True Blood On and Off the Set With Alex, Stephen and Anna

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On True Blood Sookie, Bill, and Eric have a strange love triangle that keep the fans guessing. In real life, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard have formed a strong friendship that surpasses the show. Whether they are in interviews or posing for photos, the camaraderie between them is always easy to see.

In real life, Anna is engaged to Stephen and has recently announced in a public announcement for gay and lesbian rights, that she is bisexual. She’s been working hard on the set of True Blood and reveals that she hasn’t heard the reaction to her announcement. She remarks,

“At some point, I have to step outside of my bubble and go on vacation. But I am not really interested in what people have to say about that particularly.”

She may not have noticed people talking her sexuality, but she has noticed the attention she is getting for her blond hair that has them talking. A natural brunette, Anna dyed her hair blond in order to portray Sookie. She says that boys do look at her more; being blond and perky seems to grab people’s attention.

Aside from playing the blond bombshell, Anna also worked with Stephen and her brother Andrew on the film Open House. Both she and Stephen thought Andrew‘s script was wonderful and wanted to work with him. They were able to find a few days to shoot, but haven’t been able to see the film due to their busy schedules. Anna thinks her brother is a wonderful director and definitely has a future in film making.

For Stephen, the loves scenes between Bill and Sookie are an added bonus to his job, but of course he states that it could get a little uncomfortable when Sookie has a love scene with Eric. Stephen insists that he is very close with Alex and understands that Alex has it tough when it comes to the scenes he does with Anna, the same way Sam Trammell found it tough in Season 1. To help, Stephen is scarce during those scenes. They all have a great respect and love for one another. In end, Stephen understands that it’s part of the job and he wants Alex and Anna to do the best possible job they can do.

Furthermore, Stephen himself has had to do sexual scenes with other women in Season 3. Such intimate scenes are raw and will always hit one’s partner, whether they’re on the show or not, right in the gut. In the end, Anna and Stephen both understand the difference between their love and what they do for the show.

When asked about Bill’s lust and hunger, Stephen (the father of two) counters with

“I can answer that by first talking about the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). It seems fine in our culture to watch Jack Bauer kill 25 terrorists at 9 o’clock (in the evening on US television). As soon as it goes one minute past 9, we’re allowed to watch that happen but we can’t look at a female nipple. I don’t want that whole kind of covering up thing and feeling repressed about sex, whether you’re a 14, 15, 16 year old kid, male or female, and not being able to talk about it. I would hate for my kids to feel like that. I’d love to be able to think the show has made me more aware of that and it has made me think more that if my kids come to me, I will try and answer them in the best possible way and not in a way where I pretend it doesn’t exist.”

Like Stephen, Alex doesn’t seem bothered by nudity or more intimate scenes. If anything, he welcomes the chance to develop a character, rather than be seen as simply eye-candy.

Alex is the son of Swedish actor Stellan Skarskard. Though some may be intimidated by his good looks, he is down to earth with a wonderful sense of humor. After the interview he was leaving for his native Sweden, where he’s been named the sexiest man. Alex remarks on his sex symbol status:

“It’s not like I wasn’t happy about it (laughing). Dude, I was flattered. I wasn’t like “Oh, really – again?” I’m only human in real life. The thing I didn’t like in Sweden was that it became the focus. Because I was voted the sexiest man in Sweden a couple of times, the roles that came in were the young hot guy. I wanted to do something that was more interesting than that. I didn’t get offers to play characters like Brad Colbert in “Generation Kill” or Eric in “True Blood” in Sweden. I wasn’t looking for the pretty boy parts.”

He doesn’t play a pretty boy, but he does play a sexy vampire. Fans seem to be split over who is the sexier vampire: Eric or Bill. Alex notes that he loves Stephen and he has no ill will against any of the fans. In fact, there is a competition going on; if team Bill wins, Alex has to wear a shirt they design and if team Eric wins, Stephen has to wear a shirt they design. All of it is for charity and, hopefully, everyone will have fun doing it.

Though Alex wouldn’t confirm or deny a gay love scene coming up, he did talk about keeping a straight face during some of the more surreal or bizarre scenes on True Blood. He remarks,

“On the night that we go to the Golden Globes, someone always has to work the following morning. The morning after the big event…my call time was like 5:30. We had a great night and we had so much fun with the whole cast and crew. We were drinking and having a good time.I was a little tired when I woke up and went to work. It was the day we shot … I don’t know if you’ve seen Episode 302 where we’re dressed up as Nazi soldiers and we come down from the ceiling. Allan (Hyde) and I had this moment where we were hanging on wires in the ceiling, dressed in these Nazi uniforms and you have these fangs on, just hanging and waiting for the take. You hang there for like 10 minutes and then you come down. That was one of those moments where Allan and I just looked at each other. We were like, “Pretty crazy job we’ve got (laughing).”

On the set, Bill, Sookie and Eric are wrapped up in a mess of things and their relationship with each other is more than a little strained. However, when the cameras are off Stephen, Anna and Alex are only wrapped up in love and laughter with each other. The stronger the friendships off camera, the better bond and easier it is to trust one another in those intense scenes True Blood is known for.


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