True Blood’s Carrie Preston Wants An Arlene-Eric Smackdown

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Two episodes into Season 3 of True Blood and we already know that Arlene, the feisty, red-haired waitress played by Carrie Preston, is in a spot of trouble: maybe baby trouble.

Carrie Preston spoke recently with the TVChick about how she got the part of Arlene, how she approaches the character and what is in store for her in Season 3.

Carrie tells how Alan Ball offered the part of Arlene after working with the writer/director on his feature film “Towelhead” (2007). She explains how, at first, she had reservations about taking on the part as Arlene was so very different from her but, Carrie says:

When he offered me the part, I couldn’t resist it. It was a chance to play a real character and to transform, which is something you don’t usually get to do on television.

Carrie emphasizes that she is not outspoken or narrow minded like Arlene, but does understand where she is coming from, having grown up in Macon Georgia around women like Arlene, and tries to ensure she “finds the humanity” in the character so that she is not just a “stereotypically racist, ignorant southerner”. Growing up in Georgia also meant that the southern accent came naturally to Carrie.

But ArleneCarrie explains, expresses an important viewpoint about vampires: that while they may be “seductive and mysterious and sexy”, they may not be the perfect babysitter.

“I always try to build a three dimensional woman with responsibilities and cares and woes that are similar to the concerns of our audience. She’s grounded in the real world, which is a nice balance with the supernatural stuff going on around her.”

For Carrie the show has brought her some challenges: particularly working in those uncomfortable frenzy-eyed, black contacts in Season 2, and some highlights: the scene with Tara in Merlotte’s ladies room following one of those frenzy-eyed episodes, also Season 2.

“It was a brilliant scene written by Raelle Tucker, and I loved playing it with Rutina. We were both totally engaged in it, and it had really high stakes, but it was also a bit humorous. That’s the alchemy of the show that makes it so appealing. … I feel blessed with how wonderful the cast and crew are. I’m always grateful to go to work on this show.”

So what does Season 3 have in store for Arlene and will we ever meet the father of her children Coby and Lisa?  Carrie explains that this season the audience will see a different side of Arlene and will have an insight into how she copes with stress and pressure.

As for her the father of Arlene’s two children, Carrie thinks that maybe “they [have] two different fathers, actually” and there are no plans for us to meet them just yet.

The new man in Arlene’s life is the emotionally scarred, Iraq veteran, Terry Bellefleur. Will she have more luck with this relationship?

“Terry is by far the sweetest and most vulnerable man Arlene has ever dated. He’s the first guy who seems willing to drop everything to make her and her kids happy, so even if he’s got some emotional issues due to the war, it seems like she wants to make things work with him.”

With the award nomination season approaching Carrie was asked to comment on the relative lack of success for True Blood at the Emmys (only one so far for Anna Paquin).

“We always joke that the Emmy winners can have their trophies, and we will keep our ratings and fan base! It would be nice to win awards for the show, of course, but we are more interested in continuing to please the audience and staying on the air.”

On the subject of nice things, when asked what character Carrie would like to see Arlene have more scenes with, she nominated Eric.

“I wish I could have some interaction with Eric. I think seeing Arlene square off with Eric in some kind of strange debate about vampire rights would be hilarious and scary.”

An Arlene, Eric smackdown! I think we’d like to see that, too.

To see what else Carrie says in this awesome interview, go to thetvchick and enjoy!

SOURCE: The TV Chick

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