VIDEO: True Blood Cast Interviewed to Promote Season 2 in France

December 5, 2009 by  

Alexander-Skarsgard-FranceIn order to promote Season 2 of True Blood in France, part of the cast (Michelle Forbes, Rutina Wesley, Alexander Skarsgard, and Sam Trammell) took the time to sit down for another interview. The cast talked about why they like working on True Blood, reinforcing comments they have all made previously about working for HBO, what the show is about, and how the show is similar to modern societies.

Michelle Forbes gave the first comments, saying that one of the things she loves about the show is that it’s “mindful escapism.” It’s not just some bubble gum show where you sit back and watch, but a show that grips you and makes you think while you watch.

Alexander Skarsgard reminded us all that “[True Blood is] not tv, it’s HBO, so they can do whatever they want.” He continued, talking about the creative freedoms that HBO gives to its creators like Alan Ball, so that they can actually create good, strong content for their viewers. (If only other cable stations would do the same! Then we might have other great shows to watch as we impatiently wait for the next season of True Blood!)

Rutina Wesley commented directly on Alan and working with him. “He’s an actor’s director… He gives constructive criticism, gets the results he wants without making [the actors] cry.” She also made comments about how involved Alan is in the creation of True Blood, and talked about his presence on set in Season One compared to Season Two.

Sam Trammell also weighed in on Alan and how he works and writes. “[Alan’s] very political,” he said, continuing his comment by explaining the similarities to modern society and the different minority groups and how they’re treated. Alex also commented, talking about how the references to society can be about anywhere, not just the United States or Sweden or France, and how that works with the story telling of the show. Alex talked about how True Blood has to be subtle to not shove an agenda down the audience’s throat and alienate them. It was a very strong point, and I wish he would have expanded a bit more on it than he did.

This definitely was a good interview, and while it doesn’t contain much new information, it does remind us that the show is fun, while tackling some issues much larger than itself.

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