’s Interview with Twitter’s Jason Stackhouse @Jason_BT

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The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is now over! However, the wait between the airings of each new episode is still… difficult with all the new  I recently stumbled upon an amazing group of Twitter roleplayers, and they’ve been incredibly kind to me, allowing me to interview them. After seeing how well my interviews with Sookie, TaraSam, Jessica, and Eric Northman have gone, Jason Stackhouse sat down with me for an interview of his own!

Isis: First, Jason, when did you being role playing?

@Jason_BT: I think it was actually six years ago or so. I came across some RP on Myspace, thought it looked like a lot of fun and started there. That lasted for a couple of years, then I took a break from it. Now I’m back.

Isis: What characters did you play, and what fandoms were you in?

@Jason_BT: I was part of the Buffy fandom, and let me tell you, that was the most fun I’ve had RPing. Until now, of course. As for my character, I played a few. I liked to try out different characters; challenge my creativity.

Isis: Anyways, what inspires you to be the most realistic Jason possible?

@Jason_BT: I guess it’s the fans. Using that word is so strange to me, because it’s hard to imagine having fans. But yeah, the people who follow inspire me to be as realistic as I can be. They’re taking the time to follow and watch our twittersodes, and random RPs. I’d hate to give them a half-assed version of the character.

Isis: How do you find balance between the Book!Jason and the Show!Jason? After all, some fans have to be more book fans than others, who are show fans…

@Jason_BT: Finding the balance between the two is a little tricky. Especially when you have followers that never read any of the the books. They tend to feel as though you’re just really straying away from the Jason they know from the show. I stick to his dimwit and lovable personality, but I tend to lean more toward tv show Jason. But who knows what’s going to happen in Season 3. From the previews it seems to me like Jason might be a little bit more by the book this year.

Isis: *nodding* Yes, I’d noticed that. Is that going to affect the twittersodes when they start up again?

@Jason_BT: I’m not sure that we will be doing any Saturday night twittersodes while the season airs. We have some other ideas in mind though. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Isis: Any hints on what’s to come?

@Jason_BT: If I give anything away @Sookie_BT might just murder me. *Laughs* We’d hate to have any other groups taking the ideas, but I can promise you that it will be very interesting and great to watch.

Isis: Yes, I understand that behind the scenes things aren’t what people would necessarily expect.

@Jason_BT: That’s what I hear, but you know me. I love just about everyone *winks*

Isis: Very true… you flirt.

@Jason_BT: It’s part of my charm.

Isis: How did you hook up with this roleplay group?

@Jason_BT: When I first started I was part of a different group, which seemed to get smaller until none of the original canon’s were around much anymore. So I started tweeting with @Sookie_BT a little bit here and there, She sent me a random message one day asking me to be the Jason for the group she was getting together and the rest is history.

Isis: Seems like a great pairing.

@Jason_BT: She is so great to RP with. We seem to bounce off one another really well, which is important for the Sookie/Jason relationship.

Isis: You two act like real siblings.

@Jason_BT: Sometimes it actually feels that way. I guess that means the chemistry is there, and we’re doing something right, huh? *Laughs* I love having her as my Sookie.

Isis: Yes, watching you two is almost a visual experience. Those of us with siblings can completely see the sibling bond… It’s almost scary sometimes, how realistic it is.

@Jason_BT: Thank you. I’m sure Sookie will love hearing that, too. We’ve talked a good amount out of character, so maybe getting to know each other that way has also helped us with RPing Jason and Sookie as brother and sister.

Isis: I’m sure it has. 🙂 You have a great time working with Sookie. Would you say that’s your favorite part of being Jason, or is there something else that is your favorite?

@Jason_BT: Working with Sookie is definitely one of my favorite things about RPing Jason. Not only Sookie, but the rest of the group as well. We have some great and talented writers that I’m lucky enough to interact with. And I really enjoy how fun he is. He’s just so carefree, and clueless most of the time.

Isis: What do you enjoy most about being Jason?

@Jason_BT: I enjoy signing online every day and getting the chance to interact with such amazing people. The other role players are so talented and the followers never have anything but nice things to say. I’ll admit that doing this makes my days, and nights, a hell of a lot more interesting. Not to mention, there are a few people that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know out of character, and they’ve become some of my closest friends. What I enjoy most about being that character, there’s never a dull moment when you’re Jason. If he’s not in trouble, then he’s saying something that makes everyone stop and say ‘huh?’. I mean really, you can’t get any more entertaining than Jason Stackhouse.

Isis: *smiles* Very true! That’s definitely the Jason we all know and love! Have you ever been mistaken for either Ryan Kwanten or the Jason we see on True Blood?

@Jason_BT: On Twitter? Yes, I get that more often than I thought I would. I always feel so horrible when I have to let them know I’m just a regular person playing Jason for fun.

Isis: Have there been any… strange requests aimed at you on Twitter?

@Jason_BT: Shall we discuss the one you sent me this afternoon? *Laughs* Okay, there wasn’t really one from you. *Shifty eyes* I get requests every day that range from dates to making babies. Actually, and it’s not a request but still strange, there’s a bid war on twitter right now over a picture I posted. I wonder how serious the girls are.

Isis: At last check, the bidding reached a cool $1,000,000. (Update: because this was on twitter, the final bid was an infinate number, and the prize ended up being a picture of Jason and a picture of Eric.)

@Jason_BT: Tara just sent me an IM to tell me that she’s now getting blank check offers.

Isis: *laughing*

@Jason_BT: I’m enjoying this myself. I haven’t stopped laughing since this bid war started.

Isis: Apparently, you’re very popular.

@Jason_BT: It’s hard being Jason, but somebody has to do it. Might as well me be. *Laughs*

Isis: So, where do you see Jason going next?

@Jason_BT: Well, since Crystal Norris is being introduced this season I see Jason finally settling down a bit. If Alan Ball sticks to the books, then maybe he’ll finally experience what it’s like to be in love. And, not to mention, perhaps a little shake up in his world.

Isis: That would be interesting, to say the least.

@Jason_BT: Oh yeah, definitely. Though, I’ll have to admit, I will miss Jason chasing just about every girl he lays his eyes on. Watching him doing that tends to make the show very amusing. He will go to great lengths to get some.

Isis: Yes, I know… So long as I’m not being chased, though, I’m good! 😀

@Jason_BT: I think you have made it clear enough which team you’re on. *Laughs* I won’t chase anymore. The rejection hurts my ego.

Isis: Awww… *hugs* I didn’t mean to make your oversized ego shrink into itself! LOL

@Jason_BT: *Sighs* It’s okay. After this bid war, I reckon it’s right back to where it’s supposed to be. Just don’t go deflating it again. *Laughs*

Isis: I’m not sure it’s possible to deflate it. However, is there anything that is more challenging than anything else when it comes to being Jason?

@Jason_BT: The most challenging thing for me is keeping up with Jason‘s himbo status. There’s just not enough twitter time in a day for all the ladies. *Laughs* This is where I struggle most with the balance between book Jason and tv show Jason. He seems to be more of a ladies man in the show, huh? In the books he has that reputation but you mostly see him in relationships. So I guess my biggest challenge is to stay true to the show and have Jason flirt with just about every girl, while keeping the sweet side he seems to have in the books.

Isis: Wow, I can see how that would be challenging!

@Jason_BT: Hopefully I’m doing a decent job with that part of playing Jason.

Isis: You really are. It’s a pleasure to get to play with you.

@Jason_BT: The pleasure is all mine. 🙂

Isis: Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers about yourself?

@Jason_BT: I’m single, and I enjoy long walks on the beach….lol Just kidding… About myself? Unfortunately I’m not as much fun as Jason is so I’ll keep the real me a mystery. But I would like to say thank you to all the readers for following and interacting with us on a daily basis. Role playing truly is SO much fun, and I’m glad we can keep you guys entertained. Oh, and thanks for the wanting to actually take the time to interview me. I’m a big fan of, and check it daily. Surfing around the site helps my work days go by so much faster.

Isis: Thank you so much for your time, Jason.

@Jason_BT: It was fun.

For those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!