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Alan Ball Talks About Episode 10:

Eric, Pam, Jessica and Bill from S4 Ep10 of True BloodTrue Blood fans will enjoy this video from the HBO website. Alan Ball discusses his reasoning behind episode 10 of Season 4, entitled “Burning Down the House”.

While we see the disappearance of “Emo-Eric,” we also see the battle of the heart as Sookie realizes that she is in fact in love with two men. As Alan Ball explains:

“It remains to be seen, is the love that they felt for each other, can it exist in a world where he remembers who he is?”

Meanwhile, Marnie is finding herself in another sort of intimate relationship – that of Antonia, the spirit of a long deceased witch. Director, Lesli Linka Glatter comments:

“She’s an outcast, she hasn’t had friends around her, she’s grown up very lonely. And now she has Antonia, who has given her a friend and a sister.”

The inner struggle of the two intertwined characters is also discussed by Alan Ball.

Bill Compton and his pursuit of the destruction of Marnie is then discussed. Bill is intent on eradicating Marnie, at all costs. Even if there is the loss of human life. So Sookie, Jason, Lafayette and Jesus try to intervene. Ball is intent on making sure that True Blood goes beyond its genre and delves into the more human aspect of helping friends in need.

This results in Jesus attempting to breach the barrier of Marnie’s protection spell and the audience gets to see another side to his character. Glatter was very excited to attempt to portray this part of the episode, considering that there was visual interaction with an enchantment as well as other special effects.

The episode culminates with the vampires approaching the Moon Goddess Emporium armed with a vast array of impressive weapons. Alan Ball explains:

“This attack is being led by Bill and Eric, two men who are in love with her [Sookie]. So, it’s all kinds of complicated. Which I think is why we like this show so much.”

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