VIDEO: Stephen Moyer Talks to PRIME about True Blood

November 11, 2009 by  

Stephen-Moyer-PrimeStephen Moyer‘s  video interview with New Zealand’s PRIME network began with a discussion about how True Blood is one of the most intelligent and clever shows on TV right now. Stephen agreed saying that even if he was not a part of the show it is definitely something he himself would have gotten into. He claims a lot of the show’s success is due to the fantastic writing of Alan Ball and how he has such a talent for creating amazing hooks that get the viewer coming back for more.

The interview continues with a discussion of the complex relationships depicted in the series and the structure of the vampire society. Stephen explains that the way the vampires behave and the way one vampire will not disrespect another vampire brings a very old timey feel to the vampire culture. The humans on the other hand are the ones who are frail and are dealing with insecurities and addictions. Stephen thinks these differences between the two cultures is what makes the show so clever.

PRIME then asked Stephen what it is that he likes about his character, Bill Compton. Stephen goes on to talk about Bill’s background and how he feels that Bill is just trying to be a good person. He has felt great loss and to some extent has been able to recover from that but, he still carries it around with him which gives him this melancholy sense about him. Stephen thinks it is also important to note that even though Bill is doing his best to be a good person, the ultimate truth is that he is still a vampire. Bill tries not to kill the innocent but more over chooses those that are bad. Stephen even coined a little phrase for this, “crimes against Sookie“, since most people who try to cross or hurt Sookie won’t be around for long.

This led PRIME to ask Stephen about Bill’s relationship with Sookie. Stephen thinks the reason Bill is so attracted to Sookie is because she enables him to feel something that he thought was long dead to him, the ability to love. Stephen goes on to talk about some of Bill’s supernatural qualities and how he was very disappointed that Bill was not given the ability to levitate in the show as the character does in the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Stephen was then asked why he felt the show was so successful, not only in the United States, but all over the world. Stephen answered by saying that he feels Alan Ball has created a world that is just really fun. Stephen also said that the characters bring something to the show and how Alan keeps bringing in new characters and the story just continues to twist and turn. Stephen also talked about how he foresees Eric becoming Bill’s nemesis and vying for the love of Sookie. We will have to wait and see!