and we get a little insight into her past thanks to Sookie’s telepathy. We also discover that she is the dragon! After more talking, they make Sookie drink some drugged ginger ale.

Jason and Andy arrive – just in the knick of time. Except that they’re at Bud Dearborn’s house and not where Sookie is being held captive. After a bit of searching, they realise that Bud’s wife owned a pig farm and they are back on track. I hope they get there in time!

Terry and Patrick come head to head when Patrick lures him (with the help of a distraught Arlene) to Merlotte’s. They argue and each plead for their own lives. Patrick still has a gun to Arlene’s head, so we are not as sympathetic to him, but his words seem to be working on Terry who drops to his knees. Patrick lines up to shoot Terry and end the curse when Arlene stabs him in the neck. A scuffle breaks out and Arlene ends up with the gun.

Eric confronts Nora about her beliefs. Eric tries to turn Nora away from the beliefs of  Lilith. It would seem he is being true to Godric’s wishes by trying to persuade her to turn away from the Sanguinistas. Salome, on the other hand is in bed with Bill and they are feasting upon each other. Bill gets confused and sees Sookie instead of Salome. Is he really Sanguinista or not? He bites her anyway, although once he realises it is Salome he has bitten, he is contemplative of her blood and the freedom it can bring. Still we do not know which side Bill is on.

Sweetie and the rest of the supe-haters are making more damning videos in their Obama masks. They set the hungry pigs loose on Hoyt and Sookie. Luckily one of those pigs is Sam. (Who’s glad he ignored Andy now and became flies on the wall? I certainly am!) He rescues Sookie and a fight breaks out. Sweetie makes a run for it at the sight of Sam. The police arrive and all seems to be sorted. Bud will not admit defeat and is shot dead in the process. It’s touch and go for Hoyt as well, we hope he pulls through. Luna takes off after Sweetie. She manages to get a hold of the dragon and punches her repeatedly. That seems to sort out that storyline.

Terry has the gun on Patrick now. Both Patrick and Arlene are trying to tell Terry what to do. Before Terry can flip out completely, the ghost of the woman he shot in Iraq appears and Terry finally shoots Patrick. The ghost-woman is happy and releases the Ifrit who consumes the body of Patrick. Another storyline is neatly tied up.

A new storyline is introduced next. We can’t have so many ending without some juicy new drama. Pam finds a goth vampire sitting in Eric’s throne at Fangtasia. As if that insult isn’t bad enough, he is publicly feeding on a human. Pam tells him off but to no avail – it seems this is the new sheriff of Area 5, as decreed by the Authority! What Authority? He announces that public consumption of humans is now allowed. Who is this new vampire?

Russell and Steve make an appearance next. They are welcoming the new packmaster, JD. Russell offers his blood to the pack. All partake of it except for Martha, who is holding her granddaughter (in wolf form), Emma. Russell notices and when Martha vows never to drink from Russell, he steals Emma from her and gives the wolfling to Steve as a pet. Oh dear, Luna is going to be annoyed when she finds out!

In the last scene of this episode we find Eric, Nora and Molly together. It seems Nora did not change her mind and Eric has to sedate her (I wonder what they have to use in that cocktail?) Just as Eric is carrying Nora to the door to use her blood to open it, Bill arrives. Uh-oh, it appears that Bill is still a Sanguinista. When they open the door, Salome and an army are there and they arrest Eric and Molly!

Will this mean the final death for Eric and Molly? Let me know what you think in the comment below.

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