VIDEO: True Blood’s Terry Bellefleur at EyeCon ’09

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Terry-Bellefleur-True-BloodBack at EyeCon in November, Todd Lowe took the time to chat with Allison Walker for Central Florida on Demand.

The interview started with Allison introducing Todd and asks about his character, Terry Bellefleur.

Todd responded that in the books, Terry is a Vietnam vet, but for the sake of True Blood, that was updated so Terry is now a veteran of the war in Iraq. Todd also said that Terry is having a really hard time dealing with knowing that he killed other people while at war.

Allison continued by asking Todd to leak information about Season 3 of True Blood. Unfortunately, that really didn’t help us at all. Todd was incredibly close-lipped about what’s coming up, except when it came to generalities. However, Todd did mention that he already had received the first two scripts by the time the interview was held, and that they were really good, and he was dying to tell someone about them, but that he isn’t allowed to share. (Anyone else dying of anticipation about how little we’ve been given in snippets?)

Apparently realizing that Todd couldn’t say much, Allison turned to a question about the Season 2 finale and Vampire Bill‘s fate. Todd did answer that fans will learn very quickly of Bill‘s fate, who has him, etc. in the first episode of Season 3.

Next, Allison asked Todd about the sexuality of vampires and True Blood. Todd was really cute when he answered this question. He somehow went from talking about all the new vampire movies and novels that are coming out to getting a little political and talking about how the administration of the previous eight years in the US may also have something to do with it. (I’m not going to directly quote Todd here, as I really don’t want to offend anyone. I’ll just say that I can easily agree with his point.) After that comment, Todd quickly backtracked to less heavy comments and mentioned that women in particular love vampires.

Allison continued by asking about what Todd had seen in Florida since he arrived there, and Todd responded by talking about some place where you can go play Put Put Golf with live alligators (a place I’m sure I’d happily stay away from if I ever went to Florida myself). Todd said he wanted to go back and actually play a round of Put Put Golf with the alligators. Allison also asked what else Todd had done since he arrived in Florida, and Todd mentioned that he has a brother who lives in the Palm Bay area, so he was going to visit him. Todd seemed pretty excited about seeing his family.

Interviewer Allison liked to jump around in the interview questions. Her next one was about the metaphors on True Blood. Todd took the stance that it seems the entire cast does about vampires and who they stand for. Specifically, Todd said that vampires can stand for any minority, and people can put their own layers on top of the vampires portrayed on True Blood, and that’s part of why True Blood is so successful.

Allison then asked for Todd‘s thoughts on his first ever True Blood convention, and Todd talked about how much fun he was having meeting the fans, that he’ll answer any question he’s allowed to (so that meant no Season 3 questions). Todd also talked about how happy he was with the scripts that he’d been given at the time.

Todd said that the cast would start filming Season 3 of True Blood on December 3, and that True Blood is a summer show, so no matter how hard we fans beg HBO, we’re always going to get True Blood during the summer.

Finally, Allison asked Todd about why he thought Season 2 of True Blood did so much better (in terms of ratings) than Season 1 did. Todd said he had no idea, and actually said that he’s a bigger fan of Season 1 than Season 2! (Yay! I’m not alone in preferring Season 1!) Of course, Todd did give Season 2 some much deserved praise about how he had more work in Season 2 as well as the Maryann storyline, which then became a little story about how everyone had to wear those black contacts, and many of the actors got stys in their eyes from wearing them for so long (usually about 9 to 10 hours a day). Todd then got back to the question, and basically repeated himself when he said he really had no idea why Season 2 did so much better than Season 1 in ratings. (My suspicion is that it had to do with people who watched Season 1 telling all their friends about it, so those friends tuned in to Season 2. After all, I’m positive I’m not the only person who talked about the show to their friends!)

Allison’s final question/comment was about how Todd had just woken up for the day (it was past 2 o’clock), and why was Todd waking up so late? Todd made the question into a joke about how he was a vampire and how he’d seen the sun rise so he’d rushed to bed. Got to love a guy who is as quick on his feet as Todd is!

All in all, this was a really cute interview and it was great to see Todd‘s sense of humor. He seems to be the type of guy a lot of us could hang out and laugh with!

Many thanks to Michi for putting the video up on Youtube!

SOURCE: Central Florida on Demand

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